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  1. Top Gear

    Good News! They is a new series coming out and it looks like they are making houses from cars! I can't wait for them to be realised just because last season they where wet yours self funny and this season they can make it alot more funnier! I just wish there wasn't such a massive gap between...
  2. Top Gear

    Rumour has it that they are trying to do more interesting stuff for the next series but good ol' health and safety have dulled it down a notch. I quite like the little challenges like buying a car like a teen and doing challenges with them and Jeramy putting a paddling pool in his car and put a...
  3. Top Gear

    It's the best job in the world! If someone told you that you would be driving loads of exotic supercars, travelling loads of countries, doing loads of challenges and with a good sum of money as well, you would pounce at the job :P
  4. Top Gear

    I have just watched the Polar episode and everytime I do I just find myself felling so much happier! I can imagine most of it is staged but it is just really funny :P, having a celabratory tin of SPAM, having G&T whislt driving, dragging James behind whist he's on the toilet it all to...
  5. Top Gear

    For me one of the greatest episodes was the American Special, were they had to buy cars for less than a hire car. Driving through the mid-south with "Guy love rules, Ok?" on the side of your car most of been hard to do and just everything on the episode was funny. The best though was eating the...
  6. Top Gear

    Top Gear is the greatest show in the world! In England there are re-runs everyday! It is amazing because you can watch the same episode a few days in a row and you can't get bored of it lol. The Star in the reasonably priced car is okay but it depends on who it is really. I mean if they got...

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