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  1. Troy

    Top Gear

    BBC would be crazy to get rid of this show since it must be a massive money spinner for them. It would be costly to produce especially because the insurance would be high but they would make their money from selling the show overseas and from DVD's, books etc. I hope they have a few more...
  2. Troy

    Top Gear

    You guys keep reminding me of great challenges. The Africa special was great where Hammond wouldn't remove anything from his car when they had to travel over the desert and in the end he made the right choice since the others were choked with dust. Him being stuck in the river was quite funny...
  3. Troy

    Top Gear

    That episode made me dislikes Americans from those states a lot. The opinions of some of those people were crazy. They were going to bash them for the comments written on the cars and even chased them with a pickup truck full of hillbillies. When watching it I lost it when Jeremy drove in with...
  4. Troy

    Top Gear

    Some of the guests I don't even know who they are since they are mainly UK celebrities. Jimmy Carr is always good, JayKay is great because he knows a lot about cars, Simon Cowell was entertaining aswell. Some of the others are a bit boring unless they are comedians. The ending to the caravan...
  5. Troy

    Top Gear

    We are pretty lucky here in Australia aswell with regards to coverage. It is on free to air television three times a week and then on pay-tv Foxtel which I have it is on BBC Knowledge every single day. The shows have good replay value aswell, where you can rewatch them againn and again and they...
  6. Troy

    Top Gear

    I am not much of a car fan yet I am a big fan of this show. The three presenters are so entertaining and the interaction between them really makes this show work. They all actually seem to get along and seem to be friends which makes the segments work better. My favourite part of the show is...

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