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  1. nWo4Lyfe420

    Why does Vince insist on pushing charisma vacuums who can't talk?

    Reigns, Rollins, Bayley, Charlotte, Becky, now Drew. It's impossible to build compelling storylines and draw in casuals when almost everyone he commits to pushing is incapable of stringing together a coherent promo and/or has the charisma of a cracked eggshell. As crazy as I thought it sounded...
  2. nWo4Lyfe420

    Who do you think deserves the most blame for the decline of wrestling's popularity?

    Some people might blame Vince or the wrestlers themselves. But me? I blame the fans. I think modern fans have done more to make wrestling "uncool" and chase away normal fans than anyone else. Every time a wrestler flips around like a circus monkey you have dorks in the crowds chanting "THIS IS...
  3. nWo4Lyfe420

    Hidden gem promos

    Got any great promos that not many people have seen? Let's see 'em!
  4. nWo4Lyfe420

    Sami Zayn thinks he's a tough guy

    My money would be on the fan to kick his ass. Sami's trying to earn points with the PC police and putting on a pretend tough guy act when he looks like a cab driver knowing security is there to protect him. If someone pays for a ticket they have the right to talk some trash if they want. It's...
  5. nWo4Lyfe420

    Bada boom realist guy in the room, how ya doin?

    I've been looking for a new wrestling forum to post on for a few months now after my unjust ban from WF and this place seems great. Love the chat box, the mods are chill and the overall vibe just seems relaxed compared to WF where you couldn't disagree with mods without getting banned. Looking...

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