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  1. Gambitto

    WWE 2019: No Wildcards

    Monday Night Raw July 1st: Dallas, Texas Monday Night Raw starts with the usual video package as we cut to the commentary team who welcome us to the show. Michael Cole hypes up the show announcing we will have the start of the Raw Women's title tournament with the winner facing The Man Becky...
  2. Gambitto

    WWE 2019: No Wildcards

    WWE NEWS: Rhyno has left the WWE: Rhyno has left the WWE due to his contract expiring. WWE did offer him a new contract but Rhyno wanted to explore options with other companies and he is now expected to join IMPACT. Dolph Ziggler debuts in NXT! After announcing he was leaving Monday Night...
  3. Gambitto

    AEW's Women Division

    Nyla being champion is the right call for now. She is average in the ring but it gives them a nice easy story to get the division back on track
  4. Gambitto

    WWE 2019: No Wildcards

    Isla was picked for that reason. She ain't going to main event but she will add to the women's tag team division which if I am going to book, needs more teams. Tbh the undercard stuff is a lot more fun as I feel the need to be more creative.
  5. Gambitto

    Who Needs Hulkamania? A short-form TNA 2010

    Moxley in some angle with Mick Foley could work. Give us what we never got in real life
  6. Gambitto

    WWE 2019: No Wildcards

    Smackdown Live June 25th: Portland, Oregon *SWAMP GAS* Smackdown Live starts with Luke Harper making his way to the ring as Corey Graves on commentary welcomes us to the show and informs us we are starting the show off hot, with the Intercontinental title on the line as Finn Balor defends his...
  7. Gambitto

    Mafia FC

    Prime suspect in the beating of Chimp in the streets is @Jam
  8. Gambitto

    BTB Discussion Thread

    Wasn't Marty Scrull on one of those gut checks as well?
  9. Gambitto

    WWE 2019: No Wildcards

    There will be an update on Ziggler but the reason I have done the quitting angle is to write him off TV. Even as someone who loves him (Own a ziggler shirt and a ziggler hoodie) he feels like someone who needs time off TV or at least main roster. I might bring Ziggler back to Raw or Smackdown at...
  10. Gambitto

    WWE 2019: No Wildcards

    Monday Night Raw June 24th: Everett, Washington Monday Night Raw starts with a highlight package showing us everything that happened last night at Stomping Grounds. Once it finishes we cut to Paige who is once again in her office as she gets ready to start the show. Paige: Good evening and...
  11. Gambitto

    Who Needs Hulkamania? A short-form TNA 2010

    I feel your pain trying to book the current WWE women's tag team division and I have FOUR brands to take people from
  12. Gambitto

    Trump Wrestling Federation (AKA How Trump Took Over Pro Wrestling)

    I got my request. Should make more :side: Also this is a lot of fun to read
  13. Gambitto

    Who Needs Hulkamania? A short-form TNA 2010

    Raven be a manager for someone, drop the other two. On Cruiserweights what was Sami Zayn doing at this time?
  14. Gambitto

    Trump Wrestling Federation (AKA How Trump Took Over Pro Wrestling)

    Stone cold needs to stunner trump. Do it :armfold
  15. Gambitto

    AEW Dynamite February 5, 2020 thread: Lashes, 8 man tags and all that jazz!

    Grim can't accept his boy Cornette is WRONG! Also I want a Moxley eye patch. Take my fucking money AEW.
  16. Gambitto

    WWE 2019: No Wildcards

    WWE.com News: Matt Riddle will make his debut on the Monday Night Raw: After appearing on last night's Stomping Grounds, Matt Riddle will have his first match as a Raw superstar when he takes on Ariya Daivari. Daivari will be looking to redeem himself after Goldberg humiliated him last night...
  17. Gambitto

    Who Needs Hulkamania? A short-form TNA 2010

    Should call them the OC :side: . The Phenomenals? I am shit at stable names. Also Pope winning is the correct call. Also keep jobbing out Jeff Jarrett and PUSH DESMOND WOLFE
  18. Gambitto

    WWE Raw thread, Jan. 27, 2020: Spoiler to Raw following improbable Rumble *

    Only watched the Edge and Orton stuff but that Edge promo gave me chills :proud
  19. Gambitto

    WWE 2019: No Wildcards

    Stomping Grounds June 23rd Tacoma, Washington Pre-show results: Mickie James vs Kairi Sane Match Summary: A decent match between two experienced competitors. Mickie throughout the match accuses Kairi of disrespecting her and gets very wound up as Kairi Sane refuses to go down. In the end...
  20. Gambitto


    I agree but it depends if they bring in a midcard title or not. He is the future but he is not a main event heel just yet, however I would argue he is easier to hate then PAC

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