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  1. Hunters New Amazon Prime Series produced by Jordan Peele

    Anyone been watching this. Checked out the first episode the other day. It's intriguing. Liked the style and ideas. It dragged in places too. Could go either way. But I think it has promise. Check out my review of the pilot here
  2. Thoughts on Bird of Prey (movie)?

    I loved it! But what did you think? Here's my Youtube video on it
  3. Royal Rumble 1988 Review

    Since its Rumble season once again I thought I'd look back at the very first Rumble. BTW I think the very first Rumble match was on a house show in 1987 and was won by The One Man Gang. This TV special took the experiment one step further. Date: January 24th, 1988 Venue: Hamilton, Ontario...
  4. Top Ten Christmas Movies?

    1. The Muppet Christmas Carol 2. It's a Wonderful Life 3. Home Alone 4. Miracle on 34th Street (1947/1994) 5. Gremlins 6. Scrooged 7. Meet Me in St. Louis 8. A Christmas Carol (1984) 9. Die Hard 10. Black Christmas (1974)
  5. Keith Saturday Night's Main Event Reviews (1985-1992 & 2006-2008)

    My new project. I plan to start this week since its bank holiday and all!
  6. Stranger Things Discussion Thread

    Trailer looks impressive. I wonder what they come up with this time. Post any Stranger Things thoughts you have in this thread.
  7. Keith's Sunday Night Heat Review Thread

    The show which basically was a teaser for things to come on Monday Nights and a PPV preview show started debuted on August 2nd, 1998. Vince opens up the first broadcast by announcing that his son Shane will be doing play-by-play alongside JR and the King. Correct me if I'm wrong but...
  8. Pick an alternative Rumble Winner from every year

    Kinda like going back and re-writing Oscar winners. If you could have the hand of God to choose a different winner for past rumble matches who would it be? It doesn't have to be someone who would be logical because of the booking going in. Think of any reason you like:mark: 89 - The Million...
  9. Royal Rumble 93/07 Double Bill watch & Plus Taker dying from 94!

    If anyone wants to join me I will probably make a start on 93 this afternoon. In a few hours.
  10. NWA Starrcade 87: Chi-Town Heat and WWF Armageddon 2000 mega Christmas double watch along!

    With Christmas being right around the corner I thought I'd do a special watch along (on the Network) of a classic NWA Starrcade and a old school WWF December PPV. I will watch and post about them in this thread. I've never seen Starrcade 87 but it looks a great line up. And its been year...
  11. RIP Dynamite Kid

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6462985/Former-WWE-legend-Dynamite-Kid-dies-60th-birthday.html Certainly not always the most liked guy in the business. But his influence was huge and style ahead of its time. The British Bulldogs one of the great teams of the 80's. RIP.
  12. This or That (Wrestling themed game)

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but hey someone with power can move it if needs be. It doesn't just have be restricted to wrestling. Can also be TV, movies, games etc... But I'll start it off with wrestling. Survivor Series 1987 or Survivor Series 1988?
  13. Which match should Main Event Summerslam?

    On his Summerslam predictions video Brian Zane aka Wrestling with Wegret said that putting The Miz/Bryan match on last would be a good choice. If WWE go the predictable route and put the Universal Title on last it risks another negative response to close the show. If that isn't the main...
  14. The Big Red Machine scores political victory

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-45056801 Am pleased for him. He's had a great career as Kane which is now winding down. Its always good to see wrestlers do well in other fields. Good luck to him!
  15. Keith's Prime Time Wrestling reviews 1985-1993

    I will aim to cover most of the shows during this period right before Raw became WWF's lead broadcast. Some of the very early Prime Times don't seem to be available online. But if anyone has links to them to share that would be good. The review of the January 1st 1985 show should be up soon.
  16. Keith's WWF/E Raw 25 Year's of "MONDAY Night RAW!! Review thread

    To mark Raw's 25th year as a show throughout this year I will be reviewing random episodes from the show's 25 years on the air. My choices won't be in order of them airing, and I won't pick episodes that I know to be great (besides one or two things I know about the episode). The point is its...
  17. The reason WWF/E dropped the Surviorseries elimination concept...

    Some have said that its because the format is just dated and wouldn't get over now. I think the real reason is because WWE don't have enough over stars to merit a whole PPV made up of it. If you look at the show's glory years from the late 80s-early 90s there were tones of big names, and fresh...
  18. Was Mankind VS. Undertaker the feud of 1996?

    It was a great way of getting Foley's experimental character over in WWF. It had both characters at their best and they really sparked in the ring. The Boiler room brawl was a great concept and the twist with Bearer's heel turn was nicely done too. Was this the feud of 96? (Does WCW VS. NWO...
  19. Keith's PWI Match of the Year review thread.

    Today I was looking through an old Pro Wrestling Illustrated (January 2007, Kurt Angle on cover). Inside it had a artcle looking back at all the matches voted Match of the Year in PWI from 1972-2005. I thought as my new project I would watch and review all their picks for matches of the year...
  20. A Sad week for the movie Biz

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-40627029 https://www.theguardian.com/film/2017/jul/18/george-a-romero-edgar-wright-alice-lowe-john-landis-ben-wheatley-zombie-horror https://www.vox.com/culture/2017/7/17/15982582/martin-landau-rip-appreciation To legends. Romero was ahead of his...

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