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  1. Ben

    South Park Stick Of Truth

    Picked this up at launch and just finished this the other day. I consider myself a modest southpark fan as I haven't really made it a point to watch it over the last few years. The game though was a massive amount of fun. I'm not a RPG fan but the gameplay for me just worked and was actually...
  2. Ben

    WWE TV Deal

    Still think they get a deal done. 400 million is a insane amount and I can't see them getting that anywhere. Probably compromise and get a increase just not what there asking for.
  3. Ben

    Upcoming Impact Taping Dates

    Really hate when there tapings months worth of shows at a time. I understand the road tapping cost tons of cash...but the show at least being live would make me want to watch it more.
  4. Ben

    Former Writer Back With TNA

  5. Ben

    TNA 2014 TNA PPV Schedule

    Would be nice to see the TV specials actually have some PPV quality matches as Genesis was pretty much a joke in terms of actual wrestling.
  6. Ben

    TNA Former WWE Star Headed to TNA

    Horrible signing if true. Better off bringing in a new guy with the same gimmick.
  7. Ben

    Announcement Profile Cover Pictures

    Members now have the ability to upload a cover photo on there profile pages on the site. Go to your profile page and click upload cover photo which is located at the top left of the screen. Will get a pop up and then you select the image from your PC. Keep in mind this feature is still new and...
  8. Ben

    Impact 1/16 Discussion: Vanilla Midgets In Dixie Land

    Shows live lets discuss it. :sting:
  9. Ben

    Blue Meth Hits The Streets

    Meth heads getting creative.
  10. Ben

    Samoa Joe Talks Kidnapping Angle

    8D That's how I figured it went down as he came back with no explanation classic Russo
  11. Ben

    Lockdown Location

    Have no idea why they try to run in Florida they drew shit the last time they did a live/ppv show there.
  12. Ben

    ROH Team To Debut Soon

    Can't wait to see how TNA botches this one....imagine they'll come in with new names and a horrible gimmick.
  13. Ben

    TV True Detective

    New HBO series whic h will run 8 episodes. From a article I've read if they do a second season it's going to feature a different story/detectives and obviously new characters. Show covers two different time periods at the same time, starting in 2012 with the 2 detectives telling the story of a...
  14. Ben

    The Walking Dead COMICS Discussion

    I'm a pretty big fan of the TWD comics and figured would be a good idea to start a thread, even if @ThatGuyFromNukemHigh is the only other person that I know reads the comics. Current arc All Out War has honestly been kind of a disappointment....not much has happened and the pace of it is...
  15. Ben

    New Skins

    2 new skins are available to use in addition to the WS MS WS Dark: Dark Style WS OS: A Skin which is very similar to the old themes we used on VB
  16. Ben

    Don't Spoil Me

    Spoiler Option Added It should be the last button in the editor if you ever need to use it. EXAMPLE:
  17. Ben

    Advanced Likes Feature

    Just recently implemented a new feature which takes the popular Like system for posts to a much more advanced level. If you look to the bottom right of another members posts you will now see the following options: There are various options positive/Neutral/Negative that you can leave on a...
  18. Ben

    The Wolf Among Us

    Another Telltale game that I recently played and on a related note got me into the Fables comic series. Anyone else check this out it follows the same formula as the walking dead games, but I actually found the story to be much better than anything they've done in the other games.

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