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  1. Back...from the grave?

    welcome back
  2. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    i hear ya. fuck, this place is deserted now. might as well change the name of the forum to wsba.
  3. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    stax, what are u doing, dude? u got perm banned from wf for telling a troll to die. u gotta wisen up, addy's an act.
  4. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    congrats to mak. wasn't the most active year, but still fun.
  5. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    looks like u were the first person to ever set his lineups in the consolation rounds... good job!
  6. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    2 good matchups going on, everyone's got a shot. i'm also rooting for stax. i don't want st, or noto picking up 2 before i get 1, and mak getting a 4th is even a longer chase.
  7. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    ha, laugh it up. i may be kickin the bottom rope now, but teams don't stay injured forever. when i'm healthy, i'm still the best there is, and will prove that.
  8. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    i meant numbers wise
  9. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    i gotta admit, the week would have been a lot better if i was matched up with u, since u would've been destroyed.
  10. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    also lol @ st asking for a recap after the greatest week of his career.
  11. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    maks thinking "FUCK, why u gotta mention recap?"
  12. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    i'd rather have my players injured for the season, and know i'm out of it, instead of getting the rug pulled from underneath me, and lose my #1 pick right when the playoffs start. besides, u didn't make your season any easier on yourself. u could've had a better result.
  13. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    i like how u don't include fundamentally fat in there. wes and ibaka would dominate, and ff would put me over the top. seriously, if u replaced my scrubs like tolliver, henson, and olynyk with those 3, even your dream team numbers wouldn't have been able to beat me. props to u though, u put...
  14. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    well being healthy in the playoffs is what matters. being healthy in the regular season means nothing except for a higher seed. congrats on the win, anyway, u had a great week. sure, u couldn't have done it if ff, wes, and serge were in action, but they weren't, so again, congrats.
  15. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    and now foye is sitting out... yep, officially over now. good matchup. tempted to say fuck it and quit fantasy bball.
  16. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    so frustrating. another year of going into the playoffs with all my best players hurt, and my opponent playing having the best week of everyone. the worst part about it is it was 1 game by zaza that beat me. and i owned that fucker.
  17. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    kidd is such a fag. henson argues 1 call(in which he was correct), and kidd benches him.
  18. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    i don't have much of a chance here, but the fact that i only need to take 7 cats to wins at least gives me a bit of hope.
  19. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    the degree of fuckery in this matchup has seriously made me lose all faith in humanity.
  20. WS Fantasy Basketball 2014-15

    i need buckets, and more buckets tonight. the best stash of the season, the all star, has delivered on all accounts, and jeff green has also been sensational, but tolliver has to show up. he knows what's at stake here. i'm looking for 95-100 points out of the 4.

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