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  1. WWE General Discussion Thread

    Kellyanne is probably better than Indi Hartwell as Australian Talent goes (personal opinion) from what I have seen - character is better as well. But good to see Indi get an opportunity.
  2. WWE SmackDown LIVE: April 16, 2019 Discussion Thread

    Think Kofi will defend first up against Bryan again, and retain. Should probably turn into a KO turn, and he will probably win the title, then retain in a rematch, and then it might be time for Roman to take him on for the gold around SummerSlam
  3. Royal Rumble 2019 Discussion Thread

    My take on the Raw side of things: Balor def Lesnar via interference from Strowman to win the title. Rollins wins the Rumble. Elimination Chamber sees Balor defend against Lesnar, Strowman, Cena, McIntyre, random other person. Strowman and Lesnar start and beat the holy hell out of each other...
  4. WWE Super Show-Down - Discussion Thread - Oct 6th

    It's starting at 6PM our time (Australian Eastern States Time) according to ticket outlets if that helps
  5. SummerSlam - Likely Card

    What does everyone think the likely card is for Summerslam after both Raw and Smackdown this week? RAW Universal Championship - Brock Lesnar v : Obviously Reigns and Lashley are fighting off for the right to face him. I like Reigns, but personally would prefer to see Lashley face him, but...
  6. Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair to become the first ever Undisputed Tag Team Champions?

    Women's Rumble would be more likely If you assume Bliss defends against Mickie Charlotte defends against Natalya Then you have: 1. Bayley 2. Sasha 3. Fox 4. Paige 5. Mandy 6. Sonia 7. Naomi 8. Tamina 9. Lana 10. Becky Lynch 11. Carmella 12. Asuka 13. Dana Brooke 14. Nia Jax 15. Liv Morgan 16...
  7. #Raw Discussion: Nov. 6, 2017: “Miz TV” kicks off Raw with special guest Kurt Angle

    Shield v New Day at Survivor Series?
  8. #SDLIVE Discussion Thread, April 18, 2017: Six Superstars collide for WWE Championship opportunity

    So we have Harper, Styles, Owens, Corbin, Zayn, Nakamura, Ziggler on Smackdown Live and the Title Match goes to Jinder Mahal. Wow. Obviously going to be: Styles v Owens for the US Nakamura v Ziggler I would personally like to see Harper v Corbin now, but it will probably be Zayn v Corbin...
  9. Royal Rumble Pool

    Yeh Just realised, and edited
  10. Royal Rumble Pool

    19 EDIT: WOW I am getting dumber, 18
  11. Tuesday Night SmackDown Discussion Thread 07/26; Time to see what Smackdowns' got

    Different in that it's not a re-run of matches from Raw. Next week will be better because a couple of things have now been set up that took up a fair bit of time tonight. Tag Division spot was basically taken over by the Battle Royal. Maybe 6 pack challenges will be Smackdowns thing and that...
  12. Tuesday Night SmackDown Discussion Thread 07/26; Time to see what Smackdowns' got

    Making it all about themselves again. They are not needed, get away
  13. Tuesday Night SmackDown Discussion Thread 07/26; Time to see what Smackdowns' got

    I had to laugh at the start, Shane and Daniel Bryan stating that it's about the superstars and not about them and then Daniel Bryan panders to the crowd for half of the time they were out there
  14. Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread 07/25; The NEW ERA begins NOW!!!! RIGHT?

    So basically penned in for Summerlsam are: Rollins v Balor New Day v The Club Sasha v Charlotte Others I'd like to see Rusev v Cesaro Reigns v Owens Jericho v Zayn
  15. SmackDown General Discussion Thread

    Boomer would be the bloke that goes in for the cheap shot whilst on the ground and can't fight back and then nowhere to be seen in the fight back
  16. The 2016 Brand Split Discussion Thread

    Well I was right about Mojo and Zack to team up, right about Bayley being the Tag Partner but did think she'd be called up to Smackdown. Tag Team division will be intriguing on Smackdown. Few guys getting a big chance
  17. The 2016 Brand Split Discussion Thread

    I think that's the whole point though to Build up talent to try and establish them The Tag Team scene has been dominated by the New Day for the last year, so now Smackdown has their own Tag Division The Usos - former Tag Champs American Alpha - up and comers, looking to make a name for...
  18. The 2016 Brand Split Discussion Thread

    I think the way it's all been done, there has to be separate titles. Last time they did it, they at least made it clear that the Champ would be going on both brands, etc, etc. So I think they'll introduce a new World Title, Tag Titles and Divas Title. I'm intrigued as to where this leaves guys...
  19. The 2016 Brand Split Discussion Thread

    Raw Male Singles (20) Seth Rollins Finn Balor Roman Reigns Brock Lesnar Sami Zayn Chris Jericho Rusev w/Lana Kevin Owens Big Show Neville Cesaro Sheamus Titus O'Neill Darren Young w/Bob Backlund Sin Cara Jack Swagger Mark Henry Braun Strowman Bo Dallas Curtis Axel Female Singles (7) Charlotte...
  20. The 2016 Brand Split Discussion Thread

    I'm a bit confused as to the 3 to 2 actually works. Is it RAW SMACKDOWN RAW SMACKDOWN RAW Repeat?

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