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  1. Derrick

    Tyler Angel's Definition of Goals and Ambition

    The following is a video published on the World Wrestling Syndicate website and it's featuring one of the most mysterious superstars this federation has to offer, Tyler Angel. Tyler Angel is standing in front of a wall with a huge logo on it. He's wearing a black t-shirt and leather black...
  2. Derrick

    The Dawn of a New Light [Angel v. Tobias]

    On April 13th, the official WWS webpage has published a video called "The Dawn of a New Light", and it's said to be a message from the newest and also the most mysterious wrestler so far on the WWS roster. Upon clicking, the camera fills the screen with blackness and after a few seconds, the...
  3. Derrick

    Wassup everyone.

    Ayo guys. I'm Derrick, I've been a member over here ages ago. Guys from e-feds probably know me, because I've been a part of those for over 5 years now. If there are any new guys around, I'd be more than happy to meet them!
  4. Derrick

    Hey there!

    Hey all. Now, I guess that there are many new guys that have come since I left this place for the last time! As some of you might know, I had to leave WS for quite some time because of major health issues that are fortunately gone for good! Which means only one thing, I'm back, happier than...
  5. Derrick

    Zack Ryder Turning Heel?

    The question of the day is: Is Ryder turning heel? He might be. He posted this little video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSnozXtn93E&feature=player_embedded And he tweeted this lil' beauty before RAW in the UK tonight. Photo by zryder85 • Instagram From all he's shown us...
  6. Derrick

    My Third Arrival.

    Yeah, so I see there's a lot of new guys around here, and the old crew is still kicking it, I've gone through a lot, and I mean A LOT of shizzle in real life, so I didn't have time for WS, unfortunately, but since my life has become pretty stable again, I believe that I will become a regular...
  7. Derrick

    Three Days Grace - Transit of Venus

    It's currently set to be released on October 2nd. However, it's been leaked and you can find it on TPB already, if you want to. It's pretty awesome if you ask me. A bit different from their previous albums. Like a mixture of OneX and Life Starts Now, more One-X. Really epic.
  8. Derrick

    Let's change some rules.

    Okay, so, a few things. I don't want it to look like I joined Staff and I want to change everything. Nope. This is actually what we discussed with Pete earlier. 1.) A major rule change. I think that we should move the whole thing closer to a fused RP/TT system. Let me explain. Caps will be...
  9. Derrick


    Slender is a game I've discovered thanks to 9gag and FunnyJunk, I actually thought that it ain't scary at all when I saw all the let's plays, buuuut, my friends wanted me to download it, and I did so. When I was over at a friend's place, I tried to play it once and it scared the fuck outta me, I...
  10. Derrick

    Matt Hardy to face Kevin Steen on October 5th?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnLE8WXsChs&feature=g-all-u Well, that should be interesting. Hope it happens in ROH though! What are your thoughts on this match? Discuss.
  11. Derrick

    Ryuzaki's GFX/Sig/Avatar Shop!

    Okay, since I'm dealing with too much free time during this summer, and I'm bored to madness, I've decided to take your requests guys. I'm not the "ultrabest" GFXer WS has to offer, but I think I can say I'm not the baddest. I've been an Alpha Dog champion in the GFX League, and a lotta other...
  12. Derrick

    Tyler Angel: The Rebirth

    A televised video package opens with a sight at a man, leaning on the wall in his wrestling attire, a long-black-haired man, looking at the skies. The camera zooms in an unusual way. ???: People around me told me "drop the gimmick, Tyler, it's all just nonsense, it's just ridiculous"...
  13. Derrick

    "The Man w/The Reverse Halo" Tyler Angel

    Background Information Name: Tyler Angel Nickname: The Man With The Reverse Halo Ring Name: Tyler Angel Alignment (Face, Heel, or Tweener): Tweener, heel-ish, acts as a face sometimes Hometown (Billed From): Los Angeles, California Sample Picture (Picture + Name of Picture Base): Criss...
  14. Derrick

    E-Fed Testing Ground!

    Okay, so I've noticed that WS has NO e-fed testing ground. I know there used to be one thread like this at the forums the most of us "started our careers at" and it worked fine, we posted TTs as random guys and other members gave us feedback. PLUS, I'm banned in UWF and I have a serious need...
  15. Derrick

    [Re-Made] Loreen - DerrickGFX

    Okay, so I re-made the piece I made like a month and a half ago, actually, I found the psd and played further with it. I made changes to the text and found an actual render of the picture I cut out the last time. Tell me if it's any good, because I'm not sure what to use for the PPV. I'll be...
  16. Derrick

    Rumored WM 29 match plans scrapped?

    Your opinions on this? Who would you like to see against Punk? I wouldn't be against Punk vs Rock, mostly because that would produce so fucking epic promos.
  17. Derrick

    Deadmau5 - DerrickGFX

    After quite a break, I returned to making GFX. Whatcha say? I'm still unsure whether to use it or not as this week's GFX League entry. Rate/Hate
  18. Derrick

    The time has come.

    Okay guys. I need to post this as a new thread in THIS section, because I want more people to see it. Here's the thing; I'm going on an ACW hiatus. That means Raiden is gone for some time. If you read the RPs in our match's thread (most of you read it, it has like 140 views), you noticed that...
  19. Derrick

    Loreen - DerrickGFX

    Okay, so I'll admit it. I fucking fell in love with the winner of Eurovision 2012. This winner is the Swedish singer Loreen, which is sexy and cute and fuckable as a motherfuck ♥ I sooooo fucking love her. And that inspired me to make a sig of her, even though there's no render of her yet, so I...
  20. Derrick

    Natural Harmonia Gropius - DerrickGFX

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is my entry for my this week's GFX League match versus.. the other guys. However, this is the leader of Pokemon's Team Plasma, and one of the main bosses in the game Pokemon Black and White. I present you Natural Harmonia Gropius, better known as simply N...

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