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  1. Drew

    Indy Wrestling Wrestling Circus in Austin Texas

    As some of you know I'm an unabashed Texan through and through, so when one of my homeboys locally is starting s new wrestling promotion I just want to get it out there for him. We're on a Texas Longhorns sports board together...debut card looks pretty promising and he's basically losing a...
  2. Drew

    NXT Few days late

    But I made it. Still says Punks in my tapa so I was confused. I'm 6 ft tall, married and enjoy long walks on the beach.
  3. Drew

    Smackdown 2/12...anyone else watch???

    So last weeks Smackdown was interesting and I gotta admit, I watched the whole thing with minimal fast forwarding, which is rare for either WWE show for me these days. Obviously the Rollins controversy keeping him off TV for that show and the usual absence of the Authority and Cena made me...
  4. Drew

    Finally...after being dragged here, kicking and screaming...

    I'm here. Man, that Jill Roberts guys just DOESN'T know when to give up...:rolleyes I know, I know...you all are probably wanting to say :gtfo: right now. But I know, and you know, you're really thinking this :shifty: Anyways, and seriously...I was asked to come check this place...

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