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  1. Clydefrog

    Top Gear

    I think the BBC was annoucing 2 more series and thats it but i haven't heard much since! its a great show with a great concept which has many people coming to watch it every week and still watching the Re-Runs! Clarkson for Prime minister
  2. Clydefrog

    Top Gear

    it might be a little staged but it gives you the feel good factor, I just Rewatched The vietnam episode and god its amazing, its amazing how they call this a job :P
  3. Clydefrog

    Top Gear

    what a couple of episodes you guys have quoted right there! to be honest there 2 of the best ones they have ever produced, but then again there have been many amazing ones, lets just take the polar episode! its amazing to see how they do it in a car while hammond was using dogs! and how can you...
  4. Clydefrog

    Top Gear

    im a massive fan of top gear! here in england its shown every single day and its awesome to watch re-runs! my least faveourite part is probs star in a car but thats about the only thing i semi dislike! all the challanges they do in the artic and dessert is amazing to watch!

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