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  1. I remember you

    I remember you
  2. Lol baron foreskin

    Lol baron foreskin
  3. Hey

  4. Hi

  5. empty your pms bro

    empty your pms bro
  6. UWF - Discussion

    Personally I feel LK should write it too. If anyone can get ahold of him.
  7. UWF - Discussion

    CM Punk, Chris Jericho, John Morrison, Edge, and The Miz vs Rock, Pope, Austin, Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles
  8. UWF 2012: Past Raw Trashtalking

    Re: Raw 10/2 Petey Williams versus The Rock The camera fades out as the fans await the arrival of The Rock... Some begin the early "Rocky" chants while others just wait. After what seems like a minute or two it happens.. IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN...
  9. UWF - Discussion

    I say we stop talking about it and someone starts booking, you, jay and I could easily do a switch-a-roo for a PPV atm.
  10. Kk I'll have something up either tonight or tomorrow morning bro.

    Kk I'll have something up either tonight or tomorrow morning bro.
  11. UWF - Discussion

    team Best in the World > All
  12. UWF - Discussion

    LOL cause that's reeeal intimidating to the four/five of us. 3 and ONE "wanker".
  13. UWF - Discussion

    Punk and Edge.
  14. Did you mark out? (GAME)

    The actually match and when Rock won, sure did. When Jeff Hardy swanton bombed Orton from the pretty much the top of the titiantron?
  15. What would happen? (GAME)

    Orton or Del Rio would have beat him sooner rather than later in my opinion.. They needed to get him to turn bat shit crazy. Wade Barrett never got hurt before Wrestlemania?
  16. What would happen? (GAME)

    We'd be seeing CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin Eddie Guerrero and Benoit never died.
  17. Did you mark out? (GAME)

    No. More shocked he won than anything, cause I was sure Sabu would have beaten Rey. When Cena actually LOST his mitb cash in?
  18. What would happen? (GAME)

    Bret would have vacated the WWF title and there have been no start to the attitude era. If Rock never left?
  19. Did you mark out? (GAME)

    No. When Orton kicked Vince McMahon in the head.
  20. UWF 2012: Past Raw Shows & Cards

    Re: UWF Raw Proudly Presents: Clash of The Champions I!! Pope is back and pimpin' daddy, and Raw is dominate if you ask me. This was really a great show the two matches that really stuck out in my mind were the UWF Championship, and HBK/Angle. I think both were very well written, especially the...

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to watch you guys pine over the new girl who joined and posted a fake picture and is cat fishing us all cracks me up lol
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I've been meaning to say something for a bit now, but any chance you can make a review thread and post your videos in there?

I'd appreciate it. Thank you. :)

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