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  1. Enforcer

    Does anyone else think...

    It's pathetic how WWE is constantly using Wrestlers that don't work for them or work for TNA on WWE.com constantly? I mean Sting, who has never wrestled a match for them in his life, Hulk Hogan who was a main stay but I mean move on... others like Tazz, RVD, the Dudley's They use them...
  2. Enforcer

    Some pics I dug up...

    Just some randoms I thought I'd share from a show that I took my little brother to, It was an ECW/Superstars/Smackdown taping, it was the Night that Kofi Kingston debuted in ECW, was an awesome show OK, for the record... Khali is fucking HUGE!
  3. Enforcer

    The very first Raw!

    I just watched the very first Raw... The Steiner Brothers were Awesome, The Big Bad Booty Daddy with dark hair... he was poppin overhead belly to belly's before Angle knew they were cool! Michaels vs Max Moon when Shawn was using the back suplex as his finisher, and sweet chin music was...
  4. Enforcer

    WWE Top 50 Raw Matches!

    Mine came in @ number 2 with Perfect Vs. Flair... I'm a big Curt Hennig fan but that match being one of the first, if not the first match ever on Raw was epic!
  5. Enforcer

    Gif software

    Can anyone direct me to some good GIF software? I have some video's I chopped and were trying to turn into a GIF... The one I have makes em, but can't upload them anywhere... so any input would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Enforcer

    Music players

    Hey can anyone tell me a decent music player for my MP3's? I hate the new windows media shit... My winamp bugged out, kept not responding, uninstalled and reinstalled... then had some script error... so I gave up on it anyone help!
  7. Enforcer

    Weakest chokeslam ever!

    Holy crap, was it just me or was the Big Show/Kane chokeslam finish weak as fuck? Haha I mean damn, they needed to save that somehow... a chop then a chokeslam... but damn... that looked weak! :homey:
  8. Enforcer

    1000th Post

    it said 999 so I hope it doesn't stop there and this is the actual 1000th post, if not i'm a tool hahahaha

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