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  1. Boombox Brock

    Have you ever considered moving to another country?

    Man, dont be over dramatic we ain't that bad. I mean yeah, we are full of blue haired land whales, man bun wearing beta males, but we ain't that bad. If I moved to another country, I wouldn't mind Japan. The anime and wrestling is a huge plus. Not to mention, the food is great. Plus they have...

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Noah's Smark wrote on Ben's profile.
Howdy, stranger. :)
Just joined. If you are curious, I am not a gimmick poster. Yes, a bit of a conspiracy theory fan, but for the most part tired of using similar names for accounts on different sites.
Christmas Creature wrote on Doom The Halls's profile.
I saw in the sb yesterday you made a custom WS logo of some kind? It looked good! You planning on making avis and such with it?

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