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  1. Show me a better pro wrestler than Brock Lesnar

    Awe, show beat me to it. I was going to do this though. /thread
  2. Wrestling Out of the Olympics in 2020

    You still compete against other people in Golf. It's more of a sport then Rhythmic Gymnastics.
  3. Wrestling Out of the Olympics in 2020

    I love how no one mentions that fucking Ping Pong and Equestrian events weren't even considered to be removed. Or Cycling, which is all but dismantled since every athlete in the sport has admitted to some sort of doping. Equestrian sports? Seriously? They judge the HORSE! Olympics should be...
  4. Wrestling Out of the Olympics in 2020

    Wrestling Cut from the Olympics in 2020 Y! SPORTS Here are the events listed for the 2012 Olympics. Aquatics Diving Swimming Synchronized swimming Water polo Archery Athletics Badminton Basketball Boxing Canoeing Cycling BMX Mountain biking Equestrian Fencing...
  5. Hart Family Mansion/Dungeon for Rent!

    Historic Hart mansion up for grabs on rental website, for $10,000 per month | Calgary | News | Calgary Sun Not sure where to post this, but big news!
  6. Currently Watching 2.0

    Where have you been? You havent tweeted or gone on msn in a month? Ive been following Arrow and Dr. Who.
  7. New WWE Title

    Not quite sure if this is a photoshop or not. But what do you think of that design anyways?
  8. Official WWE '13 Discussion Thread

    I played a bit today before being kicked off the TV. Very impressive, but I dont know everyones signature moves, so I'll need to spend a few hours in create a moveset learning the moves.
  9. Post a Promo

    Post a random promo of any sort from a wrestler. From an advertisement to an in ring deal to just a video of them goofing off. As long as it's a promo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDhP_jFJcRY
  10. Random Picture Thread

  11. Teen has stomach removed after drinking Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail

    I'm sure in incredibly small doses it's fine. Chances are her stomach was already messed up and the nitrogen just excacerbated a larger issue.
  12. WWE Brawling Buddies.

    I know it's not that. I'm 100% positive. It had removeable LoD shorts (for some reason) and actual plastic/rubber LoD shoulder pads.
  13. WWE Brawling Buddies.

    Dont know if anyone has seen these toys. Rey Mysterio Mattel WWE Brawlin' Buddies Toy Wrestling Doll - YouTube They are like the old wCw Bash N Brawlers and the very old WWF Wrestling Buddies. I used to have a similar toy, unless my mind is playing serious tricks on me. It was one of...
  14. A Royal Rumble

    Alberto Del Rio - 150 Alex Riley - 150 Antonio Cesaro - 140 Big Show - 150 Brodus Clay - 150 Camacho - 150 Chris Jericho - 150 Christian - 150 CM Punk - 155 Cody Rhodes - 155 Curt Hawkins - 150 Damien Sandow - 170 Daniel Bryan - 160 David Otunga - 145 Dolph Ziggler - 155 Drew McIntyre - 155...
  15. Superstar/Diva Alphabet

  16. PS3 Exclussives?

    I forgot to mention the sequel to Warhawk, Starhawk.
  17. Last Purchase You Made

    PS Vita
  18. Superstar/Diva Alphabet

    One Man Gang
  19. What would you do with Kofi?

    His name is Mola Ram, AND HE BETRAYED SHIVA! But thats basically Baron Samedi from James bond/Voodoo god of the dead, and that would be fucking awesome. Also, instant Undertaker feud material.
  20. PS3 Exclussives?

    Ico and Shadow of Colossus? Uhm. That Journey three pack. Demons Souls, Gran Turismo, Heavenly Sword, Metal Gear Solid 4, Motorstorm, PixelJunk, Heavy Rain, Warhawk, Wipeout, Twisted Metal, Killzone/Killzone 2. Upcoming must plays. Beyond: Two Souls (From the Heavy Rain guys) The Last Of...

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