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  1. Kairi HoHo

    AEW Double or Nothing Discussion Thread

    Just finished I'm I the only one who is bummed their is no TV coming this week, to keep this momentum AEW have from this PPV? I saw plenty of greatness throughout this Show that me already being a fan. I saw roots in the ground to keep me as a fan, while bringing in new fans for sure. I saw...

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Christmas Creature wrote on Doom's profile.
I saw in the sb yesterday you made a custom WS logo of some kind? It looked good! You planning on making avis and such with it?
Welcome New Members enjoy your time and be good to one another
Noah's Smark wrote on St. Kaepernick's profile.
How's it going?
Welcome, welcome to all the new members of WS, we hope you enjoy your stay and love what you see!
Kairi HoHo wrote on Merry Blissmas's profile.
Happy birthday Jimmy. Hope you're having a wonderful birthday today bro

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