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  1. What Have You Been Reading Lately

    Finished Jurassic Park and now onto The Lost World. Didn't like the idea of Ian Malcolm being dead at the end of JP, and as of where I am there has been little to answer what had happened other than "news stations had reported him dead" considering at the end of the book one of the people with...
  2. What Have You Been Reading Lately

    Jurassic Park by Michael Chrichton I picked this up Friday for something to read, and almost finished it off since then. Having been a big fan of the movie, yet never reading the book I wanted to finally get that done. After the First Iteration I already knew how the book was so much better...
  3. What Have You Been Reading Lately

    Batman: Death of the Family(Various Authors) With the final issue out on Wednesday, I finally decided to start reading the arc. So way back in Detective Comics #1 of the New52 reboot Joker had his face surgically removed, and then dissapeared for over a year. Upon his return, he declares his...