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  1. WCW On Pay Per View in the 90's - Every event Reviewed

    Luger had some incredible matches in my opinion but that was with great talent (Sting, Flair). The likes of Flair and Sting made him look really good in the ring, I'm sure he's had some really good matches else where but is he a good/ great wrestler, it's a meh but was he a passible wrestler...
  2. WCW On Pay Per View in the 90's - Every event Reviewed

    Correct me or not... But I swear Tsuruta vs Misawa had a very similar finish but noone ever questions it; and it looked even worse.. Oh wait... WHAT THE HELL... AHAHAHA THAT FINISH LOOKS ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING LOL. I didn't realize it was a fake Sting... Absolute nonsense lol.