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  1. AON

    Character name: Benny The Rabbit. Height: 6ft 2ins Weight: 248ibs Billed From: The hutch Finishing Move: Lucky Rabbits Foot- (Dragon Whip) Additional Moves: T-Bone Suplex Diving Plancha Crossbody Arm Drag German Suplex Gimmick/Backstory: Poor, poor Benny The Rabbit..... Benjamin Foster...
  2. AON

    Character name: DUDE. Height: 6ft 0ins Weight:220 lbs Billed From: Detroit, Michigan Gimmick/Backstory: Dude is..interesting, to say the very least. He is an already infamous name on the indy scene, less for his in-ring work and more for his reputation. Dude is nothing short of the biggest party...
  3. AON

    "You think I'm insane. You think I'm nuts. But I do believe in magic. I was born and raised in a magic time, in a magic town, among magicians. Before I ever picked up a pair of wrestling boots or pom-poms. I picked up a magic wand, But almost everyone on the planet doesn't believe magic is a...
  4. AON

    Is it?! Really? Judy Garland?! is the somewhere over the rainbow meant to be communism?
  5. AON

  6. AON

    did you just make a lady Red Sickle?
  7. AON

  8. AON

    Character Name: DupliKate Height: 5'6 Weight: 125 Lbs Age: 20 Billed From: San Jose, California Entrance Music: Finishing Move: Cracked Mirror- Canadian backbreaker twisted into a GTS Additional Moves: -Whatever her opponent's move set is Alignment (Cheer or Boo): Boo...
  9. AON

    Character Name: Indigo Dreyer Nickname: The White Sheep Height: 5'6" Weight: 135 lbs Age: 22 Billed From: Sydney, Australia Entrance Theme: Finishing Moves: D-I LOVE MY SISTER-TT- Jumping DDT Bear hug into a belly to belly Additional Moves: Earnest apologies after every punch...
  10. AON

    Name: Tonya Scott Nicknames: "Littl' Miss Magic" Date Of Birth: July 16, 1998 Height: 5'8" Weight: 143 lbs Pro Debut: 2019 Hometown: Brunswick, Georgia Gimmick: To say Tonya Scott has had an unusual route to the world of pro wrestling is an understatement; you see, wrestling isn't Tonya's...
  11. AON

  12. AON

    "Who is Halloween Knight?" The camera opens up on something of a surprise for this rolling video package. Still, the face in front of us is undoubtedly familiar to any and all fans of professional wrestling, the large frame and smiley face of former CWA World Heavyweight Champion Chubby Carlos...
  13. AON

    Yep. we got a canon name, have to be a team TRICK OR TRASH BABY
  14. AON

    I do like that Trash Mammal is hedging his bets by having his own interview show, so if FWA doesn't pick up his contract, they'll see he's just a fantastic interviewer that they'll have to keep him. Also, Wolfie, if you don't think Imma going to try for a Mammal and Halloween knight team up...