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    Ace work Sully, I’m upset I hadn’t time to promo but I’ve had a busy month and really think GZ helped lay some foundations for LvT going forward. The episodes were a breeze to get through but very enjoyable. Super work on this and just expanding our universe in general.

    The following was posted to immediately following the show… We see the white-masked handler of LaVonny Toner standing in the parking lot outside Gimnasio Manual Bernardo Aguirre, speaking on the phone. “Yeah, yeah he won. Of course he did. Kid has got talent Boss… Okay, I hear...

    I’ve said this before but… Kick arse fucking logo. Love the lucha mask “O”. Really enjoy the commentary chemistry and that’s something I noted mentally as a super interesting pairing since the first episode. Again love the aesthetic of the Mexican arenas, I know you worked to find a list of...