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  1. SupineSnake

    ahahahha i didn't even realise. communist anthem mate.
  2. SupineSnake

    Other than shared ideology, not really. Although I guess both are supported by their states, so have that in common. Red Sickle was so badass, he was robbed.
  3. SupineSnake

    close enough
  4. SupineSnake

    aha. have also taught vietnamese students named nguyen. guess it's a common name.
  5. SupineSnake

    Name: Linh Nguyen. Date of Birth: 7th June, 2000 (age 23). Place of Birth: Ninh Thuy, Nah Trang, Vietnam. Height: 170cm. Weight: 59kg. Alignment: Face in reality, heel in the capitalist hotbed of the US. Gimmick/Backstory: educated, trained, and funded by the Communist Party of Vietnam. Grew up...
  6. SupineSnake

    Gimme twenty mins
  7. SupineSnake

    NO! I am just doing mine now :'(((( I suck so much
  8. SupineSnake

    Huge win for La Roca! You love to see it. Loved the announcement for season five. All female cast is cool. I already have my profile made - not missing the boat again. Boooo at Hemmlock winning! ;) Fifteen minute banger tho, good showing for La Sabrina. Who is LaVonny's pic-base? Looks a bit...
  9. SupineSnake

    SUNDAY 04/09/2023 BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The sound of the ring exploding, containing the two people he was closest to in this world, echoed through the small makeshift apartment. Then a small mechanical whir emanates from the ancient machine sitting atop the coffee table under the large screen...
  10. SupineSnake

    (the following promo is posted on behalf of dustin on behalf of gipper on behalf of dustin...)
  11. SupineSnake

    i popped for la sobrina's big win on episode three, but then lou cha :((( good work on this so far hemm!