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  1. Cyrus Truth

    Meltdown XL & Fallout 040 || Promo Thread.

    Chapter 3: Cornerstone Carnal Contendership, both the event and the titular match itself, is over. Championships have been won. Championships have been defended…barely. And the main event of Back in Business has been determined. For FWA referee Richard Davis, still suffering from the...
  2. Cyrus Truth

    FWA 'Carnal Contendership 2024' || Promo Thread.

    Chapter 2: The Path that Brought You Here Well…that’s it, then. Deep in the bowels of the Sapporo Dome, after that entire mess of a multi-man tag team match, Cyrus Truth allows himself a moment of peace and reflection, sitting on a couple of production crates as the remainder of the show...
  3. Cyrus Truth

    Fallout 039: 'An Original Show Name' || RESULTS.

    JL's new commentary partner's pretty good. Excellent show, fellas.
  4. Cyrus Truth

    Fight Night '24 & KODM3 || Promo Thread

    “The Ebb and Flow of Fortune! The Dangerous Swing of the Pendulum!!!” Well. That didn’t go the way The Mad Wizard expected. Deep in a secret chamber nestled within the famed Catacombs of Paris, hidden from all but the most astute practitioners of the Dark Arts, we find Konchu Hao resting in...
  5. Cyrus Truth

    Meltdown XXXVIII & Fallout 038 || Promo Thread

    “The Machinations of Miscreants! Gamesmanship on the Path to Glory!!!” When you’re the Primogen of the Black Mass and a well-established mage within the world of shadows, you tend to find yourself in very bizarre places and meeting even more bizarre people. And there are more than a handful...
  6. Cyrus Truth

    Meltdown XXXVII & Fallout 037 || Promo Thread.

    Chapter 1: Words Are Meaningless Defeat is, as it always has been, a bitter wine. Yet when you choose to compete in a sport like professional wrestling at the highest of levels for as long as Cyrus Truth has, it’s one that eventually you have to drink. To try and push it aside and ignore it...
  7. Cyrus Truth

    Meltdown XXXVII & Fallout 037 || Promo Thread.

    “Gauntlet for Glory! The Power of Experience on The Path of Redemption!!!” It’s over. Despite the best efforts of his tag team partner, despite how hard they fought…in the end, the gamesmanship of their opposition proved too much for the Dark Roads Alliance at Winter Wasteland. The quest to...
  8. Cyrus Truth

    "FWA: WINTER WASTELAND" || Card & Discussion Thread.

    Focusing more on Kenny and Xavien was part of the point. In the eyes of the DRA, their issues with FTN were settled at Lights Out. They took something from them as payment for what Peacock pulled at BIB and the team looked dissolved. As was said in the promo, Alyster/Hood is the only one of...
  9. Cyrus Truth

    "FWA: WINTER WASTELAND" || Promo Thread.

    “Reading the Riot Act! To Answer For One’s Crimes!!!” It’s that time of the year yet again. That time where snowflakes dance and fall from the heavens, where deep crimsons, ivory whites, and verdant greens become the colors of the season as bells ring and cash registers ding, as people rush...
  10. Cyrus Truth

    RIP Funky Fedora

    Konchu Hao: "Well, that's unfortunate. Though not unexpected. Cloning and gene manipulation are never exact sciences. Oh well, I'll simply pluck another of Chris's repugnant mustache hairs the next time I punch him and try again."
  11. Cyrus Truth

    Meltdown XXXVI & Fallout 036 || Promo Thread.

    “Reconciliation of One’s Failures! The Harsh Road to Redemption and Revelation!!!” “Konchu, that’s enough!” “I’ll let you know when it’s damn well bloody enough, Truth!!!” We cut backstage in the locker room area of the Marrakech Stadium. Meltdown has come and gone, and the main event is...
  12. Cyrus Truth

    General Chit-Chat Thread - No Spoilers

    Thanks, brother. You're a good egg.
  13. Cyrus Truth

    Meltdown XXXV & Fallout 035 || Promo Thread

    “Thievery and Brigandry In the Face of Darkness” “I’m telling you, this is a massive opportunity that we have on our hands. I don’t see why you’re not as jazzed about it as I am.” “Just shut up.” “Listen! I’m serious! My uncle’s…” “And shut the fuck up about your uncle, too.” Hushed...
  14. Cyrus Truth

    Meltdown XXXIV & Fallout 034 || Promo Thread

    Success is a sweet poison. One that, once you’ve had a sip, you’ll never want to stop drinking. The trick with success is to not drink too greedily or recklessly, lest you become addicted to it, or numb to the world around you. FTN enjoyed a great amount of success over the past year. Both...
  15. Cyrus Truth

    FWA: 'Lights Out' || Promo Thread

    The Dark Roads Alliance Presents… "The Bond of Friendship and the Shattering Truth! The End of The Delusion and The Beginning of the Reclamation!" “It’s another beautiful day here in The City, ladies and gentlemen! And we’re about to see a true clash of the titans, a true test of our fair...
  16. Cyrus Truth

    Meltdown XXXIII & Fallout 033 || Promo Thread

    Cyrus Truth and Konchu Hao Present… The Dark Roads Alliance in… “Mongrels Clamoring for Scraps! Foolish, Twisted Loyalty In The Unworthy!!!” In the dark expanse of a vast ocean in the dead of night, one island…well, perhaps less an island and more a jutting rock serves as the sole beacon of...
  17. Cyrus Truth

    FWA 'The 18th Anniversary Show' || RESULTS

    It's only paranoia if nobody's out to get you, Alyster. Helluva show and a banger of a main event. Guess it's up to someone else to rip the mask off FTN after taking a couple of Old Yeller stand-ins out back and shooting them, proverbially.
  18. Cyrus Truth

    FWA 'The 18th Anniversary Show' || Promo Thread.

    Night has fallen. Wrought-iron fences surround a massive field of overgrown grass and rampant weeds. Large gates swing open by a massive gust of wind. Gas lanterns illuminate walkways through the brush and shattered cobblestone paths. Amongst the weeds, we see stones. Tombstones. An...
  19. Cyrus Truth

    Meltdown XXXII & Fallout 032 || Promo Thread

    Devious Productions Presents… Konchu Hao in… “The Shifting Tides of Chaos! A Shattered Path Forward to the Future!!!” The final moments of the final match at Back in Business have arrived. The capacity crowd in the Estadio Azteca stadium are roaring with every move, every strike, every...
  20. Cyrus Truth

    FWA 'Back in Business XVII' || RESULTS.

    Some quick thoughts on the matches: MvH vs Snowmantashi - Exactly what it needed to be. Hard hitting, brutality a'plenty. And the perfect ending. No warrior's glory or death for Dreamer. Tag Team Title Match - The ejaculate truck notwithstanding, this was a fantastic showcase. The ending...