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  1. DakotaNorth

    BTB of the Month - APRIL RESULTS

    Got a mammoth reading day tomorrow to get my votes in, thanks for the reminder Dubb!
  2. DakotaNorth

    ROH - The Era of Honor Begins

    Daniels Update | Night of Appreciation Card Run-Down | Future Tournament As always, predictions welcome. Normal stuff for everything except the main event where you need to make the teams you think Eddy/Rey will end up with AND pick the overall winner (not just the team) of the match.
  3. DakotaNorth

    ROH - The Era of Honor Begins

    THE SECOND COMING [3/30] ~ Philadelphia, PA #002 PRE-SHOW: …………… Before we get underway, Gabe Sapolsky is out again at the top of the show to make a couple of announcements. He addresses the disrespect shown by Christopher Daniels to the Code of Honor and confirms the rumours are true, he was...
  4. DakotaNorth

    General Chit-Chat Thread - No Spoilers

    I'm quite open to a bit of anything to be honest. It reminds me of random mid-00's indy shows where you'd get really good matches up and down, but the stories (if they did any) would be lacking. I do enjoy puro but know pretty much zero about it. CHIKARA, PWG, ROH, all these were great in their day.
  5. DakotaNorth

    General Chit-Chat Thread - No Spoilers

    I have given AEW a go three times, and each time something dumb happens. I think I'm gonna stick to just watching any and all Will Ospreay matches, and then when Okada finally gets a worthwhile match might tune in. Am I missing something really appealing about the rest of the stuff they do?
  6. DakotaNorth

    ROH - The Era of Honor Begins

    Interview with 'The Warrior' Low Ki
  7. DakotaNorth

    ***BTB of the Month*** - WCW/ECW 2001 and Beyond - The Alliance Lives

    WrestleWar baby!! - The layout of the war rumble match is excellent, read through it in no time. Really well paced too. DDP and Booker T better watch out, Batista surely wont be letting that elimination slide. - RVD! YES! So happy he got the victory there. After Sabu got dumped I wasn't sure...
  8. DakotaNorth

    WWF/E 2002: A Ruthless Reset

    I absolutely loved this period once the nonsense with the failed invasion was over and they got on with things (kinda, I guess NWO's return and the whole brand v brand thing dominated the storylines for the most part, but it's certainly an exciting period). Jericho as Undisputed champion is...
  9. DakotaNorth

    WCW 1999: No Finger Poking Here Brother

    Alrighty, so I don't know this era too well, so this should be an education (on how not to book this company into the ground!) Nitro #1 - You've got the cadence of most of the wrestlers down pretty well, but your Heenan and Shiavone is excellent, it really is. It reads so naturally I can hear...
  10. DakotaNorth

    ***BTB of the Month*** - WCW/ECW 2001 and Beyond - The Alliance Lives

    Just catching up in time for this one. WrestleWar 2002 Prediction Contest The WrestleWar: Stone Cold Steve Austin, O'Haire, HHH Pick up to 10 Potential Surprise Entrants for the WrestleWar Sting, Jericho, The Hardyz, Rhyno, Jeff Jarrett, Mr Perfect, Low Ki, Chris Daniels, Ron Killings The...
  11. DakotaNorth

    General Chit-Chat Thread - No Spoilers

    Ahh, happy days. Anything that means I don't have to watch a battle royal gets a big thumbs up from me!
  12. DakotaNorth

    ROH - The Era of Honor Begins

    Interview with 'The Heartstopper' Michael Shane | Final Card for THE SECOND COMING Predictions welcomed, still need to name three more winners ahead of Road to the Title, so please keep them coming. Thanks to everyone who participated last time, and thanks in advance for this one!
  13. DakotaNorth

    WWE 2008: The Next Generation

    Friday Night Smackdown - April 18, 2008 The opening credits hit as Michael Cole welcomes us to another edition of Friday Night Smackdown, but tonight he is joined by a new partner at the announce booth. He asks everyone to welcome a man that needs no formal introduction, Mick Foley! Cars crash...
  14. DakotaNorth

    ROH - The Era of Honor Begins

    Prediction Contest #001 RESULTS DGMC --> 6 points. Knable --> 8 points. RoyMustang --> 5 points. KingKota --> 6 points. Congrats Knable, you are this months winner! As mentioned before, the first four prediction contests will give POWER to each winner to influence and affect booking decisions...
  15. DakotaNorth

    ROH - The Era of Honor Begins

    THE ERA OF HONOR BEGINS [2/23] ~ Philadelphia, PA #001 PRE-SHOW: …………… Before the first show got underway, Gabe Sapolsky came out to thank everyone for supporting “the birth of the spiritual successor to ECW”. They only had a handful of tickets left on the doors, “so we’re expecting a packed...
  16. DakotaNorth

    BTB Advertisement Thread

    Less an advertisement and more just a reminder: First ROH show will go up tomorrow, so anyone wanting to throw any last minute predictions in there, you've got about 36 hours!