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  1. Citan

    This was the Rock at its finest, in my humble opinion

    This was during his far too brief Hollywood Rock run, as I like to call it.
  2. Citan

    Which video game consoles do you think deserve more love?

    My picks: -Nintendo GameCube -Sega CD /32X -Sega Saturn
  3. Citan

    A question

    Hmm, just as I thought. I AM a vampire.
  4. Citan

    A question

    I occasionally watch surgery videos on Youtube. I rarely watch neurosurgeries , because they disgust me. I watched two neurosurgeries today and I found them wicked. Was there a neurosurgeon sleeping in me the whole time ? Or have I been turned into a vampire?
  5. Citan

    Cancelled video games in famous video game franchises

    Part 5 Pokémon Pokémon Green Version (Gameboy) Pokémon first appeared in Japan in 1996 as Pocket Monsters: Red and Green. An update, Pocket Monsters: Blue, was released 8 months later. The games went through a lenghty development process. It became an Issue when the localisation process...
  6. Citan

    Cancelled video games in famous video game franchises

    Part IV Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Returns (NES) A follow up to the DK trilogy was mentioned in an issue 1987 of Nintendo Power magazine . The only details known revealed were that DK would have a playable character for the first time and that the barrel-throwing mechanic would return. It was...
  7. Citan

    Cancelled video games in famous video game franchises

    Part III Super Mario Bros. (2/2) Mario Artist: Paint Studio (64DD) Plays a lot like Mario Paint. The game allows for the N64's mouse. Players can view a slideshow of their finished pictures + music. A movie up to 35 frames can be made. In addition to the game having the option of...
  8. Citan

    What Are You Watching Now?

  9. Citan

    Cancelled video games in famous video game franchises

    Part II Super Mario Bros. (1/2) Prior to the release of the BSX and the 64DD, Nintendo made another add-on for the NES / Famicom : The Famicom Disk System. Games on the FDS were made on the rewritable floppy disks instead of the Famicom's (the Japanese equivalent of the NES)...
  10. Citan

    Christopher Nolan's next film gets an official title.

    Christopher Nolan's upcoming film is called: Tenet. As usual, little is known about the film. But is it "said to be ' "action epic evolving from the world of international espionage." The following people have been cast: John David Washington as the lead Robert Pattinson Elizabeth Debicki...
  11. Citan

    Rate the Harry Potter films

    Phililosopher's Stone: 7.5/10 Chamber of Secrets: 7.0/10 Prince of Azkbaban: 8.5/10 Goblet of Fire 5.5/10 Order of the Phoenix: 7./10 Half-Blood Prince:7.5/10 Deathly Hallows Part 1: 7.5/10 Deathly Hallows Part 2:: 8.5/10 Magical Beasts and Where to find them: 7.0/10 Magical Beasts: The...
  12. Citan

    Cancelled video games in famous video game franchises

    A "sequel" to the "Wrestlemania matched matches that almost happened" I made a while ago, this thread will going to cover video games that were cancelled or remained Japan-exclusive for whatever reason. ' PART 1: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA ZELDA III (NES) Before A link to the Past became the...
  13. Citan

    The truth about Superman 64

  14. Citan

    Favorite game OST?

    Not that much of a NES Castlevania fan. But their OST (Especially the FDS versions) had so many memorable tracks it's scary. Forgot: Resdient Evil Remake Secret of Mana Parasite Eve Shining Force CD Final Fantasy Tactics.
  15. Citan

    C/D The 2002 Roster Split was a good idea

    I have an undecided opinion on the matter. Problem was either Monday Night Raw great, and SM! was terribad. Or the other way around. While we were superb matches on SD!, HHH was having his reign of terror up was until 2005. Raw became bettter than SM! once Batista won the belt at WMXXI. And...
  16. Citan

    Favorite game OST?

    Mega Man 2-7. X1. Super Mario 64 Ristar Sonic the Hedghehog 1 & 3 Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn ) Sonic Adventure 2 Final Fantasy IV-VII Xenogears Chrono Trigger Chrono Cross WCW/nWo Revenge A link to the Past Twilight Princess Metroid Prime Goldeneye 007 Perfect Dark WWF Warzone
  17. Citan

    Most frustating game moments?

    I vote for the appropriately named Barrel of Doom...
  18. Citan

    Creating your own Console Mini

    N64: Super Mario 64 Mario Kart 64 Mario Party 2-3 WWF Wrestlemania 2000 & No Mercy (I know, not gonna happen, but...) AKI WCW wrestling (same) Sin and Punishment NHL 99 Banjo Kazooie & Tooie Conker 64 Prototype Zelda 64DD version prototype Zelda OoT Paper Mario Dinosaur Planet prototype GB...
  19. Citan

    Favorite Old School Video Game?

    Mega Man X-2 2-7 Mario World & Mario 3. Also liked Land and LAnd 2. SNES Squaresoft games Illusion of Gaia Earthbound Beginnings Sonic Mega Collection. Final Fantasy VII & X. Phantasy Star IV DKC 2-3 Mario 64. Perfect Dark Mario Party 1-3 Zelda A LttP. MGS1-MGS2 AKI N64 wresting games. Alundra