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  1. Postman Dave

    Who moves to the main roster post WrestleMania?

    Shows how much attention I give to Main Event haha
  2. Postman Dave

    The Little Mermaid(2023)

    Nothing there to convince me it's gonna improve Disney's live action remake record. Ah well.
  3. Postman Dave

    Who moves to the main roster post WrestleMania?

    Zoey and Indi seem like givens. Bron or Carmelo, but I guess that depends more on who wins at Stand & Deliver. Melo wrestling on Main Event recently tips the scale in his favour I guess. Would love Grimes too, but I'm concerned WWE have lost interest in him and Strong.
  4. Postman Dave

    Luther: The Fallen Sun (2023)

    Really wanna see this in the cinema, hoping they're a bit more forthcoming where will be showing it soon
  5. Postman Dave

    Happy Birthday my man!

    Happy Birthday my man!
  6. Postman Dave

    Best Animated Character Round 1b: Tom and Jerry (25) vs Spike Spiegel (104)

    Hello random tournament. Will vote Spike over pretty much everything in anything
  7. Postman Dave

    WWE Money in the Bank Heads to London!

    The transport issues weren't too bad. Last train for most people was before Roman/Drew but that's been standard Cardiff for a while, and ongoing rail worker strikes aren't gonna help that. Hotels sold out super fast. I was lucky to live relatively close and get a lift back, but even that took...
  8. Postman Dave

    Top TV Shows of 2022

    If I just go by shows that started in 2022. 1. SPYxFAMILY 2. Andor 3. Cyberpunk Edgerunners 4. The Sandman 5. This Is Gonna Hurt
  9. Postman Dave

    Dave Meltzer says that Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey is not currently planned for WrestleMania.

    This is what I've assumed for the longest time now. Although they're inevitably gonna have to keep Charlotte busy somehow too.
  10. Postman Dave

    Top/Worst Movies from 2022

    Worst 1. The Royal Treatment 2. Death On The Nile 3. Morbius 4. Last Seen Alive 5. The Man From Toronto Best 1. Turning Red 2. The Batman 3. Drifting Home 4. Doctor Strange 2 5. Glass Onion
  11. Postman Dave

    Star Wars Movies/TV Discussion Thread

    Can't see something Ghibli related being live action. It's an interesting one, because I thought Miyazaki was quite down on most Western media. Early guess would be some involvement in the next Star Wars: Visions series, which would be dope. Don't rule out something to do with Indiana Jones...
  12. Postman Dave

    Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery(2022)

    I wasn't as high on the first as everyone else, but admittedly this was a lot of fun. Would definitely recommend.
  13. Postman Dave

    His Dark Materials on HBO

    But nervous as to how they're gonna get that whole book into just 6(?) episodes but definitely looking forward nonetheless.
  14. Postman Dave

    The Anime/Cartoon/Manga Playhouse

    My most anticipated film for next year when it lands in the UK. Absolutely adore Your Name & Weathering With You Latest habits: tried Vinland Saga but left it halfway through. Just didn't feel like it was going anywhere satisfying. Tiger & Bunny S2 part 2 was good. Had the potential to be...
  15. Postman Dave

    Super Mario Bros: The Movie (2023)

    Especially as it's Pratt, people really have it out for him for some reason. My nephew (big Mario fan and y'know, the target market for this film) thinks this looks amazing. The only controversy is from adults who put way too much a stake in things that really don't matter.
  16. Postman Dave

    Rolling Stones Top 100 TV Shows

    Most of my experience is a 50/50 split, which is pretty impressive all things considered.
  17. Postman Dave

    Rolling Stones Top 100 TV Shows

    Meh The placement of shows in these things is always gonna be incredibly subjective. As a collective, there's not really anything that doesn't at least deserve a mention. That said, it's incredibly mainstream/North American based (understandable given the source) which leads to my biggest grief...
  18. Postman Dave

    The Anime/Cartoon/Manga Playhouse

    Oh good, there's one of these here. Cyberpunk Edgerunners was a genuinely brilliant surprise. Looked good in trailers but still had low expectations. Found myself waaay more invested in the ending than I thought I would. Only behind Arcane in the videogame-to-Netflix department. Also...
  19. Postman Dave

    LB presents: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    It feels a lot like the Netflix series did come the end, just too many of these damn shows in quick succession. I need a breather every now and again.