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Search results

  1. Fluttershy

    TNA TNA Knockout Returning Soon.

    YAY I'M SO EXCITED! But only six weeks, It will be interesting to see her post body.
  2. Fluttershy

    Plans for Summer Rae's return

    I'm hoping now that she is away from Fandango she will get a chance to shine. my fear is with the WWE keeping her a heel she will come back and go straight for Paige.
  3. Fluttershy

    News on Dean Ambrose's US Title Reign

    Lets be honest, its been a awful title reign. I think someone like Fandango would really benefit from a run with the championship.
  4. Fluttershy

    WWE Star Suffers 100th Televised Lost

    Poor Swagger and Dolph Ziggler :( they both deserve better. :(
  5. Fluttershy

    AJ Lee's WWE Status

    295 days of carnying the diva's division will will wear you out. Bad timing as far as Paige is concerned, The WWE finally gave us two divas that the crowds care about and then one decides to take a break. The diva's division need to see an AJ vs. Paige feud as in it's current state the division...
  6. Fluttershy

    Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria) Back in WWE?

    Trainer yes, but keep her out of the divas division they need to be building for the future not bringing in former divas who have already achieved so much.
  7. Fluttershy

    TV The Big Bang Theory renewed for three seasons by CBS

    I love The Big Bang Theory, I just hope it has the legs to keep going for another 3 years.
  8. Fluttershy

    Kaitlyn Quits

    well, that's kind of unexpected. Wonder if her recent engagement has anything to do with this? wonder if they will bring up one of the NXT girls to replace her.
  9. Fluttershy

    WWE Signs Soccer Goalie Turned Male Model From The UK

    So it's not just the divas anymore that get hired for just their looks.. But seriously If he can't even be a goalie with a jacked up knee, how is he going to wrestle?
  10. Fluttershy

    Shows you are thinking about giving another go

    Are there any shows you watched and didn't like, but then are thinking about giving them another go? I'm currently thinking of giving Agents of SHIELD another go, but not until after the whole first season has aired in the UK and a season 2 has been announced. Also tempted by Cougar Town...
  11. Fluttershy

    WWE teaching Stars & Divas not to sell their loss

    Look at me I just lost! Woo! *starts dancing off the stage* So weird!
  12. Fluttershy

    What's the worst present you ever got?

    One of my friends got me a blow-up boyfriend once, and not even a life size one it was about a foot tall. I just hope the bin men didin't find it when they cam to collect the rubbish. So what are the worst presents you have received at Christmas or your Birthday?
  13. Fluttershy

    Brie Bella News

    LordsofPain.net LOL Short amount of time? She's been in WWE for years. Nice that she is trying to improve but her matched have been boring to watch as of late.
  14. Fluttershy

    Ashley Sebera Signing Confirmed

    Ashley Sebera tweeted a photo of the WWE Performance Center t-shirt and much more, indicating that she is indeed signed to a developmental contract. Credit Divas-365.com She's pretty much the blonde WWE stereotype. WWE's signed a lot of girls lately. Be nice if they would use them properly.
  15. Fluttershy

    Your most annoying cancellation?

    Which cancellations of shows irritated people the most, as many times shows that have great potential are shelved after only one season. Here are a few of mine. Pushing Daisies: great show, original concept. Didn't see cancellation coming! Ringer: Such a missed opportunity. Sarah...
  16. Fluttershy

    You can begin loving me

    Hello how are you? I can't hear you and I'm not interested! No I am... I'm Not so back to me. Well this is exciting isn't it... I was brought to this place by the lovely Dale. Who I know from forums past. I love Sausage Meat... oh naughty! I love viewing pictures animal wearing hats...