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  • Yeah, I liked Nemesis/Forge but I found Cable himself tiresome and boring; but I've read all Deadpool/Cable and it superb.

    Yeah, I gathered that much; was more the whole "Oh, there's the Apocalypse heir," which confused me 'cause I wasn't sure if it's not just that blue guy but an actual mutant strain lol.
    That line up just doesn't make me care anymore... Haven't cared about Fant since Otherworlds....

    Why can't they just make The Uncanny X-Force something like Cable, Deadpool, Hope, Wolverine (maybe) & Colossus/Doctor Nemesis; just a line up of badasses have them deal with something.

    Also, can you explain Apocalypse; I still don't understand the mutant lol.
    The Uncanny Avengers is delivering from what I've read though and can't wait to read the third vol, as I'm sure I saw it's The Twins vs The Red Skull with The Unity Squad in the middle of it :D! (No spoilers please).
    Magneto's losing his powers? Not surprised, the X-Men line-ups are weak as hell and they seem to be getting weaker; I mean aside from Uncanny X-Force's mutants, the rest are dithering...

    No X has managed to obtain my interest aside from The Uncanny X-Force and I'm still pissed how badly they killed that by dismantling the entire previous line up.
    You're the comic book nut; what's happened to Wolverine's healing factor, does it happen in Uncanny Avengers or somewhere else? 'Cause people have been talking about it but I haven't seen it anywhere. (Though be weary of Spoilers, I only just finished Vol 2: Apocalypse Twins today)
    Only reason I look at Suicide Squad is for the New52 Harley Quinn... Now that's some cosplay I wanna see get kinky >.>!

    Also, did you just spoil Final Execution for me D:!? I mean I know about Cluster but dude :( <//3! I thought comic book fans knew spoilers are a no go lol.

    Remember gets called Morrison-esque? I don't see how that's possible, Morrison is all about the little detail and his million sub-plots kill the book or the case of Batman RIP, make no-sense till you wiki it, read fan reviews and then reread it twice to make any sense of it.

    Honestly, I would of rather seen a six year storyline with someone like Hush, someone who can actually match up to Bruce Wayne and give a better ending imo.
    Haha, understatement of the year... Didn't even feel like a Finale, let alone one which finishes off a six year "epic" as some people are touting it. I went in it with an open mind but honestly, GM only knows how to kill characters and let everyone else pick up the mess. I'm guessing Scott Snyder or Peter Tomasi will be busy trying to recover it.

    The new52 is beginning to suck hard outside of Batman & Superman Unchained. Outlaws isn't bad but isn't the best comic going... Might get back into Nightwing soon.

    Just finished the Dark Angel saga with Uncanny X-Force, dying for Rick Remember to pick up the Thunderbolts and fix that comic lol.
    Uncanny X-Force volume 2 arrived today, unexpectedly, completely forgot I ordered it to be honest - Quite looking forward to it.

    I didn't mind Spawn so much but I'm not as well educated on it as others, so it's hard for me to judge compared to the comics.
    It was alright but nothing great about either, I did enjoy the HBO animated series for Spawn though, been watching that online and it was fantastic. As for Final Crisis, I've been told that is the ultimate mess, so I'm not even going to bother with it, can you see why I think Grant Morrison is terrible in places now :p?

    To be cont. goes Batman R.I.P straight into the Battle for the Cowl, it seems to fit in right, I know I'm missing What Happened to the Caped Crusader but I'm more interested in getting Long Shadows first as I love Dick Greyson as Batman. The issue with Batman R.I.P it tries to over complicate everything but the timeline of the panels and comic itself doesn't help making sense of it all :/.
    I heard god-awful reviews about it, which I'm possibly watching tonight >_<. It's odd, most Batman stories do drag but they seem to be entertaining at the same time, it might just be the Batman Stigma or Batman just has the best writers doing it. That being said, I still have NO CLUE about what happened with Batman R.I.P.
    I desperately tried & now trying again to get into Spawn but it just seems a bit lackluster and draggy in places, the girl I'm seeing as a HUGE Spawn fan but I just can't get into the comic, it looks great, don't get me wrong but the rest of it just doesn't feel it. My favorite parts of Spawn seems to be Sam & Twitch.
    Damn that's a lot, when Marvel now came out, I got X-Men & Cable & The X-Force and dropped them relatively quickly after they continued to drag on, but I'll be picking up the Cable & X-Force comic with Cyclops because it seems pretty promising.

    Scott Snyder's work seems amazing, I picked up Black Mirror on Wednesday and I thought it was INCREDIBLE work, heard good things about Swamp Thing and what I've read so far in Batman, it's been in impressive (I Started get into comics back when Marvel NOW! happened.) and I've yet to get any of Night of the Owls material but I will be getting it soon enough.

    No Man's Land is my next goal however but it's gonna set me back 102$ and that's through buying it cheap on Amazon :/.
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