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  • Haha I don't remember why but for some reason, I was actually BDC on that and he was The Cock
    Can you make me Admin on ITR again. No real reason, just want to be one when I happen to visit the site since the only reason I'm not is because Nick tried to bring the site back and failed before it started.
    I nagged Chris about making me admin so I could check out the skin. That's all.
    There was no "us," you fucking idiot. I stated that it needs to be brought back. I never stated as to who I would like to see bring it back. When Nick said he would, I just volunteered to help do so, but nothing came of that. Apart from that, I just posted in various topics trying to spark activity.
    The key word being "had." Too bad I never actually complained to anyone about bringing it back. I just suggested it and supported it and tried to reinforce said suggestion on multiple occasions. So, yeah. Tits.
    Since I don't know where else to post this...All of you shut the fuck up about some gay wrestling site. Especially when you're discussing it on another.
    umadbro? Please, keep crying! Keep running your mouth you little punk ass bitch! In case you didn't notice, the site was alive because of me. My activity kept it going for a long ass time. You were hardly ever there, sure you did the technical shit, but that was about it. Come at me.
    Conversation Between Rated R Superstar and Chris You gotta' check that out haha, just read all that shit since I'm sure there will be more posted after I linked this to you. It's gold.
    Hm, think I was made Mod about a week ago. I got the TNA, Indy and classic wrestling sections, along with the prediction league.
    Are you okay for a title match on the next GFX card, or should I delay it until the PPV?
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