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  • Set an avatar please, the default logo is annoying.

    i'll find one in a little bit.
    Thanks. iv'e already proved the "fake thing" wrong on the previous fourm.

    even if did it here there would still be doubters so fuck em
    Sorry that Hollywood made that thread about you. Sadly, nothing will happen to him because's hes a super mod. But if someone made a thread like that for him, he'd ban them. Such a hypocrite, anyways, lies or not, you've been contributing, so you're cool with me.
    Your threads in the wrestling sections have been great contributions lately and generating good discussion. Try to add a little more of your own opinions in your OP to get the ball rolling, but aside from that, good job. Keep it up. Hope you are enjoying your time here. :)
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Christmas Creature wrote on Doom The Halls's profile.
I saw in the sb yesterday you made a custom WS logo of some kind? It looked good! You planning on making avis and such with it?
Welcome New Members enjoy your time and be good to one another
Noah's Smark wrote on St. Kaepernick's profile.
How's it going?
Welcome, welcome to all the new members of WS, we hope you enjoy your stay and love what you see!

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