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  • Fark dawg, I sms'd ya last week. Was in Sydney haha.

    I'm good, talk on FB n shit..

    Send me a Cena promo before tomorrow 7pm dude!
    Hey bud are you going to post for the Hardcore Championship at Cyber Sunday? Are you even still in CWF just wondering for clarification so i know what to do with you pal.
    Yeah I am thinking about it. Troy said to wait a week or two while they sort out whats going on.
    Hey bro it was just perfect, I really appreciate your help, plus your match was incredible.. wanna write for CWF?
    Alright thanks for letting me know. Just give me a few days to organise everything and add everyone into the new look team.
    Have Cena cut a huge promo on his loss of the title, have him cut a promo away from the arena. Maybe some place, find pics of him being somewhere. Talk about the Prison Yard matches and just make it a real long promo.
    Hey bud, sorry for the late reply but yer mate, couldnt argue with anything you said, u beat me last time mate but hopefully I can make it 1-1 :p Ill get the EC thread started tonight mate, lets make it good with the limited time we have
    Hey Pegasus. Sorry I took so long getting my second up, do you want to quickly go again on the last day? :p
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Pepe Silvia wrote on Pat's profile.
Right now, the chat doesn't seem to be connected. :cudi so when the show starts, post in the thread until we know or not. But it's good to stay in it until we know.
Fuck yeah! :mark: Chase Elliott wins!
Pepe Silvia wrote on Sabretooth's profile.
Why you not posting bro? You okay?
I'm way to damn tired.
Mitch Perfect wrote on Fuji Vice's profile.
The GOAT himself

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