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  • Hehe don't worry! Both of my ears are infected but I will be fine! The weather has been very inconsistent here; therefore it was inevitable that I would get sick!

    Oh really? How is being back with the folks going? I hope it isn't too stressful! Everything is going pretty well with me. Work has been very busy and I am looking forward to the month of March very much. I will send you a pm explaining why! :)
    Makes sense living on your own having to pay all the bills is some tough stuff so moving back in with your parents was a smart move. Hopefully next time it goes better for you whenever you decide to move back out.
    It's worked out really well site has been very very active since the merge as you'll end up seeing. Yeah saw you bring up moving back in with your parents on FB but didn't know if that was exactly a good thing or bad thing.
    Doing alright the site merged with WS if you wonder why stuff looks different now, lol. but that sucks to hear you been dealing with issues hopefully that will be behind you assuming it already isn't.
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Fuck yeah! :mark: Chase Elliott wins!
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Why you not posting bro? You okay?
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The GOAT himself
I'm so fucking hungry.

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