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Dod Draper
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  • lol @ Don getting beaten up by some washed up drunk old fucks.
    Dod Draper
    Dod Draper
    "You really think I need your spare change?"

    Great ep, but finale needs more Roger.
    So your post was rad and blew mine away. I got one up, just about your length too because thats how we role. I dont think I want to get another up after this, and I really hate when shit comes down to 1-1. But Im just not feeling it this week, plus ive been busy. You cool with we call it? Im pretty sure we're getting a run in finish. Thats my guess at least haha
    Hey man, I should be able to get something up tonight. I just have been really busy drinking my ass off and having fun so I just thought Id say I didnt forget haha
    I'll find a spot for it somewhere as long as it is backstage please!!!
    Hey man I just read it last night. I've been so busy haven't had a lot of time on my computer. Will respond with my plans when I get on brother. But I do have something planned should it change I'll be happy to go that route.
    Could I get ya to make me a Mr. Kennedy/Seth Rollins sig with the text on the bottom saying ANDREW

    Want to use it for E-Fed
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Pepe Silvia wrote on Pat's profile.
Right now, the chat doesn't seem to be connected. :cudi so when the show starts, post in the thread until we know or not. But it's good to stay in it until we know.
Fuck yeah! :mark: Chase Elliott wins!
Pepe Silvia wrote on Sabretooth's profile.
Why you not posting bro? You okay?
I'm way to damn tired.
Mitch Perfect wrote on Fuji Vice's profile.
The GOAT himself

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