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Recent content by Dale

  1. Dale

    WWE Money in the Bank 2019 Discussion Thread

    Oh yeah I was never expecting it to be a long term thing, however I think you can at least get a little mileage out of it even if it's only one defense. I personally want her off of the Raw brand asap because of how trash that division is but right now at least they really need her especially...
  2. Dale

    WWE Money in the Bank 2019 Discussion Thread

    I see a world where she retains both and loses one within the next week to the MITB holder.
  3. Dale

    WWE Raw: April 22, 2019 Discussion Thread

    Never thought i'd be saying this, but I hope Bex loses the Raw title pretty fucking soon and gets back over to SmackDown because holy fuck the Raw womens roster is absolute garbage outside of her and Sasha.
  4. Dale

    General Chit-Chat Thread

    So why not just swap The Bar and Black/Ricochet
  5. Dale

    General Chit-Chat Thread

    Cesaro moving to Raw also they say
  6. Dale

    Best Theme Song Round 1a: Dark Side (Undertaker) vs Domination (Ezekiel Jackson)

    Zeke's was an absolute banger. Preferred this version of Takers myself
  7. Dale

    Best Theme Song Round 1a: Real American (Hulk Hogan) vs Just Another Victim (Tazz)

    Gotta be Hogan for me, i'm with Fab on not liking that Tazz one.
  8. Dale

    Best Theme Song Round 1b: Chase Theme (Midnight Express) vs Is Cookin' (The Rock)

    Yeah I really like this version of Rock's theme but it doesn't go as hard without all the visuals.
  9. Dale

    Best Theme Song Round 1b: Voices (Randy Orton) vs This Fire Burns (CM Punk)

    I totally forgot about this Punk theme because of Cult of Personality, had to vote for it though.
  10. Dale

    Best Theme Song Round 1b: Metalingus (Edge) vs Enter Sandman (The Sandman)

    Absolute banger of a matchup, neither deserves to lose.
  11. Dale

    Best Theme Song Round 1b: Voodoo Child (Hollywood Hogan) vs Destroyer (Samoa Joe)

    A shame because Joe's has gotta be one of my favourites, it just fits so perfectly when he walks out and the way he looks. The backdrop of the Joe chants from the fans too really adds to the whole thing.
  12. Dale

    WWE Raw: April 15, 2018 Discussion Thread

    Don't even see what the fuss about EC3 is anyway
  13. Dale

    WWE SmackDown LIVE: April 16, 2019 Discussion Thread

    Logistically, Roman was the only guy that could fill the AJ void. Figure we get a brief Elias feud then he moves onto Bryan. Glad Balor came over, not thrilled with Ember or Bayley and would have much preferred Sasha instead of either but at least the womens division is looking pretty strong...
  14. Dale

    WWE General Discussion Thread

    Dude seems to have been injured that much he won't really be a miss.
  15. Dale

    2019 WWE Superstar Shake-up

    I'd like to see Finn go to SmackDown and take the AJ kind of role after being rebuilt. Sasha to SmackDown, Ruby split from the other two. Usos probably gonna go to Raw with Dash and Dawson going the other way