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  • Hey man, I was told to msg you but andrew, he said you know were to find a cracked version of photoshop for mac?
    Thanks man. It has been a lot of work but things have really started moving quickly this year. Will be good to have you back here posting.
    League got expanded to 14 teams so u can sign up for fantasy basketball
    YES that's awesome, I gotta get back on MSN soon to chat man. Only time I go on it is for PPV's but I will soon get back on it to chat. January is when the season really starts with all division games but season starts in November with a few decent games. I am a hardcore St.John's fan but good chance they will suck this year with all new freshman after making the tournament last year for the first in 9 years lol.
    thats cool man I get ya, the Nexus thing really did piss me off. In the fall, I was really not into it the only thing that kept me watching was Kane's title run since hes my favorite guy. I respect that with the ways things are going I don't blame ya. Three of my top five wrestlers from like 05 to now have left in the past year Jericho, Edge, and soon to be CM Punk (Austin and Rock are on my top 5 list). With Morrison out, that's another one of my favorites. If it wasn't for my cousin's friends being huge fans, not sure where I be at but I still remain interested. MMA and basketball are great so I am in support. Hopefully next year you get in on some college basketball!!
    WOW really. It's cool I am not offended, but since I consider you a good friend of mine from an internet standpoint. Fill me in through private message on what happened. I made a few new friends so it went from like me not really giving a shit anymore in the fall to now I am really into it again.
    hey you hear about Survivor Series coming to MSG? I think I am most likely going to that, if your going let me know. It would be awesome to run into you there.
    Excellent that you are enjoying posting here. It was great chatting with you in the RAW thread today. It was a great show with some nice surprises. Your activity has been fantastic since returning.
    Good to have you back. Glad you like the place, Dod has done some amazing things here.
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to watch you guys pine over the new girl who joined and posted a fake picture and is cat fishing us all cracks me up lol
Undeniable wrote on Keith's profile.
I've been meaning to say something for a bit now, but any chance you can make a review thread and post your videos in there?

I'd appreciate it. Thank you. :)

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