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  • Yo man I feel bad about the lack of communication about the One Percent/Maxine thing, that's all our fault bud. But I do want to talk about the character direction with One Percent. Yo got skype/twitter/ some kind of chat thingy (or the PM system works fine I guess).
    It's fine it's just the whole thing was sprung up on me on the last minute. My Twitter is in my sig but I think it'd be easier to talk via PM.
    Why you no post for the Rumble yet? :( :( :( lol! Hope all is going well man.
    I'll probably wait until one more goes up before I post again so probably tomorrow. No worries man. You keep booking me and I'll keep showing up.
    Guys are waiting for u to post for the rumble before moving on brother. Thought u should know
    It's already halfway done. I just need to get on my laptop and finish the rest. Should be up in a couple of hours when I get home.
    Hey buddy, you got Facebook? If not, could you PM your bit with Dean Ambrose for the SHIELD promo? Just I would like to do a promo between the 3 guys.
    Hey homie, if I get another tt up in our thread, are you going to have time to do another as well or would you rather leave it at 1-1?
    Hey homie, if I get another tt up in our thread, are you going to have time to do another as well or would you rather leave it at 1-1?
    All good bro. Trust me I know what it is like to get distracted from writing.
    Excellent I'll hold off writing it till I see your post and make a decision then.
    Are you posting again for Raw bro. Cause if not I'm going to start te match.
    haha that would be funny I will run that by the writers. Message she got her backstage pass from sin cara throwing it away lol
    How dare you go to bed when there is tting to be done! :p lol j/k Sorry bro.
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to watch you guys pine over the new girl who joined and posted a fake picture and is cat fishing us all cracks me up lol
Undeniable wrote on Keith's profile.
I've been meaning to say something for a bit now, but any chance you can make a review thread and post your videos in there?

I'd appreciate it. Thank you. :)

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