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Britney Caldwell
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  • I miss our battles too. We've had so many of them its hard to keep count, but I'm sure there will be a time and a place for another one to be added to the record book. Oh I do hope she is alright...I always wondered why she was never on MSN. Nevertheless I hope the victory goes to you :)
    I happened to see your layout yesterday and it was a good read! There was not a single thing that I didn't like, you never fail to disappoint :) I'm wondering where Miss Michelle was the whole time?
    Any ways I thought your rp was great from last week. Thats what I didn't to finish saying.
    bobbi should manage drake knight. i am going to use britney in my rp or try to. not sure how the scene will develop yet.
    cant wait to see what u do this week! i love britneys attitude and fire.
    cant you get doc to come back?
    HOLY SHIT! Britney and Miss Michelle have just split out of the ring and the two are catfighting all over the ringside area!
    is your real name jasmine? the whole trish and gorgeous george as your favorite wrestler kind of hit me. and you're from pa. jasmine is my bestie, but i haven't talked to her in ages.
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