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WWF Raw, Smackdown & PPV 2000

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by MR. SMALL PACKAGE, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    And all the run ins:DEAD:
  2. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Smackdown Episode 28
    March 2nd, 2000
    Trenton, New Jersey

    World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
    Intercontinental Champion: Kurt Angle
    World Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz
    European Champion: Kurt Angle
    Hardcore Champion: Crash Holly
    Light Heavyweight Champion: Essa Rios
    Women’s Champion: Jacqueline

    The show opens with a small 15 seconds Mick Foley tribute, followed by Raw recap to some cool techno music.

    Too Cool & Chris Jericho (w/Chyna) vs. The Radicalz (Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn (w/Eddie Guerrero)
    This is great for the short time it got, Jericho/Dean pairing and Jericho/Benoit amazingness. Then we got Radicalz heat on Jericho, it’s all fun. Sexay has a pretty mediocre hot tag, but that’s expected as he’s the weakest link of the match. The match breaks down, and Scotty hits the worm on Dean. Eddie and Chyna, get into it but Chyna never really hits Eddie :hm: Dean attacks her from behind which brings in Jericho and all 3 of them fight to the back. Benoit throws Scotty into the steps, while Eddie has the ref distracted. Sexay hits the hip hop drop but as he covers Perry Benoit comes off the top with the diving headbutt and Perry puts his deadweight arms on top for the win. **1/2 - **3/4

    Backstage: The Rock arrives at the building, Mideon comes over but you can’t hear what he says, so The Rock punches him :lmao

    In the parking lot; A limo pulls up, Shane and Show get out.

    WWF Light Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy (w/Matt Hardy) vs. Essa Rios (w/Lita)
    God damn attitude era, people getting title shots for no reason. What a time to be alive. Essa might the sloppiest wrestler I’ve ever seen, in 5 seconds of the match starting his miss times chops and can’t even do a counter backflip without landing correctly, Jesus. Jeff is pretty great in this, he pulls out shit he hasn’t done in a while like the double springboard moonsault. Essa finally ends his botch streak with a pretty dive over the ringpost taking out Jeff on the floor, back in they do some moves most if pretty cool, Lita and Matt went back and forth with interference, but the ref caught Lita a 2nd time and DQ'd Essa. After the match; Essa yells at Lita in Mexican so she slaps him, and they argue to the back. **1/2

    At a bar; Al Snow and Steve Blackman have matching green and white Hawaiian shirts on, Blackman says he feels like an idiot. But Al says not to worry he looks great for this blind date, Steve asks where he found this girl and Al says in his therapy group. Some ugly woman comes running over and hugs Steve.

    Backstage: Big Show and Shane McMahon walk

    At the bar; Blackman date talks a lot.

    Shane and Show come down to the ring, and Shane gets on the mic. He says he knows what everyone has been thinking, “Where have you been” He says life is all about timing, he says Rock got exactly what he deserved. He shows footage of the leaping chair shot from NWO, and footage of him again costing Rock the title shot again. He says he did it because he won’t allow Rock to dominate WWF like Austin did, his father made the mistake of not squashing Austin when he was climbing the ladder of success he waited until it was too late. And he will not make the same, the WWF doesn’t need a champion that raises an eyebrow or drops a “peoples elbow” what they need is a GIANT! He asks show what is he gonna do now? Show says he’s off to Mania to become champion, Rock then comes out. Rock says if they think they managed to screw the Rock and keep him down, but in actuality the only thing they’ve managed to do it PISS THE ROCK OFF! He says he is not going to Mania, but something he is that they are not is the People’s Champion. Rock says he has nothing to lose and seeing he has that he would entertain that tonight, by challenging both Shane and Show tonight. Shane says he knows he doesn’t want any of them tonight, but if he wants it he’s got it. Rikishi then comes out and says that while Rock doesn't need his help, the people would not only love to see Show take the Rock Bottom, but for Shane to take his bottom. Anyways, it's now Rock/Rikishi vs. Show/Shane.

    Backstage: D’lo is playing WWF Smackdown on playstation when Kurt comes over, he says he’s looking to keep these belts for a long time, he says people say he past his prime but he isn’t even gotten started yet. Sarge then comes in and tells D'Lo that Godfather is looking for him, and D'Lo bolts. Angle says he was once a member of the Cobra Corps, but is now very disappointed in the Sarge he sees. Slaughter challenges him to a match, and Angle is further saddened that with the loss of Sarge's intelligence, he now lacks all three I's. Sarge says Kurt is going to basic training, MAGGOT!

    WWF Hardcore Championship: Tazz vs. Crash Holly
    They immediately brawl on the floor and into the crowd, Cole tells us Hardcore is injured and will be gone some time THANK FUCK! They brawl to the back and Tazz slams Crash into the wall, Albert runs in but Tazz avoids he nails him with a wretch and locks Albert in a Freezer. Boss Man comes over so Tazz hits him with a glass bottle over the head, which allows Crash to hit Tazz in the head with a blank of wood for the win.

    In the bar; Steve Blackmans’ date continues to drive in crazy

    Backstage: Lilian Garcia interviews Crash Holly, he calls himself the greatest Hardcore champion of all time and to prove it he’s putting the title online 24/7 365 days, all you have to do is find a ref and follow him around and get the pin you can win the title. SOMETHING AMAZING JUST HAPPEN! Also the downfall of Hardcore title begins.

    D-Generation X (Road Dogg & X-Pax (w/Tori) vs. Edge & Christian (w/Terri Runnels)
    Before the match; Dogg gets on the mic, he says there once were some outlaws they were very good, but one member lost his manhood but now it's he and X-P.A.C. This is fine, but could have been better, Edge is good in bumping and selling but he isn’t on Christian's level, and same could be said for Christian’s hot tag. DX play the heel role, so we don’t get crazy Pac bumps. Terri tried to help up Edge on the floor, but he shrugged her off, so she then slapped him. Christian gets distracted by this which allows Pac to low blow him and hit the X-Factor for the win. After the match; Terri leaves, and Edge and Christian argue. Edge explains what happened, and they're both pissed. **1/4

    Backstage: Shane and Show barge into the DX locker room

    Test vs. Viscera
    No, just no. They tell a good enough story with Test hurting his back by trying to lift Visc up but he doesn’t sell and Visc’s move set and back work is atrocious.

    Backstage: Shane and Show now leave the DX room.

    At the bar; Blackmans date is on the phone she talks about how much she’s loving her time, Al Snow then gets on stage and sings a song for them.

    Kurt Angles has a mic he says he can remember when he was a kid, there was a man name SGT Slaughter. He was everything a hero was suppose to be, he had the 3 I, but now he instead of representing the 3 I’s he is no representing the 3 B’s Bald, Bloated and I hate to say this but he’s now a bonehead. The good news is all the kids now have a new hero to look up to, your EuroContinental Champion.

    WWF Intercontinental Championship: Kurt Angle vs. Sgt. Slaughter
    HOLY SHIT! This is for a title now :lmaolmao 2000 is just padding title defense stats now, good vet/new comer match. Kurt wins the battle of everything but Sgt has the experience and is one step ahead, so that works. Slaughter locks in the cobra clutch but Kurt tries to roll through but it’s awfully botched as Sgt is so fat all his body weight lands on Kurt’s neck. Sgt takes this amazing ringpost/turnbuckle spot that sends him to the floor, it better than Triple H’s shitty one. Kurt suplex’s him back in, and finishes him with the Olympic slam for the win. ** - **1/4

    Backstage: Kane is just standing around.

    Backstage: Kurt is celebrating only like he can; he gives himself a popcorn shower.

    2-1 Handicap Match: The Dudley Boyz vs. Kane (w/Paul Bearer)
    This alright, it’s the no tags needed Handicap match. It’s the Dudleyz doubling Kane with Kane doing “monster” Kane comebacks, this goes way too at 6 minutes. Dudleyz do the low blow diving headbutt and Bubba sets up a table on the floor, but Kane counters a Bubba powerbomb and chokeslams D-Von through the table for the DQ. That’s pretty funny, for that to be a DQ in a match where it’s 2-1 all the time. **

    At the bar; Steve Blackman’s date tells Al that Blackman ran out the door and left.


    Backstage: Lillian is on a payphone when Crash walks by, she tells him what is he gonna do? Go back to the hotel room and sleep with that belt? Crash says he doesn’t have to worry about the rules because he’s the greatest ever.

    In the parking lot; Crash is loading the trunk of his car when Rodney of the Posse comes with a ref, he hits Crash in the back with it but the other Posse stop him from covering him. They end up fighting one another and Crash drives away.

    Big Show and Shane come out, but Shane grabs the mic. He says as much as he enjoys laying the smackdown on The Rock. There’s been a change, he says he felt bad about Rock never again touching WWF gold, so he's allowed a replacement that would allow The Rock to brush up against it…………………TRIPLE H!

    The Big Show & Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley & Shane McMahon) vs. Rikishi & The Rock
    This is mostly good, due to 3 of the 4 being awesome. Show isn’t completely useless as he bumps and sells well for Rikishi’s offense, Triple H chopblocks the injured Rikishi ankle and the heels work over it. Show mixes in good power moves, but his strikes are still awful. Triple H mainly keeps Rikishi on his back working the ankle, it’s pretty great. Show misses a splash which allows Rikishi to superkick him, he hesitates tagging in The Rock and doesn’t just so he can give Show the stink face. Rikishi then hits the Samoan drop and Rock gets the hot tag. Rock/H is awesome, Show then grabs a chair he hits Rikishi in the ankle with it on the floor. Shane distracts the ref, which allows Triple H to low blow Rock and for Show to hit Rikishi in the ankle with the chair again, but this time it was sandwiched in-between the steps. Show misses a chair shot on Rock and accidently hits Triple H with it, which allows Rock to take him out. He then hits Triple H with the Rock Bottom & People's Elbow for the win. After the match; Shane and Stephanie argue, and Triple H shoves Shane. Big Show gets in Triple H's face, and they leave as Smackdown ends. **3/4
  3. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Raw Is War Episode 354
    March 6th, 2000

    World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
    Intercontinental Champion: Kurt Angle
    World Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz
    European Champion: Kurt Angle
    Hardcore Champion: Crash Holly
    Light Heavyweight Champion: Essa Rios
    Women’s Champion: Jacqueline

    Shane and Show come down to the ring, Shane grabs the mic. He says on Smackdown, he shows the footage of Show accidently hitting Triple H with a chair. He the questions if it was an accident or intentional. He says he does know Triple H shoving him to the mat was no accident, he says Triple H isn’t like the Rock. He says Triple H is family, but the Rock is just business, he says he won’t let Rock run the show like his dad allowed Austin to do. He says it’s personal the way he connived his way into his family, and it’s personal the way he ran his own father out of the business he created :side: And it’s absolutely personal the way he brained washed his sister into marrying you, and now have her looking and acting like a cheap SLUT! He says at Mania Show will chokeslam you and win the WWF champions, as for tonight. It will be Triple H vs. Rikishi, in a non-title match. Triple H and Steph come out, Triple H says it hurts him the say Shane talks about him, they are brothers in law after all. He says as for Mania it’s the biggest show of the year, but it’s gonna be a long, humiliating night for you “Big Show” when he proves that Show is not even in his league. Steph says as long as we’re softening up one another tonight, because Show will take on Kane. She says as for her looking like a cheap slut……………….SHE SLAPS HIM! Triple H and Steph leave.

    Earlier Today; The Mean Street Posse attack Crash at his hotel room and tried to pin him in his bathrobe :lmao They ended up again arguing amongst themselves and fighting each other over who gets to pin him for the title, and Crash grabbed the belt and ran out of the room to escape. Pete says behind to eat the food, they brought as they pretended to be room service.

    Big Show (w/Shane McMahon) vs. Kane (w/Paul Bearer)
    So yeah this is a thing that happens a lot and it’s never good, this is slow and boring I legit thought the network was on slow-motion, they do a bunch of shit until The Rock runs down and hits Show with the Rock Bottom for the DQ. After the match; Kane chokeslams Show as Rock talks trash on the ramp.

    Backstage: Mark and Mae argue about if Mae should stay in the back, Mark then question who the father of the hand is and Mae says it’s none of his business, damn. She then says if he goes out to face the Dudleyz so does she.

    Mark Henry (w/Mae Young) vs. D-Von Dudley (w/Bubba Ray-Dudley)
    This goes for about a minute it’s all Mark until Bubba tries to interfere but that backfires, and Mae gives Bubba the Bronco Buster, Mark then gives D-Von a powerslam for the win. After the match; Bubba shoves Mae and they deliver 3D to Mark. BUBBA GRABS MAE BY THE HAIR AND D-VON GRABS A TABLE, BUBBA SUPER POWERBOMBS MAE THROUGH THE TABLE FUCK YEAH!


    Road Dogg & X-Pac (w/Tori) vs. Too Cool
    This is alright I guess, Pac/Scotty pairing to start was fun; DX iso Scotty who bumps well but X-Pac is mailing it in at this point, I guess Vince told him he still has to feud with Kane or something. Too Cool have a solid comeback and Scotty hits the worm on Pac, Sexay then heads up top but Tori cuts him off and that brings out Kane. He Chokeslams Road Dogg, and Pac and Tori bail out as Kane and Paul Bearer chase them. Too Cool then dances.

    Kurt Angles makes his way down to the ring, he says as all of you know, he’s Kurt Angle a Olympic hero, a European Champion, and an Intercontinental Icon. But when I look into the crowd tonight, he sees he could end up like a nobody like all of them. Worse than that, I could end up like a has been like Chris Jericho. A long haired, side burned, potty mouth. Chris Jericho’s music hits and Jericho comes out, he says he will admit, he’s got the IC title but he’s got bad breath and BO. But he would rather look like Y2J than a 30-year-old never kissed a woman geek, who still lives at home with his mommy.

    WWF Intercontinental Championship: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho
    Oh way it go WWE, Way to hype up this PPV match and a semi-important one at that. Chyna is not here, she’s filming some shit. This is cool, it’s a mini-version of the NWO match, Kurt is super aggressive here but also debuts his pathetic attempt at chops. This doesn’t have much or a story, it’s two guys going back and forth doing moves until the ref bump, Jericho hits the Lionsault but the ref is down, so no count. He tries to wake the ref up as Kurt grabs one of the titles but Jericho counters into the walls, Kurt looks like he’s about to tap until BOB BACKLUND ATTACKS JERICHO FROM BEHIND AND LOCKS HIM IN THE CROSSFACE CHICKEN WING! WHAT THE FLYING FUCK! Kurt is DQ’ed.

    So 4 matches in and we’ve had 4 Run inn’s and 3 DQ’s

    Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) vs. Rikishi
    Triple H tries to end this super early as he goes for the pedigree 40 seconds in, but Rikishi counters out and gives him new life as he uses the stink face, Steph distracts the ref allowing Triple H to low blow him and murder him with a clothesline, as Rikishi does his inside out, upside down bumps an sell for it :mark: Kinda, after about 4 minutes Triple H finally decides to target Rikishi’s injured ankle, sadly is goes nowhere and felt like filler due to the time the match got. Rikishi no sells it and makes his comeback, Steph gives Triple H a chair and he nails Rikishi In the back for the DQ. The Rock then runs down and Rock Bottoms Triple H allowing Rikishi to hit the Bonzi Drop. Too Cool run down, and all 3 dance. **1/2

    Backstage: Show and Shane leave their room and say, let’s go convince Triple H.

    Backstage: Al Snow tells a stage hand that he wants a midget army for Blackman’s entrance, and cheese lots of cheese. Blackman says if any of that happens he will rip his throat out.

    Matt Hardy (w/Jeff Hardy) vs. Steve Blackman (w/Al Snow & Head)
    Damn this should have been Jeff, cause Blackman beating the shit out of Jeff is the best, Matt is game tho so this is probably a better overall match. Matt takes to the air early so he can stay out of the way of Blackman’s kicks; match goes back and forth, until Blackman hits a Bicycle Kick off the top to win. **1/2

    Backstage: Shane and Show barge into Triple H and Stephanie’s room, Shane says they need to put personal business aside and take care of The Rock, Shane suggest it’s Rock vs. Benoit in a cage tonight. All agree, and they both agree to stay out of each other's business for the rest of the night.

    Edge & Christian vs. Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn (w/Eddie Guerrero)
    So this is the best thing to happen all night so far, E&C dominate in the early portion with great double teams but Dean chop blocks Edge’s knee which allows the Radicalz to brutally work over it. Perry is on, tonight it’s his best showing to date, he bends and stretches Edge’s knee in every direction and Dean does his thing too. Christian is still nowhere near as good a hot tag as Edge is. Terri gets up from the table, and helps Edge up on the floor. Dean pushes him into Terri, and she holds her ankle on the floor. He checks on her, Dean and Perry his TOTAL ELIMINATION on Christian for the win. After the match; Terri runs up the ramp, showing she was faking the entire time. E&C are pissed. **3/4

    Replay of the Posse trying to win the Hardcore title at the motel.

    WWF Hardcore Championship: Crash Holly vs. Viscera
    Crash smartly attacks Big Visc from behind with a chair but Visc no sells it and proceeds to beat him all the way to the back, Visc beats the shit out of him all the way into the APA office using the door in a wide open space as a weapon. Vis falls onto the table, ruining the card game, so Faarooq breaks a 2x4 on his head, and Crash covers to retain. Bradshaw then clotheslines Crash, and they argue about how much money each of them won, Faarooq says it's all his because he had 4 aces, but Bradshaw says he had 2 aces.

    Backstage: Michael Cole interview’s The Rock, Rock says if they thought he was just gonna sit back and do nothing well, they were wrong. As for tonight he loves the steel cage, he says he knows they have a hidden agenda but he has nothing to hide.

    Backstage: Mark Henry is back from the hospital, he barges into the Dudleyz dressing room but the 2-1 is too much for him.

    The Radicalz come out but BenGAWD sends the rest to the back because he’s got this shit :mark:

    Steel Cage Match: Chris Benoit vs. The Rock
    The only way to win is to escape over the top, UGH! They have the shitty cage tonight. It’s the one where they don’t have the big bulky steel on top for wrestlers to stand on. And the steel beam in the middle is wide so it looks like they got two half’s of cage mesh that you find on the street and just put it together with a pole in the middle. This goes about 10 minutes and it fuckin’ rules, the chemistry is top notch. Lots and back and forth, with Benoit proving that he’s not Triple H’s gun for hire, but he quite possible is the best in the world. Rock is Rock as his energy and bumping makes everything more dramatic, he does a phenomenal job putting Benoit over as his “equal” Both Triple H & Stephanie and Big Show & Shane came down to watch, the story of the match was more about both men trying to escape more than beating the shit out of one another, both men trade throwing one another into the cage mesh that Benoit gets the better of, that allows him to hit the diving headbutt, but he’s too worn down to climb out which allows Rock to drag him back down and hit a spine buster. More trading of moves and this time Rock finally wins won and hits the Rock Bottom; both men are slow to their feet and are slow climbing up, Rock low blows Benoit and kills him with a powerbomb FUCK YEAH! Triple H tries to climb up but Rock punches him off and he falls on top of Show, that opening allows Rock to drop to the floor for the win. After the match; Show and Triple H double team Rock and throw him back as Benoit just leaves lol, Triple H grabs a chair and swings, but Rock ducks and he accidently hits Show with the chair, Triple H then turns into a Rock Bottom, and Rock chases Shane out before leaving himself. ***1/4

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