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WWF Madison Square Garden 01/07/1991

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by MR. SMALL PACKAGE, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. Admin Post

    MR. SMALL PACKAGE You Know What Time It Is

    WWF Madison Square Garden

    Shane Douglas vs. “The Worlds Strongest Man” Dino Bravo
    Well this should be fun said no one ever, Dino looks like those douches at the gym that push weights all day long and is just a short muscled up looking freak that really doesn’t need to be this big. And his muscles really make a difference here. Dino is so big that like a minute into the match he can barely get Dino over in a side headlock take down, but aside from that the early portion is Shane using his quickness to avoid Dino but he gets caught in the corner and Dino uses his muscles to wear down Shane. It’s pretty basic 80’s stuff rest holds with no heat. That lasts for a few minutes until Shane fights out, and he begins to make a comeback using the speed again but Dino catches him with a side walk slam for the win. Basic match did nothing for me but I guess it was fine to open the show with. *1/2

    Paul Roma vs. “The Dragon” AKA Ricky Steamboat
    Roma tries to get the jump early but it backfires as Steamboat uses the quickness to counter him as he tries to work the arm, it’s really good but I also like that once a while Steamboat would add a flashy move or counter before going back to the arm. Everything Steamboat does is just so smooth and crisp it’s ridiculous. Roma would take over when Steamboat would go up for the ten corner punches but at the count of 6, Roma drops him down on his knee and follows up with a clothesline for two. Roma is in full control now, not working over a specific body part so it’s inconsistent. He also seems to taunt the crowd after everything and draws no reactions whatsoever so it’s just hilarious. As usual Steamboats selling is great and as a result Roma looked damn good for the most part, before he ruined it. Roma finally picks the kidneys and back of Steamboat and sticks to it. Steamboat would eventually make his awesome NINJA comeback with chops before heading up top with the chop off the top that connects but when he follows up with the splash Roma gets the knees up, and Steamboat sells the thing like he’s getting stabbed :lmao Steamboat manages to hit a desperation belly-to-back suplex for two, we get a great series of back and forth moves until Steamboat goes up top and hits the crossbody for the win. Well this was fun, and mostly due to Steamboats flashy offense and bumping. **3/4


    Jimmy Snuka vs. The Berzerker (w/Mr. Fuji)
    This was a mess, they did a solid feeling out process with neither man gaining control but then they did the worse thing I’ve ever seen with Berzerker going for the back elbow and I think Snuka went the wrong way so he acts like it hit him :lmao not long after that Snuka sends Berzerker to the floor, once he rolls back in Snuka kicks away at the leg to try and break the big man down and it works so he doesn’t go at it at all, that allows Berzerker to kick him into the chest and he begins to wear down Snuka. IT’S FUCKIN’ AWFUL! He does all that Giant green offense move and moves slower than a snail; he even did a bunch of stalling and taunting for like no reason. This is the opening match all over again, taunting with 0 heat so it makes the match drag and feel like 30 instead of 7. Thankfully Snuka makes a comeback but as he comes charging in Berzerker hot shots him onto the top rope for the win. Terrible match, I hope I never see this again. 1/2*

    Brutus Beefcake comes down to the ring and gets on the mic UGH! He introduces Macho Man Randy Savage and he comes down to the ring, Randy gives us the “OOOOOOO YEAHHHH! And Beefcakes says he didn’t bring him out here for a haircut even though he needs it. But he did bring him out here to play a game, Randy says he’s game but only if he puts the scissors down. Beefcake asks Randy if he and Elizabeth are an item and Randy says YES! Beefcake then asks him if he and Elizabeth are in a relationship (ISN'T THIS THE SAME FUCKIN’ QUESTION?) Randy again says YES! Beefcake then ask if Randy is in love with Elizabeth and Randy takes his time before asking him to repeat the question :lmoa and he says YES! Beefcake goes over it again and says the big question here is if he’s gonna ask Elizabeth to marry him. Randy makes the joke that he’s glad Beefacke didn’t bring him out here to put him on the spot :lmao Randy would eventually say YES! And he takes the mic and says he got all 4 questions right and Beefcake says for getting all of them right he wins a free haircut, Randy then says he wants something more. And he’s gonna marry Elizabeth right here in MSQ at summerslam :mark:

    WWF Tag Team Championship: The Hart Foundation vs. The Nasty Boyz (w/Jimmy Hart)
    Jim and Knobbs start it doesn’t last long, but it does lead to Jim beating up the both of them for a bit, that happens twice with the Foundations getting the better and continue to dominate the majority of the match. They even used heel; tactics, so you can tell that they’re not use to working face yet. Anyway, the Nastyz begin to wear down Jim after Sags hits Jim on the floor with Jimmy Hart’s helmet behind the refs back. That allows the Nastyz to work over Jim, mid-section NOT! In fact that doesn’t even target it, it’s just rest holds to the back that doesn’t look painful at all, Sags is just basically behind him and Knobbs does the same thing too. The only time this remotely got interesting was when Jim would fire up and have mini-comebacks before getting cut off. Bret’s hot tag was good his punches are so wild and hilarious; he would hit the side Russian legweep followed by the forearm off the top for two. The Hart Foundation would hit the heart attack but Sags breaks it up. He and Jim would brawl until Hart throws in the helmet but he over throws it and Bret catches it. Bret then whacks both Nastyz with it for the DQ. The beginning and end was fun, the middle sucked ass. Nastyz should fuck off. **1/4

    Earthquake (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Jake Roberts (w/Andre the Giant & Lucifer)
    Earthquakes stalling early on as he tries to go after an injured Andre who just came off knee surgery was good. Andre gets on the mic and tells Earthquake that he should have put him down, and he’s gonna be here for a long, long, long time. They finally lock up and Jake gets the better outsmarting him and tries to wear him down with a side headlock. He would use his quickness and short stick and move moves before hitting the short clothesline, he quickly tries to hit the DDT but quake counters with a front atomic drop and begins to work of Jake, but constantly looking at Andre. This last for good few minutes until quake goes for the splash but Andre acts like he’s about to make a move so quake stops in his tracks allowing Jake to hit a desperation DDT, it then takes him at least 20 – 30 seconds to roll on top of him for the win. Post-Match: Earthquake knocked Roberts to the floor, he then grabs a steel chair, and faced off with Andre until Roberts used Lucifer to chase him to the back. Match was what I expected Jack did everything he could to make this fun, and quake sucked the life out of this with boring old school slow offense. *1/2 - *3/4

    Mr. Fuji & Kato vs. Haku & the Barbarian
    Fuji is doing his usual salt throwing gimmick until he throws it in the Bobby “The Brains” eyes, Brain is PISSED!!!! And he throws off his ring jacket and is about to go into the ring until Haku and Barbarian come out. This match is a lot better than expected; we get a good Barbarian/Kato interaction early. Then Haku and Barbarian beat the shit out of Fuji with every time Fuji is in a pinning predicament, he would put his foot on the ropes but Brain would shove his foot off the ropes :lmao Haku gets send to the floor and Brain goes to check on him so Fuji chops Brian in the throat cause being a DICK RULES! Kato does most of the work inside the ring and Fuji would come in for a bit then tag out or cheat behind the refs back which was great. LOL @ Brian pulling Kato’s leg tripping him up allowing Haku to get the win. Post-Match: Brain gets in the ring to fight Fuji but he gets pulled back so Fuji throws salt in his eyes and leaves :lmao Brain manages to recover and races to the back. This was fun due to Brain/Fuji interactions. *3/4

    Body Bag Match: The Ultimate Warrior vs. The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer)
    Warrior comes charging out and he takes the fight right to Taker brawling with him on the floor and back in the ring, but Taker is in full zombie mode so none of Warriors strikes really mean anything and Taker just keeps coming forward. Taker would then hit the flying clothesline and he starts choking Warrior in the corner for a good minute before breaking the hold. Warrior would come back with a slam, but runs into a boot. Both men miss elbows and Taker goes back to the corner chokes ‘cause it worked well the first time. Warrior would make a little comeback and hit a piledriver not once but three times, Taker can’t sit up like he did on the previous two so Warrior goes to finish him with the splash but Taker gets the knees up. Warriors’ selling is Steamboat good as he rolls in pain all around the ring. Taker would hit the tombstone, and signals the end as he grabs the body bag he places Warrior in it but as he zips it up Warrior hulks up using the POWER! He punches out of it, he follows up with a series of clotheslines and hitting Taker with his own urn before putting Taker in the bag for the win. It was what I expected, short and energetic. **1/4 - **1/2
  2. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    Actually seen a few of these matches on a Video release. Its funny now to hear how bitter Roma is that didn't have half the career of Steamboat.

    Jake/Earthquake is quite underrated both work well within their styles and there was a good storyline behind the match.

    Warrior/Taker was hit and miss. At least the gimmick protected both.

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