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Indy Wrestling Wrestling Circus in Austin Texas

Discussion in 'Independent Wrestling' started by Drew, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. Drew

    Drew Well-Known Member

    As some of you know I'm an unabashed Texan through and through, so when one of my homeboys locally is starting s new wrestling promotion I just want to get it out there for him.

    We're on a Texas Longhorns sports board together...debut card looks pretty promising and he's basically losing a ton of money this first time getting all those guys and just opening up.

    Anyone live near by that might be interested in going?

    Taking my wife to her first wrestling event ever. Figure it'll give her a better taste for it in a smaller venue like this than trying to hit up Raw or SD.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2016
  2. The Linebacker

    The Linebacker [Blank Space]

    not a bad card for an Indy I haven't heard of.
  3. Anaconda Vice

    Anaconda Vice Well-Known Member

    I don't live nearby but there's a chance the girlfriend and I may fly down for the weekend. We go to Austin regularly so if I can mix a little wrestling with Torchy's tacos I'm down.

    I've been following the promoters post on Reddit and it looks like he's put a lot of heart and soul into this so I hope it goes well for him.

    Many Bothans died to bring you this Tapatalk message.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2016
  4. Drew

    Drew Well-Known Member

    Yeah this is a brand new promotion. This show will be their first show and he said he's been working on it for years. They came out of pocket quite a bit just to get the talent and all the permits and location.

    Like I said I'm taking my wife for her first wrestling event. Hope she gets a little bit of the bug.

    It'll be a small venue and here still working on getting vendors...I know they'll have Beer(it's Texas after all) but not sure what they'll be able to line up before October food wise.

    Not bad pricing either IMO. I don't know what tickets they have left, but he released a few first row the other day...I snatched up 2 of them already. Lol
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2016
  5. Drew

    Drew Well-Known Member

    Apparently Colt Cabana has replaced someone in the Main Event.
  6. Drew

    Drew Well-Known Member

    Willie Mack and EC3 have replaced a couple of guys who are under contract by NJPW...so obviously when they get the call, they have to go.

    This will also be Dorado's last Indy match before going WWE full time I've heard.

    New Promo Art for updated match ups.


    Last edited: Sep 20, 2016
  7. Drew

    Drew Well-Known Member

    Okay so WWE isn't allowing Dorado to compete in the indies anymore...so he was replaced by Trevor Lee.

    Also Leva Bates (aka Blue Pants) has been added to the women's match. I'm actually really looking forward to that match now.

    I'm pretty shocked this brand new startup has been able to draw so many quality wrestlers to their first show ever.

    Dude must have been right about throwing s ton of money at this.
  8. Drew

    Drew Well-Known Member

    First show was a huge success apparently. EC3 won the title. Lots of very entertaining matches.

    They're having another show in 2 weeks here in Austin again.

    Might even be a better card. Allowing EC3 to name his opponent(that's why it's a mystery).

    Last edited: Nov 6, 2016
  9. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    pretty respectable card
  10. Drew

    Drew Well-Known Member

    Yeah I said the same. Thought it was amazing he's able to get that kind of talent for his second show.

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