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Wrestlers that never lived up to expectations


Cool Guy
Jul 27, 2018
To each their own. Morgan had the pedigree and a legit athletic background to be a star. He was a good NCAA D1 player, similar to Kevin Nash. He had a great look. He could also talk. That's why I never understood why WWE gave him that Stutter gimmick. The guy has a BA in Public Speaking.

He is a local politician down in Florida now. I think he is a city commissioner or something similar. WWE does turn out a lot of politicians these days it seems.


It's me, it's me
Dec 23, 2011
Just West of Parts Unkown
I thought Morgan actually really did have a speech impediment that he overcame and that was why WWE gave him the stutter gimmick, was still trash tho.

But yeah, I really thought TNA was gonna push him so hard after those matches with Angle and then he just ended up in shitty programs with Abyss and Hernandez and that was that.