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World Wrestling International

Discussion in 'Fantasy Bookers' started by icecreamjrfan1029, Aug 3, 2013.


    WWI World Class
    Blue Demon Jr
    WWI Maximum Impact
    Lance Archer
    WWI Duo
    Noam Dar
    WWI Duo
    Johnny Moss

    Akira Kawabata

    Scorpio Sky

    Carlito Colon

    Joey Ryan


    Jimmy Jacobs

    Gregory Marasciulo

    Takao Ōmori



    Colt Cabana

    Akira Tozawa

    El Ligero

    Uhaa Nation

    "Prince" Fergal Devitt

    Rich Swann

    Low Ki

    Emil Sitoci

    Michael Elgin

    Pogo The Clown


    1: I Wanna Rock
    2: Thunder Kiss 65
    3: WWI vs DDT (3 Days)
    4: Warzone
    5: Welcome To My Jungle
    6: Eddie Guerrero Memorial Weekend (2 Days)
    7: King Of Combat

    On Screen Characters

    Scarlett Bordeaux-General Manager
    Chuck Taylor-Commentator (Heel)
    Leonard.F.Chikarason-Commentator (Face)
    Barbie Blank-Ring Announcer
    "Sick" Nick Mondo-Manager for Jimmy Jacobs
    Keiji Mutoh-Manager for Kawabata & KENSO & SUWAMA & Takao


    Team UK (Dar & Moss)
    Ry-Sky (Ryan & Sky)
    Team All Japan (SUWAMA & Keiji & KENSO & Kawabata & Takao)
    Tozawa & Devitt
    SwanNation (Rich & Uhaa)
    Cabana & Marasciulo
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    Gregory Marasciulo vs Emil Sitoci

    Akira Kawabata vs Akira Tozawa

    Lance Archer & Ry-Sky vs Team UK & Low Ki

    Blue Demon Jr vs Jimmy Jacobs vs SUWAMA for the WWI World Class Championship!

    WWI has also signed former IWGP champion Vader & former NWA Champion Dusty Rhodes & ECW icons Raven & Jerry Lynn & Tommy Dreamer & Lance Storm to backstage contracts! Vader & Storm are Road Agents, Raven & Dusty & Tommy are bookers & Raven & Storm & Lynn & Vader are Trainers.
  3. Admin Post

    Smarkslayer Tomb Raider

    This looks quite promising, I'll have to keep my eye on this.

    Don't forget to introduce yourself in the welcome forums.
  4. Castiel

    Castiel Well-Known Member

    Ice Cream Jr? Great name! I'm sure it was available with spaces and without numbers too... but hey, welcome to the forum!

    Layout could use some work. I'm not a fan of including the disposition of each superstar above their name and the yellow for PPV's is really hard on the eyes. Also, not a fan of The Dynasty name for Sky and Ryan? Not sure you need all those big names for backstage either, especially if none are going to be on screen. Other than that, you've got a great roster of talented guys and the first card is solid already.
  5. Wow! I thought that i was goin to ge critisism for using pogo lol yea i get wat everyones saying, its just im used to other forums & there be the booker (btb) is a lot different so its gonna take time. Yea i got the name rysky cause other people thought jt was cool or ok but i wanted to have a name for them but couldnt think of a better 1 lol cheers for feedhack guys!!

    Tonight WWI Interviewer & ring announcer Barbie Blank is here at the WWI Studio to interview "The Walking Shooting Star" Rich Swann & "The Great" Uhaa Nation.

    Blank: Hello WWI Galaxy I'm the women formally known as Kelly Kelly, but now known as Barbie Blank & I'm here with Uhaa Nation & Rich Swann, other known as SwanNation. Thank you gentlemen for taking the time to talk to us.

    Swann: Well Blank, we're VERY busy so you're lucky that we decided to take time out of our EXTREMELY busy time-slot to talk to you!

    Blank: Well sorry. So Mr Swann, you are a very talented performer who wrestles for companies such as Dragon Gate USA, CZW, Mexican promotion DTU, The Japanese instalment of Dragon Gate & many others, you decided to team with Mr Nation here in WWI, so what did you see in Uhaa?

    Swann: Well you stupid women, can you not see why I wanted to team with Uhaa? can your tiny little brain figure that out? you should put more of your money into going back to school instead of those motherf**king titty implants! Nation is a machine, plain & simple! I've been wanting to team with him for a while but since both of us are in different stables in Dragon Gate Japan, we couldn't. So I approached him backstage & said we should team up & be unstoppable force in this SPORT. Yes I said sport bitches!

    Blank: Also you are a former DG Open the Triangle Gate champion with Shachihoko BOY & Naruki Doi & a former Open the Owarai Gate champion & Nation is a former DG Open the Twin Gate champion with BxB Hulk & DGUSA Best Newcomer of 2011. Now both of you are here in WWI what's your intentions in WWI?

    Swann: You are re-

    Blank: I was asking Nation stupid!
    (Rich was stunned that Barbie answered back to his insults & for once shut his mouth)
    Uhaa:......Destruction.....Pain.......& GOLD.
    (Nation stands up & leaves & Swann stares at Blank with anger before calling her a whore before leaving)
    Blank: Well that's the end of this interview WWI fans, I'm Barbie Blank & good night.

    As the show intro ends, which showcases Low Ki & Noam Dar & Johnny Moss & SwanNation & Ry-Sky & Lance Archer & Blue Demon Jr & El Ligero before the camera shows a 4-sided-ring with a black ring mat & white apron & orange ring ropes.

    Gregory Marasciulo makes his way to the ring but wait, POGO THE CLOWN!!!! POGO HIT MARASCIULO WITH A SHUFFLE!!!! Greg's bleeding from the back of his head & The Clown has him in a fireman's carry....OH MY GAWD!!! GREG GOT FIREMAN'S CARRIED OFF THE STAGE THROUGH STACKS OF TABLES!!! HOLY SHIT!

    "Untamable" Emil Sitoci comes out & once he gets in the ring he tells the ref that it's obvious that Marasciulo can't compete & tells the ref to count him out. The referee complys & announces that Sitoci wins by count out. Then.....

    Pogo comes back out & when Emil offers a handshake but Pogo clothes lines him! Pogo has him up.....SAMOAN DROP!!! Sitoci's out of it!

    Akira Tozawa makes his way to the ring & gets a huge reaction! The crowd yell "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" at Tozawa which he laughs at & when his music stops he yells "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" to a huge ovation.

    Akira Kawabata makes his way to the ring & almost gets booed out the building, as he's wearing a "Fuck The USA" shirt & has Muta-Influanced paint on his face.


    The match would start with a staredown but out of nowhere Kawabata slaps Tozawa in the face! Akira T isn't backing down as he slaps him back! Both men lock-up with neither man getting the advantage until Kawabata knees Tozawa in the gut & irish whips him across the ring & misses a standing missile dropkick, landing head 1st on the mat. When Akira K sat up holding his head Akira T dropkicked him in the face for a 2 count. Northern Lights suplex by Toz for 2 & a brainbuster for 2. Akira throws Bata out the ring & hit a suicide dive! After Tozawa hit a suplex outside the ring Kawa hit Toz with a DDT outside of the ring! Kawabata powerbombed Tozawa onto the apron then on the guardrail!!! Akira K throws Tozawa in the ring for a 2 1/2 count. Akira locked Zawa in a dragon sleeper but Tozawa reached the ropes after desperation. After a crossface chickenwing by Bata which Akira escapes Toz hit a Tiger Bomb for 2! Awa superkicked Kawabata then hit his bridging german suplex! 1! 2! 3! AKIRA TOZAWA WINS!!!!

    Blank: Here's your winner Akira Tozawa!

  8. Hi guys! WWI episode 1 part 2 will be up soon!
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