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WEC 53: Henderson vs. Pettis

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Slash, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Slash

    Slash Member

    Official ECW Discussion

    Post your thoughts on ECW, what you thought of it or anything that is on the same basis.
  2. Soulpower

    Soulpower Guest

    I'm not surprised about Lashley.. He's a big guy with muscles and Vince just loves those type of guys. One of the problems is that Lashley is still quite green and there's no on ECW that can really help him improve. On SD he had Benoit, Regal and FInlay all guys he could face which would have helped improve in the ring.

    As for Vince worrying about WSX... He learned from the oriignal ECW that a company can come from left field and start getting attention from the wrestling fans. I'm not saying that WSX is like the old ECW, but its obvious that Vince wasnts to be rid of WSX before they become a threat to the Tuesday night slot.
  3. xtremebadass

    xtremebadass Guest

    Lashley, well, he sucks. I am sorry, but if you have Monty Brown and Lashley on the same roster, they are practically twins, and they need to decide who will be champ, it would be pretty obvious that Brown would own Lashley in all fields. He has charisma, he has the best build, and he is a smash mouth style wrestler, I am surprised Lashley still has the strap. POUNCE!
  4. Soulpower

    Soulpower Guest

    Of course Lashley still has the strap.. Look at the other choices. Hardcore Holly? No. Test? Hell No. Snitsky? No. I want to see Monty Brown with the strap, but its way too soon for that. I will say that I expect either Brown or Burke to be the one that beats Lashley for the ECW strap.
  5. Headfirst For Hardcore

    Headfirst For Hardcore Active Member

    They buried mostly everyone on the roster, so the next champ will probably come from the other brands, if ECW lasts.
  6. xtremebadass

    xtremebadass Guest

    ECW has some decent guys, I know none of the originals will ever get a title shot, but I see Burke, Cor Von, and Test (maybe) all getting title runs. That Old vs. New angle on ECW has some real life truth to that IMO
  7. Nation

    Nation Guest

    Lashley will NEVER be as good as hardcore holly and it sucks cause holly has to have surgery again.
  8. xtremebadass

    xtremebadass Guest

    I still can't believe with all the up and coming talent they chose Snitsky to lash out at Lashley, it's a very stupid move
  9. Vander

    Vander Member

    Can any of you guys possibly see Matt Striker as the future GM of ECW? He is frickin' amazing on the mic and draws great heel heat. I think it would be an inspired choice personally
  10. As ECW lacking Charismas recently, Matt Striker will be the next Eric Bischop and he will be a great heel GM in ECW. So yes i agree with you Vander that Matt is getting a great push these days by looking at him announcing the P25, and all the stuff he does in the ring makes us beleive that one day he will be pushed as GM in ECW.
  11. Soulpower

    Soulpower Guest

    I don't think he'll ever challenge for the ECW title. In fact, I thinkh he'll end up being a manager/mouthpiece for an up and coming heel. Its easy to tell that Striker's gold on the mic, and that's something that he'll probably use to his advantage as his career goes on.
  12. i love striker on the mic, especially that time when he was guest commentator for the cm punk and i think ejiah burke match
  13. Johnny23

    Johnny23 Member

    now to be honest thers alot I could say,but you've probally heard it all before,but I will say this "ECW" might aswell be renamed the "Bobby Lashley Show",even WWE have commented on the fact that ECW as a concept is dead and will now exist solely to be a platform for Lashley to be built up as a credable champion in preparation for his return to Raw or Smackdown.
  14. 3lions

    3lions Member

    The main event scene in ECW sucks. Plain and simple. They need to introduce new faces and get rid of the originals (except RVD/Sabu) after WM.

    I would have Nick Dinsmore ditch his 'Eugene' gimmick and revert back to his gimmick in OVW, maybe even reforming his tandem with Conway. That would be instant success, imo.

    Also, Monty Brown (aka Corvon or whatever) and Burke need to be pushed as top heels, especially Brown. Then, forget all this crap with Punk and push him as the (second) top face, behind Lashley. Then use RVD for name recognition, with the occasional Sabu bump and you're all set. Also, Kevin Thorne needs to slowly be built up as a top heel. He is a star for ECW. There is also the option of bringing in Benoit after WM. He would be the provide who could bring name recognition and carry the ECW roster's young guys to top matches. It isn't rocket science.

    Lashley, Chris Benoit, CM Punk, RVD - Sabu

    CorVon, Burke, Dinsmore, Thorn, Snitsky - Holly
  15. Soulpower

    Soulpower Guest

    The problem with Punk is that the WWE is set on their ways. If they have problems with a superstar, its going to be difficult for them to get pushed. Matter of fact, in recent house shows Punk has been jobbing to Kevin Thorne without getting any offense in, so it looks like he's still in the Doghouse.

    Benoit in ECW would just be a perfect fit. He could be either a face or a heel and help the young guys improve in the ring, something people like Corvon, Burke, Thorne and even Lashley could use.. All I can say is this.... Snitsky is not the answer for ECW's ME scene. Also THis...

    The main event of tomorrow's ECW on Sci Fi will feature ECW World champion Bobby Lashley vs. Hardcore Holly in an Extreme Rules match.

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