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Match Two-Ring Wrestle Bowl Battle Royal

Discussion in 'Promos' started by Smarkslayer, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. Admin Post

    Smarkslayer Tomb Raider

    16-Man Two-Ring Wrestle Bowl
    Battle Royal
    In order to eliminate someone from ring 1 you must throw them into ring 2
    Once in ring 2 you must eliminate the competition by throwing them over the top rope
    The last person standing in each ring will then face off to determine the Wrestle Bowl Champion

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Remember that role-plays are to be received no later than 11:59 PM EST on Thursday, Mar 2nd, 2017.
    1 promo limit for this match.
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    Smarkslayer Tomb Raider

  3. Admin Post

    Smarkslayer Tomb Raider

  4. britishheel

    britishheel The Leader Of The Non Free World

    I'm on it like crack cocaine!
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  5. Admin Post

    Smarkslayer Tomb Raider

    Don't forget we have just over 24 hours to get our promos in for Wrestle Bowl!
  6. Alex Scott

    Alex Scott Member

    {For where this left off, see my shite promo against Adkins.}

    [I swear to God, I’m going to kill Alex. He puts me through all this shit, and now he has the balls to joke around with me? I don’t think so!]

    <>Orion Pax<>
    Well!? Answer me!

    <>Alex Scott<>
    I’m sorry, I didn’t hear a fucking question.

    [That’s different. Now he’s starting to get pissed…But what right does he have to get pissed at me? I’m the one who’s putting my body on the line now. I’m the one who is actually out there putting on a show and going through a god damn flaming table. So what is he pissed about?]

    <>Orion Pax<>
    Wait…Are you actually mad? How the hell could you be mad?!

    [Alex quickly gets up out of his chair and gets right in my face…well, as close to my face as he can be. He is a little shorter after all. Either way, he looks pissed now.]

    <>Alex Scott<>
    Why am I mad?! Maybe because my so-called pupil is cursing me out for looking out for him. Maybe because the guy who is supposed to be listening to me can’t get it through his thick skull that I just did him a favor.

    [Fucking what?!]

    <>Orion Pax<>
    A favor?! You have got to be fucking kidding me?! How is costing me my match doing me a favor? How is lighting a table on fire for me to burn on a favor? Tell me what is running through your broken mind?

    <>Alex Scott<>
    I did you a favor by costing you that match so that you could keep your ego in check. Look at you. You already think you’re god’s gift to wrestling. You think that all your training, all your studying, everything…It will all be enough for you to be the greatest. That’s not the case, kid. I was like you once. I had those exact same thoughts. Know what happened in my very first match in the AWF? I tapped out to some nobody named Vessel. I went in with a huge head and it cost me. To think, the federation that I was a legend in…and I tapped out the first time the world truly sees me. I didn’t want that for you. I wanted a clean slate for you. It's not that I didn't think you could win. It's that I didn't want your head to get bigger than it is. It's easier to come back from a big loss when you already know the taste. And you'll fight like Hell to never taste it again. I'd rather see you lose in the early going then down the line when it really counts. Now, you know the pain of defeat. Victory will be even sweeter.

    [God damn it. I wasn't expecting that at all. I've been training with Alex for a while now. But even with that, I still believed in the little hot head persona he put on. Now I feel like a jackass.]

    <>Orion Pax<>
    I'm sorry, Alex. I didn't think of it that way.

    [Alex backs up and turns away from me, walking over to his bag and finishes packing up.]

    <>Orion Pax<>
    Wait a minute...what about the flaming table?

    <>Alex Scott<>
    Well, you teach a kid to swim by throwing him right into the water. Figured it worked the same with flaming tables.

    [That little Canadian bastard turns his head to me with that big fucking smirk on his face.]

    <>Alex Scott<>
    Guess I'm right only 99% of the time.

    <>Orion Pax<>
    You're an asshole, you know?

    [He turns back to his bag.]

    <>Alex Scott<>
    Yeah, you'll get used to it...the flaming tables included.

    <>Orion Pax<>
    Alex, I appreciate what you do for me. But I am my own man. My career won't be the exact same as yours.

    [A chuckle escapes Alex's lips.]

    <>Alex Scott<>
    Oh, I know. But the world is a funny place. Because, after you face off with Adkins next week, you have a specialty battle royale to win. Funny...I had to go through a barbed wire battle royale to get my first title shot. We are destined to repeat ourselves.

    [Alex zips up his bag and turns back to me.]

    <>Alex Scott<>
    Now hustle up and get your shit together. We got a long couple of weeks ahead of us.

    [I simply nod in his direction before grabbing some of my stuff and heading to the shower. Water is gonna fucking burn.]


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  7. Admin Post
  8. Jimmy King

    Jimmy King Tranquilo

    Nate Savage is seen preparing for the upcoming Wrestle Bowl Battle Royal when he's approached by Bryce Montgomery, who looks a bit hesitant about speaking with Nate, especially considering how their last encounter Welwent.

    What do you want Bruce?

    I um, am just here to get a word with you about the Wrestle Bowl Battle Royal

    Nate finishes taping up his wrists and looks up at Bryce with an annoyed expression.

    Obviously, why else would you be here? It's not like you have any friends.

    Actually I...

    Nate puts his hands up.

    I don't want to hear your life story Bryan, just get on with it.

    Bryce composes himself.

    Well, tonight is the big Wrestle Bowl Battle Royal and...

    Is that really how you're going to start this? Obviously tonight is the Wrestle Bowl Battle Royal, why else would I be here? You think I want to be here in Atlanta willingly? The sooner I leave this dump, the better. Now, hurry up and get this over with, will you?

    How do you think you will fair in tonight's Battle Royal?

    How do I think I'll fair? For christ's sake man, did you even go to journalism school? Honestly, did Dash Carlisle just find you as some geek off the street, put you in a suit and give you a job? How do you even still have a job?

    Bryce stands there, taking the berating from Savage.

    To answer your question, I think I'll fair just fine Bruce. Here's the typical answer you're looking for, it doesn't matter who else is in this match because I'll be the one that walks out the winner, got it?

    Bryce nods.


    Nate goes back to preparing as Bryce just stands there. Nate gets annoyed and looks up.

    Why are you still here?

    Don't you have more to say?

    Nate sighs and finishes up lacing his boots and stands up.

    That wasn't good enough for you Bryan? I'm not sorry, but I'll humor you I guess and give you more. You think that I care what anyone else has to say about this match? Hell, the only other person that has even uttered a peep was Orion Pax, along with Alex Scott of course. Do you honestly think I give a rat's ass what Orion or that little weasel had to say? I don't care what they said because all they are is all talk. Orion runs his mouth but he can't get the job done when it matters most. Alex Scott, well don't even get me started on him.

    Nate runs his hand through his hair and then rubs the scruff of his beard.

    Orion, I realize that we're in your hometown, how fitting you come from such a crap-hole, and if you think that this is going to be some kind of homecoming for you, well you're as stupid as Bruce looks over here. Before I toss you over that top I'm going to beat the living piss out of you, and if Alex Scott thinks he can get involved again then I'll be more than happy to oblige him with an ass beating as well, got it? Your family and friends, if you even have any or else then you're just a sad, pathetic loser like Bruce, will watch as you get beaten from pillar to post before being tossed over that rope the piece of trash you are!

    Bryce looks more anxious to leave after being continually insulted.

    That goes for everyone and their mothers in this match, because for crying out loud it seems like everyone with stupid names are in this thing! I don't care though. All that means is more bodies for me toss out whether it be Cyrus Riddle, if he has the balls to show up or decides to no-show and show up elsewhere because he just can't cut it here anymore, or even Sean Cutter. None of you stand a chance, now get out of my face Bill before I do something that I won't regret doing!

    Bryce heeds this warning and leaves as the scene ends.​
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  9. Journal Entry #1: "Title: Reliving the Past, Moving toward the Future, Living in the Present."

    After 5 years of absence, living the life of a normal individual; I have not seen or been apart of this life. I never wanted to see it again, yet here I am, reliving the Past. I have somehow someway brought my past into my present, and utilizing it going into the future. I made the choice of a normal for a reason, I had done everything I possibly could have done, and did not want to be apart of it anymore. After the paychecks stopped coming in, I vanished and did not want to be found; yet here I am. Hopefully one day I will come to terms with why I have made that choice, but for now, that is neither here nor there. My mind has been warped with circles that constantly rotate and get smaller as they get further. I felt myself mentally slipping away.

    (. Crickets are heard chirping in the background and nothing is seen, only darkness. Fire crackling is heard moments later. Our picture becomes clear. A homeless man is seen wearing heavy clothing warming himself beside a metal tin set aflame. The cold air is seen exhaling from his mouth as he stands there shivering in below freezing temperatures. This man is below an old train track extended high above the ground. Trash blowing along the surface of the concrete. He glances to his left as he hears footsteps approaching him. )

    Homeless Man: "Who is there?"

    (. The footsteps get closer, and an image on a man is seen walking slowly through a dense fog. )

    Homeless Man: "Are you God? Am I dead?"

    (. The man gets even closer to the homeless man and he is looking down toward the ground as he approaches. He is wearing dark clothing, a black coat, a black baseball hat, black boots and dark blue denim jeans. He has his hands tucked in his coat pockets. He stops on the other side of the metal bin that is set aflame and begins warming his hands as well. )

    Homeless Man: "Can you hear me? Who are you? I've never seen you around here before."

    (. The man glances up and turns out to be Chris Michaels. )

    Chris Michaels: "I'm not God old man..."

    Homeless Man: "I see..."

    Chris Michaels: "I am just a regular individual, finding my way back to reality. "

    Homeless Man: "Where are you headed? "

    Chris Michaels: "I'm not quite sure. Any recommendations? "

    Homeless Man: "That just depends on what your looking for. "

    Chris Michaels: "A new start... A fresh beginning... A reason to pull myself out of a severe state of vulnerability. "

    Homeless Man: "I would say a Psychologist? Maybe?"

    (. Chris Michaels cracks a smile, and a slight laugh. )

    Chris Michaels: "My mind is far too gone for any prescriptions to recover. "

    Homeless Man: "The mind can become a very dark place, son. Don't let it take over. "

    Chris Michaels: "Its too late for that. You have a good evening. "

    (. Chris Michaels reaches back into one of his coat pockets, and pulls out a few twenty dollar bills and hands it to the homeless man. After he takes the money, Chris begins making his way onward. The homeless man has a look on his face of shock, it is obvious nobody has ever been that friendly to him before. The scene then go blank. )

    Inside the Mind of Chris Michaels
    Here I am... Back to the world of pain and suffering... Back to the place that I refused to come back to. Over the years of participating in the jungle of a realm I have made a name for myself. I have become a legend, a "God" as that no named individual questioned me to be. It was because of that I gave him money, he recognized what I once was, and will continue to be once the cob-webs are shaken off as most of us state. As I embark for a journey back to the this life, I will encounter new people, and old rivals. People who will look at me as if I do not belong. Those of you who remember who I am and what I have done, use that same energy to stay out of my way. Two of these individuals are interested in testing that theory. A man named Bishop, and a man named Ricky Daniels. I have not had an opportunity to look into these people, but based on what I have seen, I don't foresee the need to concern myself. The peak of this entire situation, is my partner. My own cousin will be fighting along side of me. I have not spoken to that man since I left the ring 5 years ago. There is no reason for us not speaking, it was just an era of my life that I was finished with. Family will always remain Family, remember that.


    (. An alarm clock is going off in a dark room, after ten seconds it is finally turned off as Chris Michaels arises from his bed. The lights are all off, the only type of lighting is coming through a window from the moon. He sits up turning to the side of his bed, and reaches for his cell phone. He stares at the screen looking an a picture. Randomly, the phone begins to ring and he answers. )

    Chris Michaels: "Hello. "

    Person Calling: "How are you?"

    Chris Michaels: "I'm fine. How haven't called in awhile. I was beginning to get concerned. "

    Person Calling: "I'm dead Chris. You know that. "

    Chris Michaels: "I kn.. No! Your not. Not to me. You never will be to me. "

    Person Calling: "You need to face facts, this conversation is not real, this is all within your head. "

    Chris Michaels: "I refuse to face facts. I't can't be so. "

    Person Calling: "Well, it is so... I've been watching over you. I see you've made a big change in your life. "

    Chris Michaels: "I don't know why I am doing this, I left the business because of you. "

    Person Calling: "You left because of your own choices. "

    Chris Michaels: "And you don't seem to think you were apart of that choice?"

    Person Calling: "You need to make amends with him. You need to speak to him, at least before you see him in the ring. "

    Chris Michaels: "It's going to be difficult, but I know. "

    (. Just then, the phone call drops and his screen goes black. He becomes outraged, slamming the phone down on his nightstand. )

    Chris Michaels: "NO! Why do you keep doing this to me?! If you are really dead, then just die!"

    (. He begins pacing the floor placing his left hand on the top of his head. His phone rings again and he rushes over to answer. )

    Chris Michaels: "Hello!? Is it you?!"

    Cyrus Riddle: "Chris..."

    (. There is a pause of silence. )

    Chris Michaels: "Cyrus?"

    Cyrus: "Its about time you answered my calls. "

    Chris Michaels: "I thought it was... nevermind. "

    Cyrus Riddle: "You thought I was her, didn't you?"

    Chris Michaels: "Yes..."

    Cyrus Riddle: "Your still having those dreams?"

    Chris Michaels: "Their not dreams Cyrus. At least not for me. Do you know what time it is? "

    Cyrus Riddle: "No shit sherlock, I'm at the hotel across the street from you. "

    (. Chris Michaels walks over to the window and looks at the hotel across the street. Only a few windows are illuminated with light, and on the fifth floor, Cyrus Riddle is seen standing there waving. )

    Cyrus Riddle: "Did you miss me? "

    Chris Michaels: "What are you doing here? "

    Cyrus Riddle: "In case you forgot, WE are teaming up at Wrestle Bowl. "

    Chris Michaels: "No, I didn't forget. I openly chose to come back to this chaotic crap. "

    Cyrus Riddle: "Aww you'll be fine! No sweat. We need to regroup, and set our differences aside. "

    Chris Michaels: "We have no differences. "

    Cyrus Riddle: "Obviously we do, you haven't spoken to me in years. Last time I saw you was at her funer..."

    Chris Michaels: "Stop... Just STOP!"

    Cyrus Riddle: "No! You have to listen Chris. "

    Chris Michaels: "I don't have to listen to nothing. I agreed to come back to the ring for her. I agreed I would attempt, ATTEMPT, to get my life back for her. Not for you, not for my brother. Speaking of which have you heard from him?"

    Cyrus Riddle: "Of course I have. He didn't go AWOL on his family like you did. "

    Chris Michaels: "Shut up. I had my reasons. "

    Cyrus Riddle: "Family always sticks together. "

    Chris Michaels: "Listen... I know I have a lot to get passed, but I need to do it on my own terms. "

    Cyrus Riddle: "Well, get your shit together quickly cousin. We have a debut back together in that ring, and I need to damn near perfect. Shit, I need you beyond perfect. "

    Chris Michaels: "You don't have to worry about me. You will see me tomorrow. We start then. "

    (. Chris Michaels then hangs up his cell phone and continues looking at Cyrus from across the street through his window. Cyrus puts his hands in the air in disbelief that he hung up on him. Chris falls backward back on his bed. The scene then fades. )


    Inside The Mind of Chris Michaels
    Sometimes I wake up in the morning wanting it to have happened to me. I know what I have to do to overcome this disaster, it is harder than I thought it would be. Hearing from my cousin was a tip that I need to put an end to this misery. I have this chalked up feeling inside me, and I think that getting back in the ring, and performing for the world, is going to help. I do not know who either of my opponents are, nor do I care. Their rubber cones left on the side of a highway for all I give a damn. I have noticed a few familiar faces from my past, such as Alex Scott and Kriminal. Damn, those names date back a long time. As for my opponents at Wrestle Bowl, I want them to clearly understand that they are stepping into the ring with. I'm not going to build a wall of hype for my cousin Cyrus, however, regardless if I have been inactive for over 5 years I am still just as dangerous as I was then. I am still a monster, a derived beast among men. I have a knack for human brutality and that is exactly what they are ALL going to get. The rumble is not a priority for me, making a statement with my cousin beside me this night, is all I am concerned with. From that point forward, you will all recognize me as the same man as I use to be displayed as. I will return... I will conquer... I will succeed... My name is Chris Michaels, and I have spoken...
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  10. Andrew

    Andrew Well-Known Member

    Nobody seems to understand. Nobody seems to really wrath the thoughts of the equivalents.

    Have you truly questioned yourself to what and how you could change everything? These voices man, the messages from the one above! I don't know anymore, I simply don't know if I can be the Last God on Earth.

    The pressure is surreal; yet facing my battles isn't. There's a role I must do and I've followed it. But I don't want to look after anybody. I simply just want to hurt, infliction is something I live for. The pain injected into me, the pain injected into my opponents. Oh, how I pray for them to suffer.

    Everyone must suffer and tonight, the suffocation of CQC begins!

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  11. Admin Post

    Smarkslayer Tomb Raider

    Last call to get them promos in!
  12. Cyrus Riddle

    Cyrus Riddle Well-Known Member

    The way her body molded to his own was like poetry.

    She was like the lines of a paintbrush upon a canvas that could tell a forbidden story.

    Her mouth moved to his shoulder, biting into it to savor the swell and feel of the englishman within her. She flipped her blonde mane back and she panted as he did rage in that familiar night song for the fourth time that night. She closed her blue eyes to the silent lucidity of the moment. His and her wounds stung and hurt, were bruised and cut open, branded by him was she and used almost completely. Once they came to a rest, Cyrus kissed on her neck and kept hold of her satin skin. Their bodies breathed against each other in harmony and it was a moment he got to see her softer side.. "You are...incredible."

    He said into her ear as his forehead rested on her shoulder. He wasn't keen on moving for a few minutes at least, enjoying the comfort she brought him, even amongst the sea of red and pooling of fluids that had collected underneath of them.He could feel her heart pounding into his chest and she slowly pushed her lips into his arm and leaned back to look up at his face. Syd would grin gently, keeping it playful still as she looked between them to his "Syd" carved in return on his stomach bleeding into her belly.

    "I would love to hear you explain this to Ryker.." She said

    "Will be interesting to explain, but I see no harm in telling the truth."

    "Truth can be hard on people. But anything worth doing will hurt someone." She said bluntly.

    Cyrus admired her for a moment, entranced by her presence before him. She was always an idea, and now a tangible reality. It was as if he sensed himself in her and in her words. The darkness in her beauty attracted him.

    "Truth always needs its day." He held her hand, kissing it briefly. She would take a soft breath and watch his reactions, they were seemingly interesting to her. It was her words that followed that made him briefly contemplate.

    "So, now we have this..what do you want to do with it?"

    She was direct and he could appreciate that. Cyrus would smile and look away for a brief moment, only to stare into those gorgeous blues. She was correct before, he knew one night wouldn't suffice. In fact, he knew that before she even arrived off the plane.

    "I want to do whatever you are comfortable with. I may have a bit of an attachment, so I know I want you. Truthfully, I got a sense of who you were long ago and tried to seek it out in others because I couldn't have you, albeit unsuccessfully." He paused, somewhat in disbelief that he was revealing so much. "But what do you want is the important question." Her eyes seemed to soften now that she thought for a moment. She laughed a little and then looked to her name on his stomach and then back to her inner thigh bearing his mark. "What do I want? I wanted you to want me.. Isn't that complicated really, and now you do.. You tell me what you see happening and that is what we will do. Maybe something you can tell me, in the shower. I am very...dirty.."

    "We can do that." He said as he got up and took her hand to help her to get up with him. The pair exited the room and made their way down the hall, entering the spacious bathroom.

    "This place..is incredible, by the way. I can imagine England doesn't quite live up to America in finer things, hmm?"

    "More opportunity here, love." He said as he hunched over and began running a bath.

    "But I stayed in London, so plenty of history and fine architecture."

    Once it was halfway, he took her hand and stepped in, sitting down so that she could sit between his legs. She smiled and then came closer and took his hand to follow into the water and she gingerly sat. The water was almost instantly a shade of deep rose red transparent between them. She hissed at her ass tore up by him in many cuts. "Mmm.." She would lean back into him, her hair gathering her blonde hair to one side, head nearly resting back into his chest.

    "So, seems I need to tell you what Cyn didn't?" He asked, watching the red tint in the water around them.

    "Appears so. I got a vague outline of what was expected..though the reasons for why, I did not."

    Cyrus spoke low by her ear, kissing her neck and running water over her with his hands as he told. "Our short convos left me wanting more. I was always admiring from afar. Well, I was searching around for you a lot at one point, wanting to see what would spark. One day, you were gone, I missed my chance. Ever since, everything else has felt simple occupying, not fulfilling. I've always wanted you, and not like those other wankers...I mean, I really want you...all of you. I would always think of you, and to this day, that hasn't changed. You stirred something in me. That's what I want."

    Sydney turned her head to him and she spoke, "I had admired much the same. But you had someone, just as you do now. If we had met other ways, I doubt this would have worked. You would have said you had a woman and been done with it. I hear you aren't without women wanting you. I like to be different. I don't want you.. You know that I do not need you. Just as you don't need me. We have a mutual interest..share mutual darkness..and now we are bonded.." She moved her head to look at him fully, as half her body turned too. "I don't want to ruin what you have.." She smiled a bit forced he could tell by reading her..The first time, she was not being honest in the entire night.

    "I'm a very intelligent man, Sydney...I'm trained to tell when people are dishonest. You don't have to do me favors or tell me what you think I want to here. I just said I want you, and your reply wasn't honest. Your eyes give it away, no matter how mesmerizing they are. This is our time, so tell me..."

    "It isn't what I think you want to hear..yet it is. I can see through you. Maybe I always have. I know your situation, I did my homework. Just as you have done yours on me for your own reasons. I know you aren't happy. I know that your were more excited to see me and do something outside of your vanilla life..then you have been in a long time. You aren't that good at pretending yourself. Do I think you are an asshole for being here while you have other attachments, no. Because they don't exist here..but you can't live here all the time and I will never ask you to. I came with every intention of walking away, because I haven't ever met a man I couldn't walk away from."

    That was brutally honest and she continued..

    "So it doesn't matter what I want..it matters what you want. This is your place, your desires, your night, and I am now a part of you. You can either walk away and enjoy the memory, or somehow keep me if only to make you feel anything at all."

    Cyrus didn't speak for a few minutes. He was unsure if she'd believe his response, "And what if I gave it all up for you, who actually makes me happy? What if I prove I can be the man you can't walk from?"

    Sydney looked down to his hands on her in the blood tinted water.

    "Did she make you happy once? What is to say that I won't continue to make you happy? Then you find another..you are good at replacing things in your life. Believe me, I am too. My head would say you were a fool.. but I know that there is a deeper feeling happening here between us, Cyrus.”

    "Listen Sydney, once upon a time I thought I was happy. She was my way to have some normality in my life. But, I realize that isn't obtainable for me. I'm not a picket fence, two story home kinda bloke.” He tightened his hold, hugging. "However, I know you feel what I do."

    Sydney wet her lips, "I don't know what I want and I do not expect you to rearrange your life for me. If you do, it is because you want to.

    Cyrus nodded. "I can understand that completely. I don't know, I get these thoughts...like, what if it moves beyond this? What if I were to want more?"

    He knew he wanted her. Difference was, he wasn't used to being in the company of a woman like her. Most wanted to infiltrate and change him. She liked him as he was. Syd though wasn't going to admit to him that she had times of wondering about this moment.

    "What would be beyond this? A mundane life like that you have now? Where you and I are together?" She laughed a bit. "Doesn't make much sense, does it? Cyrus laughed at the idea, knowing full well there's no such thing as mundane with her. "Absolutely not. Nothing with you would be mundane, and I myself won't allow it. I wouldn't let anyone less than astonishing carve into me. I'm proud of what you've done, and it'll be seen everywhere. The fact that you want the world to know only furthers how much I'm drawn to you." He examined the marks he had already left on her body, touching them and admired his work. "We live a way most can't imagine, and all I want is to search every method we enjoy...together."

    Sydney nodded softly and she said softly, "Then I am yours. This is ours. And I look forward to you and I finding a new world together. But for now I must go.”

    And she would abruptly grab her towel and wrap into it to prepare to leave him. He did the same only to share one last fleeting moment with her; An interesting goodbye. She knew what she was doing, denying him things. No kiss goodbye, no sense of attachment. She knew these things would plague the mind of a man like Cyrus now he found something worth playing with.

    "I will see you again before I miss you. Of that I am sure.. Farewell, Cyrus Riddle." Sydney said opening her eyes and she turned to leave.

    "See you soon, Sydney."

    He watched her, wanting to chase but not wanting to offend. The way she danced in his head drove him mad and made him want her more, like dangling a steak in front of a lion. ‘Fuck’ was all he could muster for the moment, having no chaos to settle within him, no urges that needed immediately satisfied. However, his head was a storm...a beautiful storm. And just as she came at dawn, she was disappearing again at first light.

    He didn’t find out until later that she had left him a post it on the fridge before leaving. It read:

    I'm gone but am I really?

    Today is the first day of a new life.

    Enjoy your first taste of breakfast, and your first glimpse of the city below the windows.

    Do not forget the taste of my blood. -LaRoux

    He read the note with a smile, licking his lips. Before long, he made his way to the window and peered down at Central Park as light extinguished the darkness. He felt a new sense about himself, and the day surely felt better already. Although her physical presence was not there, he couldn't help but wonder when the next time would be.


    “How many of you miserable, system controlled cunts could actually say in earnest that they are alive?”

    Footsteps begin to echo through the empty hospital corridor, apparently abandoned. The walls, riddled with graffiti and what is presumably blood shaped into a pentagram is easily seen with the eyes. However, it's the subtle nightmares that are more testing to the vision. The minimal cracking in the floor, the various nail marks running down the walls which have been masked by the spray paint, and the vast array of missing tiles that are only spotted once the focus isn't on the muscular and tattooed, bald gentleman approaching the camera.

    “I'm sure you believe you do. You wake up and breathe, going about your day of routine as if you are accomplished. But you fail to see that you repeat this day after day. Congratulations, you've systematically lost the war, and true freedom remains caged. I've been there, but I never gave up the fight.”

    Cyrus approaches closer, stopping and lifting up his shirt to reveal a carving into his stomach that reads “SYD.”

    “This is when I was brought back to life. A woman who was a long time admirer of mine, and I of hers, found her way into my life through a mutual friend, and we exchanged carvings. It was random, it was freeing, and it was deep. We weren't even sure we would end up together, and now we are married. But, we are free. We do as we please together, whenever we wish, and wherever we please. We take what's ours, we take matters into our own hands, and we understand the importance of true unity. A solidarity that's needed when it comes to being part of a team. As it just so happens, my cousin has answered the call and we are back to our ways in the ring as of this week.”

    A smirk and rub of hands follow Cyrus’ words before he looks up and over to the wall in a very methodical and obscure manner.

    “Blood, violence, possible cessation of life. These are concepts of mine that I never introduced to PWF when it was around, and now I bring that, and the actualized Cyrus Riddle to CQC. You've seen the Archetype, now you will experience The Impaler. I'll make Vlad look like a Cullen after I flood the areas with crimson life force from my opponents in newly formed orifices. I'm not one to play games unless it's to aid in the destruction of one's psyche and physical well being. I've grown tired of flash and pizzazz, opting to trade in for darkness and despair instead.”

    “My wife assisted in bringing the best of that out in me, I am eternally grateful for her. For without her, I would have remained shelved with burns and head trauma from my 4CW departure. I would have become the very loser to freedom as you all are, and I couldn't embrace who I truly am. And now, we venture into this tag team tournament and battle royal to claim what's ours. Even a wench who just finished her third drink with Bill Cosby would have the coherence to tell you that Chris Michaels and Cyrus Riddle run this fucking show!”

    A sinister laugh escapes the Englishman and runs his fingers along the wall.

    “To remain idle is to wither away, and to progress is to evolve. I evolve, always have and always will. Once Chris and I run through tag team action against a former criminal and a hick from Tennessee, we will run through the entire field in the main event. It's only fitting. Wannabe criminals and country music parodies bring nothing to the table. Not when they are up against family, and two of the most uninhibited, unfiltered, and violent mother fuckers to ever grace this business. This is our world, we play by no rules, and we execute on our own orders. The rest of you are at our mercy, and once admitted, you will be better off.”

    Cyrus takes a switchblade from his pocket and begins to carve into the wall.

    “And, just to keep everything into perspective for all of you, I command you to remember one thing.”

    Cyrus turns and walks away after pointing to the wall and the camera follows to reveal what was carved. He throws his two finger salute in the air behind him as the camera zooms in to see the words “Everything Dies.”
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  13. Byron Hicks

    Byron Hicks Member

    As I sit here, the beer continuously flowing into my once frosty mug. A semi good looking, big breasted, blonde. Who was great at serving them up, cold along with some nice conversation. I kind of had a half chub for her, it might of been full blown. If not for the major gap in her teeth. But, I digress, because there are way too many important matters at hand, right now. No, matter how drunk I got... I could still only think about one thing. That one thing was, Victory. It seems this time I might even actually have a challenger or two. Woo hoo..! I might actually have a chance to prove myself, finally. It was definitely going to be interesting, to say the least.

    “Another round for me and my friend here.” I blurted out like the drunkard I am. Never knowing when to call it quits.

    Looking over to the barstool to the right of me, was some random homeless guy, I met before walking inside. He was smoking a joint in the parking lot and offered me a drag. I told him no thanks but, offered him a cold beer instead. A few hours later and he was passed out next to me, his head resting on some cracked peanut shells scattered on top of the bar. The blonde woman drops off another round of beers and shots.

    “One more after these and then I'm going to be getting ready to start closing up.”

    She said with a smile, her gap looking like a cave that a hibernating bear might be resting for winter inside of. I shook the image out of my head before downing one of the shots of whiskey.

    It's was getting to be closing time and soon it will be time for me to return to whatever skank motel, I'm staying in. So, this was the road life that my mentors, had told me about, I guess? Fucking dicks, no one told me that there would be this much down time. Training, fighting, and drinking. Alot more training and drinking then fighting. No wonder most of them ended up with arrest records. Fighting, just to kill the time between fights. But, not me...No, I save it for the ring. Drinking my beer, I look up to the big screen hanging above the bar. More bad news like always, someone killing, someone stealing, another innocent child hurt in the shuffle of the cruel, dark, world. Downing the rest of the beer I slam the glass mug down onto the bar. Standing up I toss down some cash to cover the bill and tip. I turn to walk away and suddenly I feel like I just felt the whole world flip up side down. Did I over do it…?

    “Something is very wron…” Is all I got out before falling backwards, and everything went black.

    The Next Morning…

    “What the fuck !?!”

    I tried to move but, my hands were restrained by handcuffs. I was pinned to the backboard of the bed, I was laying in.

    “Where the fuck are my cloths?”

    I said hushed to myself as I began fanticlly looking around the empty room, as i heard the shower running in the bathroom. I didn't want whoever trapped me here, to know I had came too. Looking around I noticed it looked exactly like my room in my hotel, yet this wasn't my room. I was beginning to panic now, who did this to me? What sick sadistic stuff did they have planned? “Someone help me please”, I thought...Then suddenly the water from the bathroom stopped running. And I could hear someone in there, fumbling around. Oh, here we go...I was so afraid...I closed my eyes? to afraid to even look and see who it was.

    “Finally, look who's finally up, ole’ sleepy head!” said a woman's voice, peeking out of my semi closed eyelids, all I could see was the blonde women from the bar and her massive gap teeth, staring back at me.

    “Did you fucking drug me!” I shouted angrily.

    Laughing she just ignored the question, as if she didn't even hear me. She just continued getting dressed. Fighting to get free, I gave up quickly, finding there wasn't any use. The more I struggled, the more the handcuffs just got tighter. Finishing getting ready she removed my wallet from my pants from off the floor and then tossed them onto the bed. She then finally responded to my question I had previously asked.

    “Yes, I drugged you...Then I fucked you... Now I'm robbing you, and if you come by my bar again...my big black boyfriend will shoot your ass. Okay? Bye. ”

    “No, that's not okay...Get me out of here!”

    Slamming the door behind her my plea for help fell on deaf ears. And just like that she was gone, along with all my money and I was still hooked up to this God Damn backboard.

    “No, one does this to the King!” I said with rage, defeated.

    Hopefully, room service would be coming by soon…I had another day's drive ahead of me…

    and what's worse... I really have to pee.

    The night of the event…

    Walking around backstage in the locker room. I was pacing back and forth, just thinking about my match. This would be my first battle royal, that I would be taking part in. I knew strategy will be the key to success, in this one. I hadn't been here long enough to form any allies. So, I will definitely will have to be playing it smart out there. Some of these guys have been in these types of situations before. And some may have some history with the other. Other then that, I will just have to do what it is, that I do. Be the King. And kick it old school, by whipping some major ass.

    And now the time has come...time to lace up them boots again. I could almost feel the buzz of the crowd, the energy that radiates down from them. When I make my way through that entrance way. The energy was electrifying and addicting. During all my years of training I imagined, what it might be like. Imagined what it would be like, to be wrestling superstar. Fans chanting my name, beating the life out of my opponents and becoming, victorious. All culminating to me finally reaching the top of that mountain. I was so so close, in the regular tournament and then, bam! The whole thing gets scrapped. All because of some lazy, vagabond, layabouts. But that isn't going to matter this time. No, this time, this time things will be different. This time it's for all the marbles. The whole enchilada.

    Not just against one opponent or two, no this time against the whole field of freakin’ losers. I will show all of them what it means to have everything right it front of you, and then just when they think they have a chance. I will be their ready to squash them and their dreams just like the bugs they truly are.

    The door swings open as the head of some CQC flunky, pops inside.

    “Thirty minutes til show time.”

    He said and then was gone, and I was alone again. I hated being alone...I think I might get a manager or maybe even a tag partner… Someone to hit the open road with between shows, someone to hit the gym with, someone to watch my drink when I go out. So, I don't get robbed again. But, who? Another question for another time I guess….Now where did I place those...oh, here they are…

    The scene then fades to black.
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