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StoryLines! The Game

Discussion in 'Wrestling Games' started by Joey, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Joey

    Joey Rest Easy Jared '95-'14


    So I came up with an idea for a game, that seems like quite fun. Its called "StoryLines", and heres how it works.

    I, will start this thread by posting a match up, and all its details.


    Cena v. Edge
    Monday Night Raw
    WWE Championship

    After this has been posted, the next member to post, will determine who wins, how, and what happens next.


    Cena Wins
    via Pinfall, off the Attitude Adjustment

    This poster now has the option of what happens next.


    Next Raw, while Cena is shooting a promo in the Ring, Edge interferes and attacks Cena. (Keep it brief. )
    A match is booked later on that night.

    Cena v. Edge
    Monday Night Raw
    Tables Match


    So on and so forth.

    Be free to do whatever you want, if you want an injury, make an injury happen. If you want a title shot, make it happen. Its all up to you.

    I figure this could go on for quite a while.

    So lets give this a shot. And lets try to switch it up every once and a while, that way we dont recycle the same wrestlers over and over.

    This has no affiliation with any specific promotion, use any wrestler, show, ppv, and title you would like.

    Ready set, game on.


    Sting v. Kane
    Inferno Match

  2. Sabretooth

    Sabretooth Well-Known Member

    Kane sets Sting on fire. After Sting gets put out he lies there nontionless burned. The lights go out and Sting has disappeared. Kane laughs manically thinking Sting is dead but the fans know better...
  3. Joey

    Joey Rest Easy Jared '95-'14

    4 Weeks later.

    Kane is speaking backstage, about Stings "death"

    Sting comes from behind with a bat, and hits kane in the back. Kane falls to the ground.

    Match booked.

    Kane v. Sting
  4. Sabretooth

    Sabretooth Well-Known Member

    During the match Sting takes the bat and beats Kane throwing the match out. Sting doesn't care about the DQ. Eventually Kane is left in a heap. Sting shakes his head and takes the microphone. Just as he's about to speak he drops the mic and leaves without a word.
  5. Joey

    Joey Rest Easy Jared '95-'14

    While sting is walking off, the lights black out....

    The lights come back on, and Undertaker grabs Sting by his throat, and chokeslams him through the ramp..

  6. Sabretooth

    Sabretooth Well-Known Member

    The next night Undertaker comes out and says that he's the only Prince of Darnkness in the wrestling world. The lights go out and Sting appears on the tron. He tells Taker that he (Sting) can play mind games to and that Undertaker's intimidation won't work. Suddenly a bat falls from the rafters and lands in the ring. Sting laughs and the lights come back on. Undertaker looks a the bat for a few moments then leaves the ring.
  7. Joey

    Joey Rest Easy Jared '95-'14

    At Hell in A Cell, the next PPV, Sting and Taker do not have a scheduled match.

    At what seems to be the end of the show, the lights go out, and taker appears in the cell.

    Hd picks the mic off the ground. In a cynical voice, he says "Sting" and drops the mic.

    Sting comes down the ramp and enters the ring, ding ding ding.

    The two battle.

    Winner: Draw


    At the end of the match, the two stand on the top of the cell, exchanging blows.

    The lights go out.

    When the lights go on, Sting holds a live bat in his clutch.

    He bites the bats head off, and spits its blood into takers face.

    Taker falls to the ground, wiping the blood off of his face.

    The two inch toward the edge of the cell, and Taker jumps to his feet.

    He grabs Sting by his throat, and tosses sting off the cell, free falling, into a pit of equipment.

    The lights go out.

    When they come back on, Taker is no where to be found.

    Match ends in a draw.

  8. Sabretooth

    Sabretooth Well-Known Member

    Undertaker comes next night on Raw and says he wants the title. Sting is out of the way and now it's time to bring the title back to the dark side.
  9. Joey

    Joey Rest Easy Jared '95-'14

    World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler pops up on the Tron.

    He speaks to Taker about how this is his beloved championship, and if Taker wants it, Taker has to earn it.

    The lights go out.

    When they come back on, the tron pops back up and Ziggler is confused. Taker is not in the ring.

    The lights flicker in the room that Ziggler is shooting from, and Taker appears behind Zig.
  10. Sabretooth

    Sabretooth Well-Known Member

    Taker chokes Ziggler against the wall. Taker says he can end Ziggler right now but he won't. He says after he wins the world title, then he'll send Ziggler to his doom. Taker leaves and Ziggler looks scared as fuck.
  11. Joey

    Joey Rest Easy Jared '95-'14

    Match booked.
    Christian v. Taker
    #1 contender for whc
  12. Sabretooth

    Sabretooth Well-Known Member

    Christian goes for the killswitch. Undertaker slides out then pulls Christian up and tombstone and the pin and Undertaker is the new #1 contender.

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