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Match Stephanie VS Rousey

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Vampire Priestess, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. It would be interesting to see either a Mud Bath Match between these two or A Boxing Match.
    Thoughts or other Match Suggestions?
  2. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member

    Probably never getting that mud match.....boxing might be the only time Stephanie has a fighting chance 8D
    Chris likes this.
  3. Cwalker

    Cwalker Praying for a Peyton Royce leak

    Bruh did you just say a mud bath match? You’re about 15-20 years too late for that.

    If you want to portray Rousey as a legit badass then I don’t think there’s any environment where Steph lasts more than 2 minutes.
  4. Yeah...... I realized that soon after I said it. As I said, If you guys hv Any other match suggestion between these two, Then please Share your idea's.
  5. Admin Post
    Koutei Senshi

    Koutei Senshi You Know What Time It Is

    Triple H on a pole match
    Vampire Priestess, Deezy and Chris like this.

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