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Pro-Wrestling News & Rumors Tidbits *May Contain Spoilers*

Discussion in 'Wrestling News & Rumors' started by Smarkslayer, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. The Linebacker

    The Linebacker [Blank Space]

    Apparently, a few years ago there was a WWE fighting game in it's early stages. It never got much further than that but some of the concept art has been popping up on my timeline the last couple of days, thought it might be of interest to someone. Mech Suit McMahon being the highlight of course.






  2. Wang Chung

    Wang Chung Everybody Wang Chung tonight.

    Dude that is sweet. I wished that game would have come about.
  3. Castiel

    Castiel Well-Known Member

    Holy shit. MechMahon is glorious.
  4. Joey

    Joey Rest Easy Jared '95-'14

    Wow, super clean art, this game probably would have been a hit

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  5. Champagne Charlie

    Champagne Charlie Emotionless

    WWE is going to release a Daniel Bryan autobiography according to PWInsider.

  6. Anaconda Vice

    Anaconda Vice Well-Known Member

    So, I can guarantee at least one segment I'll be fast forwarding through next week.
  7. Wang Chung

    Wang Chung Everybody Wang Chung tonight.

    Oh god why does he have to be on the show? He blows.
  8. Swinny

    Swinny Active Member

    Is that legit? That would have been cool as fuck. Game might have sucked, but a Mecha-McMahon alone would have made it worth playing.

    And yeah, fuck Flo Rida. He's a little better than Pitbull though... I guess.
  9. Wang Chung

    Wang Chung Everybody Wang Chung tonight.

    I would take pit bull over him. Pit Bull sounds better live than floor rida
  10. The Linebacker

    The Linebacker [Blank Space]

    This also included questions about NXT & touring. Every Indy company should watch the progress of NXT very closely for the immediate future, the big leagues may be coming to them.
  11. Austin Bates

    Austin Bates Member


    Nice to know someone in WWE knows some Indy wrestling. Probably Google.
  12. The Linebacker

    The Linebacker [Blank Space]


    Nice little video on the BBC website on the rise of UK Independents. Video mostly showcases PROGRESS footage. Main article on the sports homepage too, which is quite cool.

    Massive time for the UK wrestling scene. Between PROGRESS, Insane Championship Wrestling, Preston Championship Wrestling & Revolution Pro, wrestling is making a big comeback on these isles.
  13. Deezy

    Deezy Well-Known Member


    Kill the indies....just because of this dirty Paul F Thompkins looking motherfucker.

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