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Person Behind SAVE_US.222 will NOT be returning at No Mercy

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Travis40, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Travis40

    Travis40 Guest

    Well....I guess we'll see Jericho come back at Survivor Series or Royal Rumble. I'd like to see him come back as a surprise option for a WWE Title match. I'd so mark out for that.
  2. Weebo

    Weebo Active Member

    Well maybe this is wrong an he will be brought in early to fight for the title against Orton sunday. A Jericho/Orton feud would and could be amazing
  3. Travis40

    Travis40 Guest

    If they brought him in right now...that would suck, only 2 weeks of buildup and speculation. Why not make it a Triple Threat HHH/Umaga/Orton or have Jeff Hardy vs. Orton, there is still the possibility of Orton "attacking" Kennedy for no apparent reason and he gets pissed and demands the match for the title...which Regal gives him the spot...turning Kennedy face and making Orton more of a chickenshit heel.
  4. it has been mentioned before that Kennedy wants to be a face but it would be to soon and overnight for Kennedy to turn face just like that but then again when WWE are in trouble they take the easiest way out
  5. monkeystyle

    monkeystyle Rocket Man

    Yeah, I don't trust anything that comes from wrestlezone.

    Not saying that he is coming back. But I'm just not trusting anything from a garbage website.
  6. Travis40

    Travis40 Guest

  7. 3lions

    3lions Member

    Edge won't return until SS. If you read the little 'preview' thing for the PPV (can't remember the site, but was shown on PW last week), it says that the returning Edge will battle it out at SS, a PPV including Triple H, Undertaker, Batista, John Cena, etc... So e won't be at No Mercy. It would be unnecessary anyway.
  8. monkeystyle

    monkeystyle Rocket Man

    Yeah, until I see it from the Observer or the Torch its not true.

    That's not to say that the Torch and the Observer are the be all, end all. But they have a shit ton more credibility than any 3rd party wrestling "newz" site.
  9. Travis40

    Travis40 Guest

    Well...most of the news sites get their news from the Obsever or the Torch....so I am beleiving this because why would WWE only run 2 promo vids?
  10. monkeystyle

    monkeystyle Rocket Man

    Like I said, I'm not saying that its true or untrue and yes they usually do get their news from either place. Usually.

    However I am seeing nothing regarding this on either site.
  11. Travis40

    Travis40 Guest

    We might have to wait...because I've seen it reported on pretty much every website except those 2
  12. MJ807

    MJ807 Member

    Thank god I'm going to Survivor Series this if these rumors are true this will be one of the greatest wrestling event I've seen in a while.
  13. monkeystyle

    monkeystyle Rocket Man

    That's kind of backwards logic isn't it?
  14. Travis40

    Travis40 Guest

    Uh...well the Observer and the Torch are the only 2 not to report this...all of the internet except 2 sites say it's fact.
  15. monkeystyle

    monkeystyle Rocket Man

    You mean all of the internet wrestling "newz" site are reporting this except for the two that actually matter.

    That's like saying a few media outlets from bumfuck nowhere are reporting that aliens have landed on earth, but yet you hear nothing from MSNBC, CNN and *shudder* Fox News.

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