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Orton, Michaels, and Confusing Booking.

Discussion in 'Archive' started by CenaMark54, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. CenaMark54

    CenaMark54 Guest

    Alright, unless this pattern of superkicks is leading to something I just don't get it.

    The fued has been completely onesided and Orton has been made to look weak time and time again, to the point where he has all but lost the major heat he had before he won the title.

    I had no problem with the way Orton was booked at No Mercy. It allowed him to beat the top face for the belt and added extra heat because of the way things happened that night.

    Orton had the belt and was the top heel in the company by far. Thats until HBK comes along. For the last several weeks, Orton has been made to be HBK's bitch by taking superkick after superkick, while having little to no advantage over HBK during even any one segment. The end result has been HBK gets the same pops he has gotten for the past five years and Orton has lost heat and credibility. The top heel has been sacrificed for arguably the number 3 face in the company (HHH, Batista, Taker, and even Jeff Hardy might be more over than HBK right now).

    Now, if this all leads to Orton going over HBK strong at Survivor Series, then I am all for it. However, we all know whats going to happen. Orton is either going to get himslef DQed then get his ass beat by HBK or HBK will get DQed and totally distroy Orton. The only reason HBK isn't just going to go over Orton clean is because he doesn't want the belt.

    Now, if anyhting other than Orton going over HBK strong happens, Ortons reign will be yet another failure. Its far from Orton's fault. It is the booking that will totally screw him once again. Even if he still has the belt after SS, all momentum and credibility are gone and more than likely the WWE will be taking the belt off of him in favor of HHH at the Rumble.

    Once again, the WWE appears to be heading down a path that will lead to a depush of their brightest young star and in my opinion, sacrificing their future in order to maintain the credibility of stars who are past their primes.
  2. Tsaalyo Phoenix

    Tsaalyo Phoenix Active Member

    Good. Let WWE kill itself, TNA shall rise. :p

    Seriously though, this is very simple. Vince owns the company in its' entirety + Triple H is doing Vince's daughter = Triple H can do absolutely anything he wants. So if he and Shawn want to be DX and beat everyone with absolutely no trouble time and time again until they literally drop dead, that's what's going to happen.
  3. kingovkings

    kingovkings Active Member

    what exactly as hhh done that has got him doing what he wants. since he came back he has ad a long running fued with umaga which has been pretty equal and in fact umaga's gave him a few massive beat dwn's and frm what i can see umaga is looking pretty god from working with trips. plus he helped oton look good in gaining the title there last man standing match was wicked and orton came out looking the better of the 2 so frm what i can see considering he can "apparently" do what he likes trips isnt doing a very good job of it coz if that was me id av that title round my waist properly not 4 half a show were i lose it in a match were the other guy comes out looking pretty good espesh since trips asnt ad a title rnd him 4 ages :angry2:

    but i do agree with cena mark i think orton shud be getting more out of this fued with hbk he is getting squashed virtually every week and with shawn wanting a lighter schedule he wont want title so he shud help out orton not destroy what he has built up. Hopfully he will have a good stong win over hbk at ss
  4. Great One

    Great One Guest

    You forgot the part where he gets absolutely no offense in any match and hides behind Umaga half the time. It's all fucking bullshit you beat me to making a thread about it. And blaming this all on Triple H is completely retarded, it's obvious no one in the WWE trusts Orton enough to carry the company, why do you think he hasn't even cut a fucking decently long promo yet. I may be jumping to conclusions, but currently it occurs to me that this is the worse booking of a heel champion in a LONG time, which is probably because that was the WWE's intentions all along. Why even put the title on Orton in the first place if he's just gonna be the bitch of the entire brand?
  5. Ballin

    Ballin Member

    Uh, how is WWE killing itself when TNA is the one copying WWE? And TNA will not rise off this WWE will remain the dominant brand.

    On to topic, Orton is being beat by by HBK, well Michaels is a huge face and faces are meant to win most matches. I do think he should have some more promos even though he seems to be developing into the quite type, look at his entrance. All he does is walk out no motivation
  6. CenaMark54

    CenaMark54 Guest

    They book Edge the same way, however, Edge's character is supposed to be cunning and manipulative.

    Its just not working with Orton. Orton's character was aggressive and ruthless before they put the title on him. Now he looks like a bitch who hides behind his tag team aprtner, only to get the crap beat out of him anyway.

    What happened to the ruthless Orton who would do anything to decimate the opposition? Why hasn't he attacked HBK backstage or even sneak attacked him during a promo?

    Like I said in my first post, the booking is just aweful. Why book him as a chicken shit heel who doesn;t really deserve the title when people loved to hate the ruthless Orton who dominated the competition, including Cena for 5 months?

    Orton better go over HBK clean and decisively if they want to make Ortons reign worthwhile.

    Its almost as if they are trying to be too safe with Orton. He has been mostly in the background for most of his reign. Either an afterthought to HHH or HBK, or as Umaga's weak partner.

    Its just messed up if you ask me.
  7. Great One

    Great One Guest

    Exactly, I was gonna bring up Edge who was booked ridiculously weak as hell too, but he had an awesome character and they portrayed that well, so it made sense to an extent. This is NOT Orton's fucking character, he put out multiple legends and big names and is suppose to be a feared, sadistic, heartless heel. He has done 0 shit to HBK, not backstage, not with a promo, nothing. And yeah, be honest who even thought about our WWE champion when we had DX and Stone Cold cutting promos all RAW?

    Not to mention he looks like a fucking douchebag, grow your hair back out.

    Even TNA can book a heel champ better than this. I'd rather the show revolve around the champion then not... that at least MAKES SENSE.
  8. Tsaalyo Phoenix

    Tsaalyo Phoenix Active Member

    Triple H has yet to come out, go through a one-on-one match, give it his all and just legitimately lose. I'm sick of WWE treating him like a McMahon instead of an actual superstar, like everybody else. John Cena's year of "I can overcome anything!!" was annoying, but at least he suffered several legitimate, unassisted, clean-pin losses. Triple H? Not one. Every other top-card superstar has had this happen, but oh no, not Triple H. Can't touch him, he's nailing the chairman's daughter.

    So yes, I do blame this to some extent on Triple H. Ever since he came back the spotlight has been entirely on him, and now that Michaels is back half of RAW's airtime is devoted to D-X. As was said above, where is Randy Orton assaulting them backstage? Where is Randy Orton coming out from underneath the ring to deliver two simultaneous RKOs? Where is Randy Orton at all? According to the bookers: Who cares, it's all about recycling D-X and turning Triple H and Shawn Michaels into untouchable gods.
  9. Well, I don't know where you were hiding at WM 21, Backlash 2005, Vengeance 2005, WM 22, Backlash 2006 to see HHH getting cleanly pinned. Hell, let's put WM XX also in there.

    I don't know why people is whining, he defeated King Booker in his return match, he was out the mayority of the year and you wanted him to return with a loss. Now, I don't see anyone complaining with DH Smith defeating Carlito, why would HHH be any different? And Umaga had been pinned before, by Cena, Lashley, Marella hell even Jeff Hardy, but you whine because HHH did it?

    As for the superkick every single week on Orton, it has a sense, horribly booked, but it know has sense, at SS, HBK can't use his SCM on Orton or he will lose the match and any possible rematch.
  10. Roode Inc

    Roode Inc New Member

    What pisses me off is the lack of time given to Orton. Hornswoggle is a bigger part of the show than Orton is. How many times was Orton on before his main event match? Let's count...............zero.
  11. Travis40

    Travis40 Guest

    Okay....here's what I think the whole Superkick = banned for SS thing is going.....HBK can't use the Superkick...right?....hmm, what other moves has he ever tried to finish anyone? :g:...hmmm...maybe the Sharpshooter? That's what I think and since it's been 10 years and HBK beat Hart w/ the Sharpshooter, I just think that Orton will lose to the Sharpshooter. But yeah, I don't get why Hornswoggle gets more air time than Orton does.
  12. Tsaalyo Phoenix

    Tsaalyo Phoenix Active Member

    How about legitimately losing even once since he's returned? Nope. And don't give me the "he needs a push, he was injured for a long time" routine. Batista was sidelined for months, but he still suffered legitimate losses before winning the WHC from Booker.

    DH Smith of course needs a win on his debut, every superstar wins his first match. And yes, they've all beaten Umaga, but they've also LOST to him. Triple H gets a constant push he doesn't deserve, and it's getting annoying fast.
  13. CenaMark54

    CenaMark54 Guest

    Well we all know how the SS match will end. Orton will do soemthing to piss HBK off. HBK will say screw it and hit Orton with sweet chin music.

    We all know Orton isn't losing the belt to anyone but HHH.

    Orton comes out of the HBK fued with the belt, yet looks significantly inferior to HBK.

    If the WWE wanted to use HBK to get Orton more over for his run with HHH, well they totally failed.
  14. When did Lashley lost to Umaga, when did Cena lost to Umaga? And it's not a give him a push routine, hell, he even sold an Umaga attack for two weeks, even if he had just returned. HHH shouldn't get a clean loss to Carlito, or to anyone he has fighten till the moment. He loss and drop the title to Randy Orton.

    And by the way homey, Batista didn't got a push? In my book his first PPV match in his return was a Number One's Contender Match, and his so called clean pin was a DQ victory, then in No Mercy got a spear away from the title and then won it. When did he get a clean loss
  15. kingovkings

    kingovkings Active Member

    there is a thread to bash trips go there and do it

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