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Matt Hardy Ready to Return, TNA BFG Series Update, Wrestler Injured, Bischoff’s Wife

Discussion in 'WWE News & Rumors' started by WrestlingSmarks News, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. WrestlingSmarks News

    WrestlingSmarks News Active Member

    - Loree Bischoff, Eric Bischoff’s wife, noted on Twitter that the cover for a new book she is writing is going through the design phase and will be done soon.

    - Matt Hardy wrote the following on Twitter about getting ready to return to the ring: “I’m ready.. It’s time for me to get back in the ring. I’m gonna train my ass off & get ready for the day-wherever it may be. Preach.”

    - TNA X Division wrestler Zema Ion noted on Twitter that he is suffering from an injury. He wrote: “off to the doctor to see wtf this chest pain ive been having for last 4 days is all about… bruised sternum. wonder how that happened?”

    - Coming out of this weekend’s TNA live events, here are the updated Bound For Glory Series standings:

    * Crimson – 50 points
    * Bully Ray – 42 points
    * Robert Roode – 35 points
    * James Storm – 33 points
    * Brother Devon – 30 points
    * Gunner – 28 points
    * Rob Van Dam – 25 points
    * AJ Styles – 21 points
    * The Pope – 17 points
    * Scott Steiner – 14 points
    * Samoa Joe – negative 10 points
    * Matt Morgan – injured with 24 points

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