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Lucha Underground Season 3

Discussion in 'The Fab Section' started by ..., Jul 24, 2017.

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    Yeah, i'm doing this. Why the fuck not.
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    Lucha Underground Championship: Matanza Cueto
    Lucha Underground Trios Championship: Aero Star, Drago, and Fénix
    Gift of the Gods Championship: Sexy Star

    Lucha Underground S03E01
    September 7th, 2016
    The Temple: Boyle Heights, California

    "Wheel of Misfortune"

    In a prison cell; Dario Cueto is doing chin ups when a cop lets him out. HOLY SHIT! I forgot Honky Tonk Man, is playing a cop :lmao Officer Honky hands Dario all his belongings back. As Dario leaves the prison a limo pulls out and picks him up. A man says all the charges have been dropped and it’s time to get back to work, Suddenly, a voice in the background says “waste my time again….and I will be death”

    Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome us to the show, Vamp says he is no one's master.

    Dario Cueto is in the ring and welcomes us back, he says the main event tonight will be Rey Mysterio vs. Pentagón Dark. He says Matanza has beaten everyone, so he introduces his new concept…..He came up on his own. “Dario’s Dial of Doom” AKA Spin the wheel. Dario says it works, he spins the wheel and the name it lands on gets a title match which his brother. As long as they are credible, and they haven’t already lost to my brother. Dario spins the wheel…………………………………..Son of Havoc.

    Lucha Underground Championship: Matanza Cueto (w/Dario Cueto) vs. Son of Havoc
    This is fun, SoH does the stick and move offense, he tries to fly around but Matanza is built like a brick wall and his a monster so whenever SoH throws his body at him it’s like running into a brick wall. Matanza’s offense it very big man 101 for the most part, lots of slams and good looking power moves. He also hits a moonsault, because of Lucha. Nice little spot with SoH going for a tornado DDT, but Matanza stops it in mid-air so SoH turns it into a guillotine headlock. After a pretty cool looking Asai Moonsault, SoH locks in a cross arm breaker but Matanza stands up and to break it. Minutes later, SoH hits a shooting star press for another two. He heads up top but misses the springboard and Matanza hits his wrath of the gods for the win. Great opener, SoH looked awesome as he controlled most of the match, always one step ahead. Matanza was built to look like a monster, coming back from what looked to be the end several times. Good near falls. ***

    In Dario’s office; The World Wide Underground (Jack Evans, Johnny Mundo, and PJ Black) enter, Mundo says he’s sick of waiting, he wants a shot at the world title. Dario says his name is on the wheel. Dario says the last time he was in the ring they lost the trios titles. Mundo blames it on Angélico and says they took care of him (Cut to the season finale, and footage of them beating him up. They then slam his leg in a car door) They all laugh as Dario says that’s a great story, but they’re he’s not getting a title match. Dario says none of them are getting a title shot because they all lost at Ultima Lucha Dos……Except for Taya, so tonight it will be. Taya vs. Sexy Star for the gifts of the God's title.

    Ivelisse is in the ring, she says Catrina has cost her matches at Ultimo Lucha twice, and this has made her realize two things. 1, how badly she wants her first Ultima Lucha win. and 2, how badly she wants to crush Catrina's skull. She challenges her to a match at Ultima Lucha 3. Suddenly, Catrina appears and says “BRING IT ON, BITCH”

    Gift of the Gods Championship: Taya vs. Sexy Star
    This is pretty basic, they exchange holds to start before going into full blown Lucha, reversals and shit. Late in the match, World Underground come out, Mundo is holding Star by the hair but as Taya comes charging in with knees, Star moves and Mundo eats them instead. Sexy then small packages her for the win. After the match; it’s a 4-1 beating, Until Aero Star, Drago, and Fénix makes the save. *3/4

    Back in Dario’s office, Dario is on the phone when Marthy “THE MOTH” barges in :mark: he says it’s glad to have him back, he says he hopes he got his gift when he was locked up. Dario thanks him and says his family is rather generous. Marty says he’s here for business. It’s time for him to concur this place, Dario says he must be ready for war. Dario then books Marty vs. Killshot in weapons of mass destruction match. Next week.

    Rey Mysterio vs. Pentagón Dark
    Man, it’s so good seeing Rey back to being Rey, he’s so crisp and smooth still at his age. I’m also a huge fan of Pentagon, he’s the main reason I’m even reviewing this. His strikes sounds are amazing, along with his methodical moveset. He’s not like most Lucha wrestler with spots on spots moves. They’re still doing the Pentagon is lazy or he’s not taking this serious storytelling which has been going on since season 1. Pentagon gets a series of near falls off some impressive near falls but again they play off the Pentagon is lazy with the covers. Pentagon then leaves to talk shit so Vamp, so Vamp leaves. Back in, Rey hits a 619 and then a sunset flip piledriver AKA the Canadian Destroyer for the win. After the match; Pentagon attacks Rey and goes to break his arm, but Dragon Azteca Jr. makes the save, and Pentagon bails to the floor. **3/4 - ***


    Backstage: Prince Puma is sitting alone when Vampiro walks over and says he knows what he’s feeling. He needs guidance. Puma says he doesn’t need anything, especially from him. Vamp says here are some words of advice, you haven’ been the same since losing the Championship. And took your mentor. If you want to be the man again, you have to take out Mil Muertes. Puma says I’m surprised you’re not asking me to take out Pentagon for you. Vamp says “Hey brother, this ain’t about me. This is all about you.”
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    Lucha Underground Championship: Matanza Cueto
    Lucha Underground Trios Championship: Aero Star, Drago, and Fénix
    Gift of the Gods Championship: Sexy Star

    Lucha Underground S03E02
    September 14th, 2016
    The Temple: Boyle Heights, California

    "The Amulet"

    In a secret hideout, LAPD Captain Vasquez, Officer Joey Ryan, and Detective Ricky Reyes are listening to the tape of Dario ordering the hit. Ricky Reyes wants to bring him in but Vasquez disagrees. Joey Laughs at him, so Cortez shoves him. Then they proceed to have the worse staged fight in history of TV :lmao

    Dr. Wagner Jr. (w/Famous B and The Beautiful Brenda) vs. Mascarita Sagrada
    I love me some Famous B, he’s great. Brenda isn’t beautiful at all. Butterface Brenda is more appropriate. MASCARITA :mark: 40-second squash match. Wagner hits a sit down driver for the win.

    A dying Aztec chieftain gives his daughter a special medallion that makes the holder immortal… so long as the holding is an adult woman. He also told her that there was a war coming and she had to fight against the gods. We then cut to Captain Vasquez, holding up half of the medallion. She quickly puts it away when detective Ricky Reyes walks in. It turns out Ricky gave the evidence tape to the police commissioner, who sent the cops to arrest Dario. This was against orders, so she suspends Ricky Reyes until he decides which side he is really on. She is upset because Dario was their link to the bigger picture. She talks about the “strange things. Unexplainable things” that Ricky Reyes has seen, and how they need to be solved.

    Argenis vs. Mil Muertes (w/Catrina)
    Pretty standard Mil match, the little guy gets some moves in before Mil kills him with a spear and a flatliner for the win. After the match; Prince Puma comes out and attacks Mil. They brawl for a bit Catrina pulls Mil away.

    Last Week: Dario is in his office, he begins stroking his red bull figure before looking around. When Joey Ryan busts in, He outs himself as a cop and offers to be a double agent for Dario (in exchange for money) He exposes that Ricky Reyes/Cortez Castro is a cop as well. Joey offers his hand and says he’s not doing this out of kindness, he has child support to pay :lmao Dario hands him some money and Joey leaves.

    Detective Ricky is back from his suspension, he says he wants to be on her side of the war. So she says he’s going back to the temple.

    Weapons of Mass Destruction Match: Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs. Killshot
    Marty comes out looking like he should be an extra in that tropic thunder movie :lmao Killshot jumps him during his entrance and they brawl downs the steps and through the crowd. They brawl on top somewhere, and Killshot nails Marty in the head with a machine gun busting him open. They brawl to ringside where Mary ramps Killshots head into the ringpost, but it has no effects as Killshot throws him over the commentary table and nails him with a chair. Marty shows desperation by grabbing Melissa Santos as a hostage. Allowing Striker to use his first “BULLSHIT” swear word of the season. Marty decides to run away, through the crowd and suckers Killshot in. So he can grab Killshots dick. That gets a “Freaky Bastard” chant. They continue to brawl through the crowd, and I LEGIT HATE STRIKER AND VAMP! Their constant need to have war puns and forced military references are making me want to quit already. Marty begins throwing Killshot into some of the army props like a missile on the table or a crate full of grenades :lmao Both men fight on the apron, with a table on the floor that has a missile on it. Both men tease going through until Marty German's him onto the apron. Marty introduces a ladder, but he takes too much time which allows Killshot to throw a net on him trapping him. Killshot then knees him in the face but as he comes charging in Marty avoids and Killshot goes face first into the ladder. In the ring now, both men battle over the ladder and use it as a weapon. I swear Marty gets busted open 3 different times or the same cut gets cut 3 times. Spinebuster onto one of those plastic cases, they fight up top and Marty superplex’s Killshot onto the cases. They are both slow to get up and end up on the apron, Killshot then DVD’s him onto the ladder, he rolls him in and hits the double stomp for two. AWESOME NEAR FALL. Killshot is shocked, and goes for a German but a Marty low blow puts a stop to that and he powerbombs Killshot through the table on the floor. As Vamp and Striker continue to ruin everything. Marty rolls him back in but only gets a two. CRADLE PILEDRIVER GETS TWO. Killshot sets up a table in the ring, and pulls out another ladder to set up in the ring. Marty sets a table up of his own on the other side of the ring. He places Killshot on a table and begins to climb it. Killshot is back up and he begins climbing the ladder. They both meet up top, and begin to battle but. Marty’s sister Mariposa comes out but Killshot kicks her off and she falls through the table. Marty yells at him to DIE!!!! So Killshot grabs Marty’s dick for revenge then grabbing his dog tags, then for the final bows hits his double stomp off the ladder through the table and covers for the win. AWESOME way to end a blood feud match. ****


    Backstage: Mil is PISSED and begins beating up lockers, he yells he wants Puma. Catrina says he will get him, but he will wait just like she waited 100’s of years to get what she wanted. SHE THEN PULLS OUT THE OTHER HALF OF THE MEDIALIAN!
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    Lucha Underground Championship: Matanza Cueto
    Lucha Underground Trios Championship: Aero Star, Drago, and Fénix
    Gift of the Gods Championship: Sexy Star

    Lucha Underground S03E03
    September 21st, 2016
    The Temple: Boyle Heights, California

    "Ultimate Opportunities"

    Backstage: Rey Mysterio and Dragon Aztec Jr. are sparing, Rey tells Dragon Jr. not to go after Pentagon, and let his other enemies go after him because they have a much more important, much more dangerous battle to fight. Chavo Guerrero Jr. shows up, he says to take it says and Dragon Jr. calls him a liar and goes after him but Chavo makes him look like a bitch and rolls him into a crab. Rey convinces him to let go and Chavo says that he’ll have to teach Azteca the “Guerrero ways.”

    Dario is in the ring and hypes up his “Dario Dial of Doom” he spins the wheel……and it lands on THE MACK!

    Lucha Underground Championship: Matanza Cueto (w/Dario Cueto) vs. The MACK
    Pretty cool, that Matanza is waiting at the bottom of the steps for Mack, but Mack outsmarts him and attacks him from behind coming from the other entrance. They battle into the ring, and Mack does awesome things. Matanza headbutting the back of Mack’s head into the turnbuckle is awesome, Dario tells his brother to target the neck, and he does it’s pretty cool. He throws Mack around before putting pressure on Macks' neck. I low key want Mack to leave Lucha so he can be Rich Swann’s long lost fat twin brother. Both men trade back and forth big moves until Mack hits THE POUUUUUUUUUNCEEEEEEEEEE! BUT as he goes for the Frog Splash Matanza gets the knees up. He would then hits the wrath of the Gods for the win. Cool. **3/4

    Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada is watching a Famous B commercial :mark: Suddenly Havoc's mom yells out suppers ready. SHE MADE BAGEL BITES! AMAZING SEGMENT!

    Johnny Mundo barges into Dario’s office, asking for his Lucha Underground Title shot. Dario says that he and his boys get a Trios Titles shot tonight. He says that the Worldwide Underground just cares about the trios titles. Just about him becoming Lucha Champion. Dario says it’s the trios title or nothing. Mundo refuses and leaves to go to his dojo, and Taya offers to replace him.

    Texano vs. CAGE
    Before the bell, Dario comes out and makes his an “Ultimate Opportunity” match, Win and find out. Decent match, hard hitting at times but it doesn’t fit both men's strong suit, CAGE is at his best when he can throw smaller guys around and do shit that someone his jacked up self should not be doing, and Texano is just good in brawling matches. Both men trade reversals and don’t really get all their shit in. Cage won with a discus lariat. After the match; Dario comes back out and says that Cage wins the “ultimate opportunity”, he has to beat Texano 2 more times because it is a Best of Five Series. I guess that’s why is felt held back and lack luster, also are these two really the two guys you want to see in a best of 5 series? UGH! **

    Dario is back in his office; he opens a package…..and receives a Famous B snapback :lmao He then opens an envelope with photos in them. It’s hard to tell what’s on them. Dragon Azteca barges in to demand a match with Pentagon Dark. Dario doesn’t want to do it but decides to rethink about it. A random dude arrives to ask for a match. He notices the pictures on the desk, which surprises Dario since he threw them in the trash. Dario gives them to the guy and he leaves. Chavo shows up and says they need to talk

    Lucha Underground Trio’s Championships: Aero Star, Drago, and Fénix vs. Worldwide Underground (Jack Evans, PJ Black, and Taya)
    WHAT KIND OF SICK FUCK BRINGS A KID TO A FIGHT CLUB TEMPLE THAT A MURDER TOOK PLACE AT? This is decent but felt more of a champions showcase and a way to further the “descension” with worldwide. Taya still can’t run the ropes and she and Drago have awful over stage combat/reversal standoff spot it looks like Taya was going over the sequence in her head so it doesn’t look natural. Jack is doing this pouting gimmick, where he doesn’t care about the match and just watches as Black gets destroyed by triple teams and shit. Taya hit a nice dive outside onto Fenix and Drago. Shortly after that, Aerostar won it with a springboard codebreaker while Evans continued to pout. After the match; Johnny Mundo runs out and jumps the champions along with Taya and PJ Black. Jack Evans still just pouts. Sexy Star shows up and dropkicks Taya and Mundo. The trios champs recover and run off the heels. **1/4

    Rey Mysterio is in Dario Cueto’s office. Dario snitches and tells Rey that Dragon Jr. was in his office earlier asking for a match with Pentagon Dark. Rey is disappointed but Dario says that Chavo wants the same thing. Next week, Azteca takes on Chavo and the winner gets Pentagon. Rey will be the guest referee.
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    Deezy Well-Known Member

    What's the Guerrero ways? living off Eddie?
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    Lucha Underground Championship: Matanza Cueto
    Lucha Underground Trios Championship: Aero Star, Drago, and Fénix
    Gift of the Gods Championship: Sexy Star

    Lucha Underground S03E04
    September 28th, 2016
    The Temple: Boyle Heights, California

    “Brothers In Broken Arms"

    Sexy Star is in the female locker rooms when Dario comes in. He asks if she's afraid. He says that she can keep defending her title and maybe lose it or prove she isn’t scared and actually face Matanza. Tonight, she won’t be defending it because she’ll be teaming with the Trios Championship against Worldwide Underground in an Atomicos Match. Johnny Mundo shows up looking for Taya. He says that he’s never formally introduced himself to Sexy. He offers a hand and she shakes it. He pulls her in and says that he’s the next Gift of the Gods Champion.

    Sinestro De La Muerte vs. Prince Puma
    It’s ricochet, so you know what you’re gonna get, awesome looking spots, dives, great sequences and no logic behind his moves. And right on time, he applies this sweet hold, I don’t even know how to explain it. He locks it on, no longer than 3 seconds before breaking the hold in the center of the ring just to go into the next sequence. Matt and Vamp talk about Prince Puma’s “new attitude.” Then Mil Muertes shows up, Puma avoided his spear and hits a spinning Michinoku Driver. He then hits Mil’s own Flatliner for the win. Puma dives onto Mil and they begin brawling as Vamp says “HOLY SHIT” thanks, Vamp. *3/4

    Detective Ricky Reyes walking into Dario's office, and Dario hugs him. He says how sorry he is that they lost Mr. Cisco, saying he wants to bring the killer to justice. He even brings up that it could have been Big Ryck. But life must go on.

    Cortez Castro vs. Pentagón Dark
    SQUASH MATCH! Goes all of a minute or so until, Pentagon hits a package piledriver, after the match his breaks Detective Ricky’s arm. He then got on the mic and says it doesn’t matter if it’s that old man Chavo, or that skinny punk Dragon Azteca. Whoever wins will suffer the same fate, broken bones. I don’t respect my own mother. BECAUSE I AM PENTAGON DARK! CERO MIENO!

    Aero Star, Drago, Fénix and Sexy Star vs. Worldwide Underground
    Sexy and Taya continue to have zero chemistry together, Jack continues to do nothing but trolling, which is was the best part of the match. Him doing backflips and front flips just to tag out. Mundo/Fenix interaction ruled we need more of that. Worldwide isolate Star, which is awesome because a woman getting the heat segment on with a mostly male dominated match is great. Yes, I’m all for intergender beatings in the ring. Drago gets the hot tag and the match breaks down, tops of spots and dives. Taya takes a bump to the floor and looks like she fucks up her leg, but in the ring, Jack rolls up Sexy for the win. **1/2

    Cartina, Mil Muertes, and Sinestro De La Muerte are in some dark room. Catrina says that Sinestro failed them for the last time. She snaps his neck and sucks his soul out before spraying it at Mil. GOD DAMN! She wants Mil to do the same to Prince Puma.

    Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. [Special Referee: Rey Mysterio Jr.]
    God damn, having to watch Chavo wrestling in 2016/2017. And as expected this was bad, way too much Chavo, slow paced rest holds that don’t lead to anything. Chavo doesn’t bring anything to wrestling apart from the Guerrero name, I swear if he didn’t have that he would be working at some taco bell and the wrestling world would be a better place. GIVE ME! KERWIN WHITE YOU MOTHERFUCKER! Chavo argued with Rey and attacked him, so Rey hit back, which leads to Dragon hitting a ‘rana with a pin for the win. YAWN! After the match; Chavo tries to attack Rey, but Rey avoids and hits a 619. I swear if this is the start of a Rey/Chavo feud I’m turning off. *

    Black Lotus is in another creepy room, she says she is sending the Black Lotus tribe to get Pentagon Dark, to show him what fear really looks like.

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